STOP BUYING GEAR!!! [What To Invest In For A Recording Studio]

How much money do you spend on gear for your studio each year? Fun right? Well STOP!!! Let me tell you why you are putting you hard earned dollars in the wrong spot!

guys you are going to hate this episode that’s right because i’m about to be ahuge party pooper and tell you to stop spending money on your gearthat’s right i’m here to tell you howyou can actually do good buyer businessby stopping the spending on your geari know i am the worstall right welcome back everybody i’m adam clairmont this is the adam clairmont show and we’rehere to talk about once again how tobuild and growyour career in audio uh just byactionable tips from me and people i’vemet along the way todayjust me and before i begin i do want totell you about a great gift that i’vegot for you it’s completely freei love to help you build your businessand for startersi think the first place you can do thatis by growing your client listbut if you’re not sure the steps to taketo increase that listthen head over to i’ve got a free guide for youit takes 30 seconds it’ll go directlyto your inbox and you can begin rightnow todaybuilding on that list and working withsome amazingamazing projects and people all right soenough about thattoday i want to dive in and yeah i wantto tell youto stop buying gear what why would hesay that gear is so cool by the wayspeaking of gear what do you think aboutthis shot i’ve gotthings reversed today tried somethingnewhow ironic adam show off the expensivemonitors and tell peopledon’t spend money on gear so i knowhypocritebut hear me out you know i’m going totalk about it today andi think i make some compelling argumentssostick around and you be the judge sostop buying gear okay everybody uhand myself included you know i’m notgonna say that i don’t do this it’s hardnot toyou know i i read the magazines i go onthe blogs i’m on instagramwho doesn’t love seeing the posts in thegreat studios you know with all the gearthe big consolesexpensive monitors the microphonescompressors you know the best pluginsthe instrumentson and on and on and on and on it’san endless money dump you know i meanthere’s no end you know you talk aboutgas right gear acquisition syndromei’ve got it you know i’m sure you’ve gotit too it’s sexy it’s cool it’s funyou know it’s um it’s exciting forclients to see new gear i get thatbut let’s let’s pump the brakes andlet’s talk about this for a momentyou know so often and i’m sure you knowwhat i’m talking about and maybe you’vewritten them i’ve probably written themyou know we’re on the forums or we’retalking with friends hey should i buythis microphoneor that microphone which one is betteror should i buy this interfaceor that interface which one’s better youknowand you know even if they’re cheap orexpensivei guess where my mind goes and it’s gonethis wayover the course of time you know becausei’ve sort of disciplined myself to thinkthis waymy mind goes can i increase my businessmore with this piece of gearor can i increase my business more withthat piece of gearso rather than comparing them to theother which one’s betteryou know which one is better for thebusiness can i increase myrates more with this one or that onewill this one get me the client that i’mafteror will this one give me the client thati’m after is it possible that neitherone of these pieces of gear willactually get me a new clientyeah that’s totally possible andhonestly i think more than half the timewhen we’re talking about buying a newpiece of gearthat gear will not get us a new clientit’s not allowing us to raise our ratestherefore to me it’s probably notincreasing businessif it’s not getting us a new client ifit’s not increasing our rates what is itdoingthat’s not an asset that’s not even aninvestment at that pointthat’s just spending money for for gearssake think about itas a business tool right not anego tool you know that’s one way to putitcan i get a new client is this a clientacquisitioninvestment right therefore it’s aninvestment in the businessor do i just want to have some fun rightthe other question you should askyourself forget the business part butyou should ask yourself do i alreadyhave something that doeswhat this does or does this bringsomething new to the tableyou know if you’re looking at a new plugin a new eq chances are you don’t needthat eq i mean eq’s are a dime a dozenthey all do the same thinghow many emulations of an la2a do wereally needyou know how many new compressors do wereally really need how many newmicrophones do we reallyreally need how could you spend yourmoneymore wisely well my argument for youis rather than spending your money ongearwhich is super cool invest your moneyin yourself in furthering your educationfor your business whether that beimproving your education on your craftor improving your education for you knowbusiness skillslike finance and marketingand managing staff time managementthings of that natureyou know things that you can actuallyinputto your business so that the entirething growsyou know you can have all the gear inthe worldif nobody knows you exist they’re nevergoing to hire youso you need marketing right you need thepeople skills you needthe business skills to get noticed tocut throughthe noise because let’s you know let’sface it there’s a lot of us out therethat are competing right for the sameclients there’s a lot of work there’s alot of clients but there’sa lot of people that are going afterthat work so how are you standing outis it you bought the new plug-in is thatyour edgebecause guess what anybody can get thatplug-inanybody can get that microphone so ifthat’s your edgei don’t know if that’s going to work foryou right butif you’ve figured out a way to stand outmoreyou know you’re you’re popping more onsocial media your your ads areare targeted better and they’re gettingbetter returns for youyou know your your client outreach isbetter youryour social proof is better where youknow your word of mouth is betteryou know all those things you know thatthat’s kind of where i tend to focus thetime latelyi don’t say this as something that idon’t practice you know i’m really biginto professional development andpersonal development you probably pickedup on that from these videos by nowif this isn’t the first one you’ve seenyou knowi really heavily believe that the bestinvestment you can make is in yourselfand notthings you know it’s in your educationyou know the better i performthe better my gear will perform you knowthe more that i learn about eqthe better i can use any eq that’s infront of me or the better i understandmicrophones the morei can get out of any microphone that’sin front of me so i meanthat’s really my whole argument andthat’s kind ofyou know what i want you to think aboutyou know idare you the next time you want to buy anew microphonehold up take the moneyand look online and look for a coursethat you can buyand i’m not talking about i want to talkabout this i’m not talking about