Using Playlists in Pro Tools [Quick Keys, Shortcuts, and Workflows]

Playlists are super useful to work fast and smart in music, sound design, dialogue editing, pretty much everything inside Pro Tools! In this video I go over it all!

hey everybody i’m Adam Clairmont welcomeback to another quick tip videotoday i want to talk to you aboutplaylists i’m going to show a lot ofquick keysi mean a lot a lot of quick keys andalso just somegreat workflow ideas so if you likevideos just like thistips on how to use pro tools how to be abetter engineer make sure you hit thatsubscribe button and hit the bellto be notified every single week usuallymore than once a weekwhen i’m releasing new videos all rightand asalways make sure you hit me up withquestions in the comments if you havesomei’m going to go through a lot i’m goingto go through it quickly in this videoyou may want to watch it twicealso just so you know i’m going to addall of the quick keys in the descriptionbelow so you’ve got them alright solet’s diveinto the screen all right so we’re justgoing to diveinto a bunch of quick keys and workflowideasnow before we dive into the actual quickkeysi want you to go into your preferencesso setuppreferences go to editingand right here under tracks i want youto click this boxsuppress name dialog when creating newplaylistslet me show you what it does when that’snot clickedright so first things first to create anew playlist we’re going to hit controland it’s that slash oneand when i say slash one sorry i don’tknow forward or backso sue me it’s the one that’s above thereturn keysorry guys i’m not perfect uh so controlslashuh on a pc it’s start and the slash soquick key open up a new playlist this isnot helpful i don’t want totell this thing what to name it everysingle time for the most part all i wantto do is just add a numberi don’t want to hit ok every single timeare you doing thatstop doing that all right so i’m goingto cancelpreferences editing click on the trackssuppressthe name dialogue when creating newplaylists all right now check this outlet’s do it againall right so control slash new playlistjust created the numberright when i say the number i’m talkingabout i’ve got my track name is v01 andthis is the numberso if i make another playlist is goingto be o5 right5.06 etc right we get that okay greatso uh first things first make sure youhit that in your preferences all rightso that’s we got newnew playlist let’s go to uh duplicateplaylist all right so let’s say i wantto take this whole thingand put it on a new playlist well i’mgoing to add commandand then hit control backslash see i gota new playlist andcarried this audio with it so againcommand control slash or if you’re on apc it’sstart control okay all right so we havenew playlistwe have a duplicate playlisthow do we cycle through our playlistsall rightlet’s check this out if i hold shift andi press the down arrowi’m going to cycle through all myplaylists without opening up theplaylist windownow i’m going up pretty cool rightvery cool all right that’s helpfullet’s talk about opening up the playlistwindow all right so to open up theplaylist window we’re going to holdon a mac control commanduh no wrong way control command and theleft arrowcontrol command left or on a pc it’sstart control with the left arrow andactually if you must knowif you just keep on using the arrowsjust cycles through your playlistwindowscool so we start on waveform controlcommand leftall my playlists are now available to menow see my cursor moving up and downyes cool all right so pmoves my cursor in time in the editwindow between each playlistp is up semicolon is downcool all right we’re getting somewhereall right let’s say i want to auditiona playlist all right i’m going to holdshiftand press s alright so now you can seeright here this is soloed so if i don’ttouch my cursor and i go down with asemicolonshift s now i’m listening to thefollowing playlist i press down againshift s down what sorry when i say downi mean semicolonright shift s so now this is how weaudition in our playlistscool all right very coolokay moving along so let’s say we wantto promote this selectionand put it on this playlist we’re goingto holdshift option and up see now it’s rightup herei can come over here shift optionup right so now if we like this part forthis playlist to be on our main playlistshift option up gets it right up thereif you’re on a pcit is what is it got my cheat sheet hereit is shift alt up on a pcall right so what else we got we diddisplay we did cycleuh priority playlist all right checkthis out let’s go back to our wave formmake this a little bit bigger you guysknow about priority playlistsso priority playlist is what it soundslike we’re basicallyyou’re indicating which playlist is themost important and i’ll show you whythat mattersso to make a priority playlist we’regoing to hold shift command rightso shift command right