Copy And Paste Inside Melodyne – Fast Vocal Tuning!!!

When I learned how to copy and paste inside Melodyne, my vocal tuning and editing chops become so much faster!

hey everybody i’m adam clairmont welcome back to another quick tip videothis time i want to talk to you abouthow i copy and paste audio inside ofmelodyne it’s my favorite vocal tuner iknow you’ve heard of itand if you like videos just like thishow do you know how to use pro toolsmelodyne how to be a better engineermake sure you hit the subscribe buttonand hit the bell too so you’re notifiedof every single video i’m releasing themat least once a week usuallytwice a week tuesdays fridays all thatstuffand i don’t want you to miss any allright so why don’t we dive in i’ll showyou exactly what i’m talkingabout all right so here we are inmelodyne when i learned how to do thisthis was a game changer for me it wastaking mefar too long to copy and paste stuffwithin melodyne actually wasn’t doing itin melody i wascommitting and flying it all over theplace which was creating a messand taking up too much time so here weare this is a chorus[Music]all right and we’ve got a second chorusand as wetend to do in music quite often pleasedon’t kill me in the comments it doesn’tmean all the timebut quite often we might use the samepart later in the song so here’s thesecond chorus and she didn’t sing likethis i just changed ituh just for example right sothat sounds horrible now she’s abeautiful singer that’s not how shesoundeduh that was just me screwing it up foryou so clearly this is no good rightso we’re going to take that first onebring it over here i’ll show you how allrightso first thing to note this starts atbar 45all right so what i’m going to do is i’mjust going to actually clear thisout now something important to note ifyou’re going to copy and paste later inthe songwithin melodyne first you need toactually import the audio in real timeinto melodyne but you actually need toimport all the timetoo so you can’t just import the firstchorus and then scroll later to thesecond chorus with no audio and paste ityou do need to go through the whole songbecause melody needs to see the timein its program all right did i make thatcleari hope i explained that right import thewhole song okayif you don’t do that you won’t haveanything to work with all right sowe’ve done that grab the pointer tooli’m gonna select all this and just getrid of itotherwise just paste on top of it andthat’s not coolall right so here back the first chorusall rightwhat we need to do is we’re going to usethetime grid lines as our reference okayso over here is how we change theresolution of those rightso what i like to do is grab the largestresolution i possibly canso this is nice because there’s nothinghappening before the way i track thisthis this course is on its own trackso there’s nothing over here to get inthe way if there’s something butting upright against it we’d have to have afiner resolutionbut uh yeah i kind of think ahead andthis is how i like to do itso i’m going to grab all this right andi’m going to stay withinbar 12 so the previous bar ahead of itaccording to our resolutionso i grabbed it all all right editcopy all right so now let’s scroll overto bar this is where we want the audio tobegin so i’m actually going to place mycursorat the bar ahead of it just like wecopied all rightall right so i’m going to play editpaste voila look at that it nailed itright sounds much better this timepretty cool rightso you know it’s not like editing in protools it’s honestlyit’s a little bit clunky it’s not reallyall thatobvious you know there’s nothing youdon’t see visually where you’re pastingwhich is kind of weirdum i do find you have to press play tograb it and thenyou know so that stuff is kind ofstrange i’m going to do it once morewith a different resolution just kind ofshow you what i’mdoing i’m going to do it wrong this timeso let’s just do this let’s do like ahalf noteand let’s just like umhere let’s put it right heresee that so because the resolution is alittle bit differentso it actually put a half note pastwhere the previous grid line beganso let’s undo thatlet’s go back to the resolution go tothe whole node againall right so command paste and there itis againso it’s kind of funny the way that itworks umthere’s a little bit of trial and errorthere i wish i could explain a littlebit better i’m kind of new to this andhonestly i haven’t found anybody elseexplaining this soi’m just sort of figuring out my trialand error but i hope this is enough tosort of get you started and get yougoingso that’s what i got for you this wasreally game changer for me beforei learned this i was committing in protoolsand then copying pasting moving in therebut then like if you’re like mei like to you know i’ve got ad-libs anddoubles and things and i want to seethemin melodyne altogether so i can kind ofadjust and move them in time with otherpiecesand you can’t do that at that point youhave to then re-import it into melodynewhich is crazy becauseit wasn’t in melodyne to tune in and soit became this whole thingthis is saving me so much time and ihope it saves you time toodo me a favor comment below let me knowhow you’re using melodyne if you’ve donethis if you know a better wayif i’m just screwing it all up let meknow i would love to get even better atthis and i’m sure there’s other peoplewho wouldas well alright so thanks again forwatching hit that subscribe button and iwill see you on the next video thanksbye

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