No One Supports My Career [Staying Motivated to be an Audio Engineer]

Not everyone will be supportive of your pursuit to become an audio engineer or grow your business. How do you stay motivated as an audio engineer when no one supports your career? Here I explain why some people will try to give you poor advice, how to deal with that, and why you should press forward.

all right you’ve got a dream and you’vegot big goals you want to bean audio engineer or you want to growthat audio businessfar beyond what it already is wellthere’s people that just don’tunderstand that rightpeople are going to stand in your waythey’re going to tell you don’t even trywell i want you to block all that outi’m going to talk to you aboutwhy and how here we go[Music]hey welcome back everyone i’m adam clairmont this is the adam clairmont show glad to see youthis is where we talk about how to buildand grow your career in audio withactionable tips and advice from myselfand from others and i want to just getright into building that careeri’ve got a free pdf guide over at go grab it it’s going to giveyou the details on how to go step bystep to get the projects and the clientsthat you’re looking at and thinking mani would love to be working on thoseprojects getting those people in mystudionot really sure exactly the first stepswell this is what you need this is theguideit’s free takes 30 seconds it’ll bedelivered directly to your inbox wouldlove for you to go grab itand let me know what you think be onyour way today all rightso what are we talking about today let’sget into this videothis video will be good for the end oftime buti want to talk to you about it right nowbecause at the time of this tapingit is the middle of december and in themiddle of decemberis kind of the time where families gettogether friends get togetherand uh you know if you’re starting outuh with your audio career or maybeyou’re in college or high school aboutto go off to college or maybe you’vejust started your business but it’s notquite taken off just yet people can bekind of what’s the way to put it awfuluh man you know it’s tough when you’vegot a dream you’ve got a goalthat people don’t understand if anybodybelieves or if anybody understands thisit’s me i’ve gone through it i still gothrough it honestlytime to time it’s hard to explain whatthe hell we doas audio engineers you know there’speople who see what’s on tv which isvery sensationalized rightthe surreal depiction of what it is tobe an audio engineeryou know and sometimes it’s like thesebig extravagant studios and there’s likedrugs everywhere and there’s all thesegirls the music’s crazy loudi’m not saying that never happens but weknow this is notthe typical depiction of the life of anaudio engineeralright there’s many many differentpicturesthe vast majority of them involve nodrugs no girls no loud musicbut these are real careers they’re realjobs people are making an honest livingfrom them andwhy not you so the hard part is is thepeople around you that you’re looking tofor support our friends our familiesthe people around us if they don’tunderstand it what do they dowell they kind they knock it you knowthey’re looking at you likewho are you why do you think you can godo some amazing thingor they’re looking at you and saying heythis is just not realistic it’s notsafe right there’s always that word it’snot safebut if this is your dream if this isyour goal you need to find supportand i wanted to talk to you about thisnow because againthis is the time where people gettogether uh you know i know right now inthe time of coved maybe we’re notgetting together as many people butyou know what i’m talking about when youget together with their friends andfamily around this time of yearall of the sudden advice gets thrownaroundall right everybody wants to give youadvice they you know and it’s wellintentionedright um probably you know coming fromfriends and family these peoplelove you and they want the best for youbut just because they want the best foryou that doesn’t mean they know how toget the best for youit’s very likely they know nothing aboutthe audio industryand why should they let’s be fair thisis a freaking weird thing that we doyou know i think think about it i wouldsay your average persondoesn’t even know someone in theindustry and why should they i meanit’s a crazy industry but think about iti mean if you picked10 people in your circle how many ofthemhave a family member or afriend or a neighbor who works inrecording studio or works forfilm or works in sports or somethinglike that there’s jobsout there they’re just a little lesscommon and when they’re less commonthere’s less to know about them butbecause what we do can besensationalized everybody has thisopinionand the opinion is based on this crazyatmosphereand this clearly unattainable goal thatyou’re saying that you want sothey’re just thinking that like you justhave no shotthere’s nothing farther than the truththis job is more attainable now thaneverthan ever that is a fact coming fromsomeone who knows who’s workingin the business who sees a multitudeof opportunities if this youtube channelpodcast have told younothing it’s the fact that there’s somanyopportunities available in audiothat’s really been my primary goal firstand foremost with this channeljust to show everybody there’s so manyways to make moneyand to make an honest living