all right you seethe blue window and all that kind ofstuffso right now v01 is the priorityplaylist so check this out if i’m goingto toggle through my playlist now so i’mgoing to hold shift downi’m toggling through do you see rightnow this is orange where before it wasgray rightwhat this tells me is i’m not on mypriority playlistall right so check that check out thisnow so let’s go see how this is bluethe blue is my priority playlistsee blue now i’m on my priority right soi’m gonnashift down i’m gonna cycle through let’ssay i land onsix i can hold shift hold the rightand i’m immediately back to my prioritylet’s go to right here now i’m on myjunk playlistshift right back to my priority nowcheck this out let’s goi’m gonna just toggle down i’m on voplaylist1 sorry v01 playlist 3.i’m going to hold shift to the rightback to my priority now what you canalso do is you can togglebetween the last two playlists you justhadso what was last one i think was vo1playlist three right so if i hold shiftleft there i am i’m back to where i justwasso if i just keep on going left leftleft it’s going to toggle between thelasttwo which is also kind of cool i hopeyou’re seeing some uses for these asyou’re going along and i’m going reallyquickly herebut i’ve got a lot i want to show you sothat’s all cooluh all right let me think there wassomething else i want to show youall right so check this out just athoughtas you see part of my template includesa backupand a junk i picked this up from afriend of mine um which i find usefulnot for everything like not really forlike music but if i’m cuttingum a vo track or if i’m doing anythingwith dialogue especially editingi find it useful to have these backupsbackup i always just likecopy the whole thing down right from thebeginning and start working on the mainplaylistand i’ve always got a fail safe it’sright there it’s really easilyaccessible if i want to go backand then junk i can bring work down onthat and i can screw it up and messaround and move it around the timelinedo whatever i need to do to itum you know maybe i’m grabbing room tonebut i can do all that without having toworry about the existing work i’vealready got on a playlistso it’s kind of like you know it’s likea scratch pad so to speakso that’s helpful i just want to pointthat out not really all that useful formusic i don’t find um maybe if i feeldifferent about that you’ve got an ideaif you have an idea put in the playlistor put in the commentsi’d love to hear that but the otherthing is too just to mention again aboutplaylistsum with music and voiceover recordingwhat i find very helpfulis when i’m creating a new track rightlike let’s let’s just do this here i’mgonna go back to waveformi’m gonna create a new track all rightand we’re gonna call itjust record how generic right uh recordokay so this is whatever i’m recordingi’m gonna start offright off the bat i never record on thistracki make a new playlist this is my takeone right and then when i do that takei’m gonna go make into the playlist taketwotake three etc why do i do this becauseif i don’tthen my first take is recordso check this outrecord what does that say recordone so that’s my first take but it’s onthisplaylist now check this out all rightlet’s record take twoall right so it’s record.0102it’s take two but it’s on playlist oneonce againyou can see where i’m going with thisit’s twoand three it’s on it gets reallyconfusing really quickly to me whereasif i started with playlistone is take one playlist two is take twoit makes a lot more sense to me so wheni’m making my notes you know one twothree four i can just go to the playlistand i’m right there i don’t have to likedo any math like oh it’s just minus onei think so that was just another tipthat i wanted to share with you that’shelpfulto me you know when i’m working andtrying to create the easiestworkflow i can so i hope you liked allthat uh i know i went really quickly ipromise i’ll putall of the the quick keys for mac and pcin the description below um there’s alot to get hereum you’re just gonna fly through youknow when you start incorporating thesein your day to day umyou know they just become second natureyou know muscle memory just likeeverything elseso there you have it comment belowplease with whatever tip you want to addto the conversation this is aconversation by the waywe’re all here to help each other no wedon’t own any of this stuff you know ipicked this up from other people as iwentthere you go it’s all yours pass it onto the next person now okayuh we’re all here to help each otherokay so if you like videos just likethis like i mentionedevery friday i’m doing quick tips everytuesday i release other videos so hitthe notificationbell please and just don’t miss any allright that’s simpleall right i’ll talk to you guys nexttime thanks so much for watching see youlater bye

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