Artificial Intelligence and Audio with Daniel Rowland

This is the kind of discussion that blows your mind! Want to know about what crazy advances in audio are already here or are coming in the next few years? Artificial intelligence anyone??? Oscar winning Engineer, Daniel Rowland talks about how you can join in with some great companies and how to use the new tech to your advantage.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (Get Out Of A Rut)

We all feel stuck sometimes like we are in a rut. The book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by Marshall Goldsmith was a really helpful read for me. In a lot of ways it helped me get out of a rut. No one wants to plateau. Sometimes we don’t even realize it when it happens. I want to share my main takeaway from “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” in hopes that it helps you too.

The Life of a Mix Engineer With Matthew Weiss

A lot of people want to make mixing music their career, so here I talk with Matthew Weiss about it. Matthew Weiss is an LA based mixer for Akon, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and others. He’s also well known for his tutorials and courses on mixing music. In this interview we discuss the workload, clients, and the general day to day and life of a music mixer.

Route Audio From ProTools to OBS With Source Nexus

Easy solution for routing audio out of your DAW to stream or record in OBS. Actually you can route your audio from ANYWHERE to anywhere without any additional interfaces, cables, secret passwords, nadda! Super helpful in a studio, or for content creators like podcasters and YouTubers. Hope you enjoy!

Should I Start a Commercial Recording Studio Or Stay In My Home Studio

Will a bigger studio space make you more money or grow your business? Does it make sense to stay in a home studio or start a commercial studio? There are great examples of successful careers made by those who have done both, but which makes the most sense for you? Let’s talk pros and cons and see if we can makes any sense of it!