Snap Clip To Cursor In Pro Tools [Easy Pro Tools Editing Hack]

Everyday I will snap a clip to my cursor in Pro Tools. EVERY DAY!!! This is how much I use this Pro Tools editing hack. I can edit so much faster and easier by snapping a clip to the cursor. Watch the video to see me explain how simple it is!

hey everybody this is adam clairmont for another quick tip for youtoday i want to tell you how to snapyour clipsto a cursor or a sink point and why youshouldcare to know how to do that all right soif you likeeasy tips like this quick tips like thisabout pro tools and audio engineeringmake sure you hit that subscribe buttonhit the notification bell so you don’tmissany videos that i’m uploading right nowi’m uploading at least once a weekusually twice a week sohit that subscribe button hit the belland don’t miss themall right so let’s dive into pro toolsand i’ll show you what’s whatall right hi everybody this is my protools session and i’d like to show youhow i moveclips around alright so i can move thebeginning ofmy clip to my cursor the end of my clipto my cursor or a sync point to mycursorall right so first things first hop inslip modeall right place your cursor anywhere fornow just to go over it and what you’regoing to do is you’re using your grabbertool i use my multi-tools so if i bringmy cursor toward the bottom of my clipi get the grabber tool if you’re on amac you’re going to hold controlif you’re on a pc you’re going to holdstartand then you just click the clip and itbrings the front of the clipto the cursor as you see not so badright that’s an easy oneall right now let’s move the back of thecursor or sorry the back of the clip tothe cursor now that is on a machold control and command hit the grabbertoolif you’re on a pc it’s uh hold controland startall right so on a mac control commanduse the grabber tool and that will movethe back of your clip to the cursor andthen the last oneis creating a sync point so what i coulddo is if i want to move this crash if iwant to get the beginning of this crashon a sync pointi could use my tab the transient holdcommandand hit comma to create a sync point andnow where my cursor isthe sync point will move to right so i’mgoing to hold ctrl and shiftand it’s going to move this sync pointto this cursor here rightcontrol and shift and on a mac that’sstart and shift all right so why do icare to do thisso let’s say i want to take this crashand i want to put it right onuh there’s a beat hereall right so right about here isa crash but let’s say i want to add tothat in this production rightso if i put my cursor right therei’m going to hold ctrl shift and now ijust added this crashamazing uh the other thing i could do islet’s say we don’t want to use a syncpointlet’s say we use tab the transientand i’m going to press a which will trimthe beginning of the clip to myselection so now the crash is right atthe beginning of the clipright so if i want to still put thatcrash right therewhat i could do is put my cursor where iwant it right in b2and i’ll i’ll move this clip to thebeginning of the clipto this cursor so by holding ctrl to thecursorthere i go bam wham-bam thank you ma’amand then thelast thing i’ll show you is if you addoption to any of those commands it’llstill move where you tell it to move butit’ll move a copyright so what if i want to add anothercrashuh on b2 over herei’m gonna do uh let’s see i want thefront of the clip to the cursor so i’mgonna hold ctrl but if i use option thistimebam[Music]coolyeah why not all right so i use thoseall the time especially sinking musicsyncing dialogue or vocals using thesync points you can move these clipsright where you need them right to yourcursor they’re super super helpfulsuper easy to learn and then the onelast thing actually i’ll tell you theway that i remember what’s whatis just look at your keyboard and youknow what i’m sorry i’m notnear a pc keyboard i should have lookedat this ahead of time buti think it still stands true but look atthe look at the keyboardon a mac keyboard controlusing your left hand control on the lefthand side is the first key so think ofcontrolbeing the beginning of that clip rightso hit controland it’s going to move the beginning ofthe clip to the cursor now the keyboardagain if you hit control and holdcommand well command is atfar right so you can think of that asthe right or the end of theclip going to your cursor okay and thenthe sync point is shift it’s above soyoui don’t know i guess that kind of to mesort of makes sense think of it more inthe middleit’s like your sync point but that mightbe an easier way for you to rememberwhat goes where and how to usewhat right so that’s what i got for youmoving clips around uh to your cursori think it’s really valuable honestly iprobably use these commandsevery single day no joke so i hope youfind some value i hope you can rememberthem and put them to use really quicklyi think they’re really helpfuland again don’t forget subscribe hitthat bell it would mean the world to meit helps these videos reachall the people in the planet wouldn’tthat be a cool thingoh and also hey just grab your phonetake a screenshot take a pictureof you watching this video put up oninstagram tag mei’d love to see that you’re watching andsharing and i’ll give you a shout outtoo all rightso i’ll catch you next time thanks again

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