Fast Audio Transfer Inside Melodyne For Pro Tools [Speed Up Vocal Tuning]

There is a fast way that is, well…faster to transfer audio inside Melodyne using Pro Tools. No more real time transfers. Check out this video to learn how to speed up your vocal tuning in Melodyne!

hey everybody welcome back to another quick tip i’m Adam Clairmont in this video i want to show you a quicktime saver i just learned in melodyneso if you like videos just like theselearning how to use melodyne pro toolsbe a better engineermake sure you hit the subscribe buttonhit the bell so you’re notified i’mputting out a video pretty much everyweekif not twice a week so i don’t want youto miss themso let’s dive into pro tools i’ll showyou what i’m talking aboutokay so working with melodyne so i’vegot thesefour vocal tracks right here i want tobring them into melodyneso let me just uh openup that right now andyou know usually the way i’ve alwaysworkedperhaps the way you’ve worked as we openthis up we hit recordwe press play and we wait for the thingto end we go through this whole thingthree four minutes however long it isreal time right well no longer so checkthis out so everything’s hit and recordrightfour tracks first instance of the insertso what i’m going to do while these fourtracks are selectedyou ever use commit if you right clickon an insert you can choose commitup to this insert right so that’s whatwe’re actually going to do but i want todoall at one time again time saving soi’ve got all tracks selectedi’m going to hold shift and option on apc it’s probably shift and altshift and option i’m going to rightclick on my first insert which ismelodynecommit up to this insert now this committracks insert window opens up now theimportant thingis we want source tracks we want to setthis to do nothingall right so check out what happens hereso i’m gonna hit okayso this takes a moment far less timethan real time bringing stuff in so lookat thisit’s all here check it out boomwhere’s these guys there they are it’sall herejust like that so then for cleanupwhoops close out of thatfor cleanup see what what happens is protools justrendered all of this consolidated thisso usually like if you’re using commitlike you’ve got like an eq or compressoreverything you commit thatthis has that sound burned in right andthen you would maybe take theseoriginal tracks and hide or inactivatethembut in this case i don’t need this it’snot tuned it’s nothingit’s just part of the process so i’mgoing to just delete itgo away don’t need you thanks for yourservice andnow i can just begin tuning and what wasthat even with me showing you i meanwas that like two minutesnot even two minutes um yeah pretty coolhope that helps you with your tuningsaving time why not i mean if you’regoing through a lot of stuff you knowthat just it’s you know why go throughit if you don’t have toall right so that’s all i got short onetoday hope you appreciated thathope you’re using melodyne and enjoyingthis for years to come all rightso if you like videos remember just hitthat subscribe button it means the worldto me helps me out a tonand just let me know if you want anyvideos any requests just hit me up inthe commentsshare it if you like it and i’ll see youon the next one thanksbye

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