youtubei’m not even talking about my own videosbut yeah please watch my videosvideos that are on youtube are amazingbut here’s the thing it’s not justenough to watchand learn you need to act and in mypersonal experiencewatching youtube is great but when ihave investedmy money into learning something i ammore invested personallyand learning about it and taking actionand seeing it throughthe more you pay the more you payattention i firmly believe that so whilea lot of the information is available toyou on youtubethere’s something about paying for thesecoursesthat really resonates with people and itreally makes us take actionyou know it’s our money on the linewe’re not gonna waste that you know whati meanso i want to offer you a couple ofresourcesthat i’ve used and i’ve spent my moneyon and i fully endorsethat have helped me a whole lot foryears and the first one islinkedin learning now it used to becalled lynda.comand these tutorials and videos to me arethe best anywherenow this is a subscription site but thishaseverything you could possibly need fromaudio courses i mean some fantastictop level audio courses about musicabouttelevision and posts i learned so muchabout my template and setupand basic workflow for tv and filmliterally from thisi mean this is how i actually gotstarted in tv and filmwas look reading these courses you knowthis got me workno joke learning from this got me workum and this was information that i couldnot find elsewhereyou know the the the level of intensityand the level of depth in these coursesi have not personally found on youtubeor elsewhere for freeum so for me you know i could pay forthe next 10 years and i still feel likei gotmy money’s worth out of just thosecourses but there’s more abouttime management about business toolslike i mentioned moneyworking with money investing moneyhandling moneytime management being a leader you knowprofessional developmentmarketing social media etc all of thesetoolsthat will get us more clients theclients we wantand will allow us to increase our ratesthat’s kind of where i would prefer tospend my money because the quick crackcan increase my rates and get moreuh clients what can i do with that moneywell then i might go buy that microphonethat i’ve been coveting for so long youknowthat isn’t really going to get me theclient but man it’d be so coolbut my point is you can get a lot morebang for your buck and not to mentionthese coursesare a lot less expensive thanmicrophones and compressors and gear andyou know big consoles and speakers andthe other thing that i wanted torecommend for youis the pro mix academy so i’ll put both of thelinksin the description below for you buthere isa huge library of content that’s beencuratedand provided by amazing professionalsthat isthey’re all teaching you how to getbetter at your craftwhich is important you know the betteryou do the better your word of mouth isyou know the more clients you get thatsort of thing you know and you know youcan learn how to get the most out ofthat eq and the most out of thatcompressor and the most out of thatmicrophone to the point where maybe youdon’t really feel like you need thatotherplug-in or that other piece of gear asmuch anymorebecause you’re getting more you know idon’t want to harp on this over and overagain but you get my pointi hope you get my point you know i’mnever going to stop enjoying gear i’mnot telling you to stop enjoying gearwe’re always going to want to buy thegearand i’m not saying don’t ever buy thegear i think you know what i meanum but i want you to just think aboutthis the next time beforeyou whip out the credit card for the newinterface or the new microphone or thenewyou know the 50th eq plug-in that’s youknowthat’s there for you and available youknow umand i guess hey if you’re going to spendthe money on gearyou know another thought is to you knowyou can budget your moneyyou know you can save up the money andinstead of just like on a whimyou know save up the money so you haveit in the bank so you can spend it morewisely you know i mean there’s sales allthe time black fridayyou know i mean waves i mean how oftendo you see waves plug-ins on sale for20 bucks or something like that likeeventually everything is 20 bucksyou know what i mean so you can thinkabout you know just having the money notbeingas spur of the moment you know as asimpulsive with the purchases so that’sanother way to go with the gearyou know and maybe you can spend alittle bit there and still have a littleleft over to then investin yourself which is really justinvesting in your business you know whati meanyou know i truly believe the more youpay the more you pay attentionand if you’re as serious about yourbusinessas you are about your gear and if i’mreading your posts the way i’m readingthemeverybody and i think we all know howserious we areabout the gear then why aren’t weinvesting the same amount of moneyand time into ourselves as we are thisgear rightso i’ll leave you this question andplease let me know in the comments belowif you’re going to invest in yourselfand i hope you are would yourather invest in a course about yourcraftor invest in a course about the businessside of things i’m curiousand which one of those two things do youthink would help your businessfaster with where you are right now andthis isn’t like a trick question i don’tthink there’s a right or wrong answerbecause i think the answer lies withwherever you arein your career right i mean maybe youare your skills are really great rightnowbut you’re just not quite there with thebusiness or you’ve got the businessthing down but you’re still kind ofnewerand haven’t really developed thoseskills so i’m curious just to see whereyou’re atno right or wrong answer would love tosee what you think all rightand while you’re down there pleaseplease please it mean the world to mejust hit that subscribe button hit thenotification bell i’m bringing you thesevideos every single weeksometimes more than once a week and idon’t want you to miss any of themall right the more you hit thatsubscribe button the more it helps mehelps the videos get in front of thebest people who can enjoy them the mostand get the most valueout of them so every time you hit thatsubscribe button it really means theworld to me hit the like button in thecomments it allyou know plays into the algorithm foryoutube so thank you for all thosealso feel free i’m here for you so ifyou have any questions hit me upin the comments hit me up on instagram or linkedin adam clairmont i’m happy to answer thosequestions i love the dms i love seeingyou alland make sure you tag me if you’re youknow so inclined all rightso don’t forget that free gift talkingabout building your business here’s afree one client list take 30secondsgrab the pdf guide and learn a thing ortwo about how to getthe clients you really want to look forit all right thanks so much for lettingme talk with youeverybody and i’ll see you next timeyou

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