in audioso many ways why would your averagepersonand i say that with love i’m talkingabout your friends and family i’m nottrying to be disparaging in any waywhy would they know any of that whyshould they unless they’re working inthe businessbut that won’t stop them from getting inyour wayand possibly really trying to talk youout of your dream and your goalsimply because they want what’s best foryou but they’ve gota poor unbalanced unrealideal of what your careerwould be and what the road looks like toget thereso with that in mindwhen you’re hearing all this advice iwant you to think about a few thingsall right so the first thing is that iwant you to think about isi just said this you know people love togive advicewe’re we’re horrible human beings forthis trait you know wewe we not only do want to give advicebut we will give adviceon topics that we really do not knowanything aboutor know very little about or havemisinformation about yet we will tellyouthis is how you do it i’ve got no ididn’t do it i’ve got no experience likethatbut let me tell you how to go about yourbusinesslet me tell you how to take your futureinto your handsis that how you want to mold your futurein your life based on advice from aperson like thati wouldn’t another thing i want you tothink about is when someone tells youthat you can’t do it what they’re reallysaying isthey don’t believe in their ability tofollow throughon a tough goal so now they’re not goingto believein your ability to follow through on thetough goalnot exactly somebody who’s on your sidesomeone who has great intentionsclearly missing the markand another thing i want you to thinkabout is thispeople will never tell you that youcan’t do somethingsuccessful people will tell you there’sa challenge aheadsuccessful people will tell you you needto be hungry for itsuccessful people will tell you you needto be at the front of the line of thepack because there’s competitioneverywhere and if you want to succeedyou need to be at the front and you needto give everyone elseno other reason than to look at yousuccessful people will tell you this asfactbecause successful people have done thatand they know what it takesand they know what it looks like theyknow how hard it isand they know how great it is when theyachieve the goaland they can look at you and tell youthis as factso when you’re around all your friendsand family and loved onesor whoever who just offers up the advicetake it with a grain of salt okayum it’s hard when you know our thepeople surrounding us are acting thiswaybut if you really want to keep your eyeon the prize you need to shut all thatoutand in some cases you need to shutpeople outyou know you can honestly just tell themlistenthis is what i’m doing i would love itif you’re on my sideif you don’t get it that’s fine but it’snot going to help meget to my goal with you constantlytelling me i can’t i need someone on mysideand if you’re not on my side i need tokeep my distancethat’s a hard conversation to have i’mnot going to sugarcoat that oneyou could also just keep her distanceand just not even mention to them you’rekeeping their distance you know justtake a few less of their phone callseach monthyou know hop you know go to their housea few less times each month or whateverit isbecause you need the people in yourcorner that have your best interestand your goals as their goals right justfull support and let me leave you withone other thoughtit only takes one person to make thewhole thing possibleone person if you see someone else doingitwhy can’t you too there’s literally noreason why notwhen you see it being done that meansit can be done it’s literally as simpleas thatnow here’s something else there arecurrently over 17000 audio engineers in the united statesi googled it it’s all out thereso there’s over 17 000 reasons why youcan bean audio engineer why you can get toyour goalwhy you can build your business to theplace that you want to build it to17 000 other examplesjust in the united states as long aspeoplewant to listen to music watch televisionwatch movies play video gamesdrive a car go watch sports go see themoviesgo to the cinema go to a concert venueuh fly an airplane sella product anywhere use a computerstare at their phone there’s a place foraudioand there’s a place for you i don’t knowwhat other argument you needto tell anybody that this is totallypossibleand it will be part of your future thisis not something you need to run awayfromit’s not you can do it you just need theright people in your cornerso i hope you have a wonderful time thisholiday seasonsurrounded by your friends and familyzoom however you’re going to do itand if you’re watching this and it’s notthe holiday season you still get thepoint i hopeso i wish you the best you know you canalways hit me up in the comments withany questions i’m here for you for yoursupportany questions i mean it just let me knowyou can email meadam i’m available uh hitme up on instagram linkedini’m there too all right so i hope youenjoyed this don’t forget your free gift all right i’d love for you to grab thatget you goingand if there’s anything else you’d likeme to make a video on just hit me up inthe comments or give me a dm give me anemail like i mentioned alrighti’m here for you all right have a greattime i’ll see you guys on the next video

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