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I’m an audio engineer living my dream job. For 15 years I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the worlds most recognizable brands, actors, musicians and in some of the most prestigious venues across the country. Working in audio post for advertising, film and television, making records, working on live entertainment and sporting broadcasts, I feel so fortunate and am constantly surprised at where my career takes me. 

Select credits/fun moments – I’ve worked on both the live broadcast at the Super Bowl and had my post work featured during the broadcast (this was a big one for me!) HBO, Netflix, Mercedes-Benz, James Franco, Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, Steven Tyler, James Taylor, MLB World Series. 

Right now, my passion is taking me toward teaching and helping. I’ve had great mentors along the way and The Adam Clairmont Show is a way for me to pass that on. The show helps audio engineers build and grow their career by getting actionable advice from me and other industry professionals. I am trying to shine a light on the vast amounts of opportunities available in our field while providing a good example of how to navigate the personal side of the business as well.


“When you are searching for an ADR studio outside the larger cities, I always panic a little hoping I can find an experienced ADR recordist with expertise. I found just that in Adam Clairmont from Overit. Our actor Susie Essman/Curb Your Enthusiasm was in need of an ADR studio outside of New York and Adam’s studio Overit was the perfect spot. Not only was the space itself what our actress needed but Adam held our hand to technically and creatively get the session done and done with mastery. We returned over and over, knowing we didn’t just get lucky but we found a vendor we could really rely on.”

Megan Murphy Cross – Producer (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

“Working with Overit Studios was a showcase of professionalism and reliability. We were sending a celebrity VO talent to record remotely, hooking up with our NYC studios. Adam Clairmont was incredibly helpful from inquiry to the wrap of the session!”

Becca Falborn – Executive Producer (Sound Lounge in NYC)

Let’s create something great together.


“After working in radio for years, I never thought I could find an engineer for my podcast—which is 100% remote–who could match the professionalism and quality I had grown used to. Adam Clairmont is that person. No one can tell that my co-host, guests, and I aren’t sitting in the same room.”

David Leite – Author, Co-Host (Talking With My Mouth Full)

Adam is my go-to hire whenever I need post-production audio or A.D.R services. I look to hire people who not only have the technical know-how and problem-solving skills but who are also able to contribute creatively, therefore elevating the project. Adam is a triple threat. He’s talented, knowledgeable, and is also quite handsome 😉

Bobby Chase – Director (Welcome Home, Dementia)

I love Audio


Speaks to my soul. Music was my gateway into audio and the studio life. My mother always told me I had a song in my heart. Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about it!


Creating the perfect compliment to the visual. It’s telling and elevating the story through custom and intentional audio.


Adam and his team at Overit, Dave and Nathaniel, went beyond the extra mile to help us create a magnificent soundscape for our original fantasy feature film “Broken Swords: The Last in Line. Professional, amazing quality work, and a creative drive to help unlock the best product we could have. I’ll hire Adam and his team again without hesitation.

Michael Babbitt – Director (Broken Swords)

Working with Adam Clairmont at Overit Studios was a pleasurable experience, I found him to be well-educated with the studio and it’s equipment. He was easy to work with, and can work quickly and efficiently in ProTools, which for me as an artist, is a big plus because there’s nothing worse than someone “learning their job” while you wait to record. I would recommend Adam and Overit for any future projects.

Jason Bittner – Drummer (Shadows Falls, Overkill, Anthrax)

Let’s create something great together.


“Working with Adam Clairmont on MLB Network’s remote broadcasts was a pleasure. His quality of work as an A1 was top notch and he was professional each and every show that he worked. Adam went above and beyond what the normal position entails.”

David Buen – Production Manager (Intentional Talk, MLB Tonight)

“Adam did a fantastic job. Not only was he very easy to work with, but he went the extra mile of setting up viable alternatives when one of my projects had to finish work during a pandemic lockdown. He works quickly, efficiently and the results are always great.”

Mitchell Wu – Post-Production Coordinator (CBS’s For Life)

I love Audio


One of the more difficult and misunderstood aspects of audio post. I’ve had a ton of fun working with the best actors in the world and providing exceptional audio to the studios who hire me.


This is a fantastic way to spend some time and craft a message through audio. I love helping my clients create compelling podcasts to serve their brand and message!


“Adam Clairmont’s stellar professionalism, skillful communication style, and engineering talent all combine to make him an outstanding studio manager. I had an unforgettably great experience working with him on the recording of my book, from our friendly initial meeting to the polished end product. Highly recommended.”

Elizabeth Rosner – Author (Survivor Cafe)

“Adam is a pro. The kind that makes you feel at once energized, while still calm and collected in the studio environment. He’s kinda like that dentist that comes in toward the end of the cleaning, with the soothing voice and level-12 skilled hands, and damn if you don’t feel better afterwards….and everything shines a bit more.”

Jason Mezilis – Producer/NASA Researcher (Black Belt Karate, Dizzy Reed)

Let’s create something great together.

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