Mix Music In Nashville [Interview with Jonathan Roye]

My guest today, Jonathan Roye yeah he’s a pretty good mixer. Grammy nominated in fact. Yeah, he’s mixing singles that are gold and platinum. Yeah number one records too. You know what else he’s doing that’s number one? He’s telling you how to be a great mixer in Nashville. You do not want to miss this. Here we go!

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dogg selena gomezdemi lovatothere’s believe it or not there’sactually a much longer list and moreinformation available at his websitethejonathanroy.com and you also may haveseen him in the past on his youtubechannel mixnotes where he had some ofthe best videostutorials and how to’s on the internetso maybe he’s a welcomeand familiar face and voice uh sojonathanjohn thank you so much welcome to theshow dude thank you for having meyeah man i i used to watch those videosa lot in facti’ve got some of your uh ideasbuilt into my template yeah well yeah ii stole those ideas from other people soperfect you’re not taking anything fromme so that’s good yeahyeah there’s one i forgot even what it’scalled actually because it’s just therebut there’s ayou have this like drum treatment like adrum bust that’s like thiscrazy ass delay through to a verbit sounds like a racquetball court orsomething almost exactly yeahyeah that was i was too poor to affordlike an old sony drereverb thing and so i just built one outof d-verb and oh is that what that wasemulating kind of a patch on thereyeah you sort of bring it up undereverything and send whatever to i callit glueand it just kind of flows in the gapsand yeah yeah itit’s it’s pretty handy i still do thatthat’s one of the few things that hashung around the past 10 years or soyeah it’s funny i’ve just got it builtin on ascend so like when i’mi just i don’t even look i just toss onthis end i think it does say glueyeah yeah i know what’s on the busanymore but it just has cool dimensionto it and i just remember picking thatup from your videos and thinkingdamn where’d this come from that’s anawesome trick yeahthat was a tom lord algae thing ilearned from him30 years ago so there you go yeahso you’re in nashville you know you’reyou’re doing great you’re doing someawesome recordsyou know i i’ve heard your stuff all thetime um but you didn’t grow up inasheville right so like do you want tokind of explainhow you landed there like was thatalways a target for youno not at all i grew up very much a bandnerdi went to a very like snootyjazz and orchestral high school kind ofthingand then went to college as like a jazzstudentand was playing trombone like eighthours a dayand wanted to go win a job in anorchestra and that whole thing and thenumfailed at that and did an internship ina studioand then kind of had to go at producingsome records sowe got lucky and then figured out ihated thatand then kind of wound up mixing andthen i didn’t move to nashvilleuntil i was i was 29 about to turn 30.so it wasmuch later kind of in life thus far atleastbut so so why nashville i mean i knowplenty of reasons why nashville but likefor youi mean what made it honestly i had igrew up in dallas fort worth in texasi’d lived in la for a little bit i’ddone that i’d seen how brutal and toughthat was to come up out thereyeah i’d moved back to texas and theni i had like i was about 28 and i waslike man if i’m gonna go somewhere elsei need to do it nowi had a friend that was moving inasheville and i was like i’ve never beenthere i don’t knowanything about country music let me iwas gonna hang out for the weekend so iliterally hung out for the weekenddecided i was going to move herei can the economics of it made a lot ofsense at the time was like i couldafford a spot and a place to live andwhere’s in la youcan barely afford anything you knowright doing music starting out souh yeah i just sort of moved here on awhimsorta and just kind of hit the groundrunning and went for itthat’s awesome and so so at that pointyou were mixing though that was yourthat was your thingat that point i’d kind of realizedlike it’s like the whole 80 20 rulewhere like 80 percent of your wins aregonna come fromkind of 20 of your effort and so i justkind of saw i was like man like most ofmybank accounts coming from these randommixed jobs fromfriends of mine in la or whoever and soi was like well let’s move to nashvilleand just triple down on it and see whathappens and i’ll give myself like threeyears of likereally grinding i had some other stuffkind of going outside of music soi was fortunate and then bills were kindof taken care ofum and so yeah that’s that’s kind ofwhat i did i isort of failed into mixing it was neverreallysomething you know like these days yousee these kids that are 15 thatall they want to do is mix records andthat was i couldn’t have beenfurther from that you know so[Laughter]well i’m sure you’re happy about it nowyeah it’s it’s worked out you know ifound i think a big part offinding success in this world of musicis just sort of findingyour home in it whether it’s mixing ormastering orwriting or playing or management or youknow there’s so many different they’repostyou know there’s so much stuff you cando with audio and music thatyou know a lot of times until you reallyget in the world you don’treally know what you like until youexperience it you know soyeah that’s a really really good pointyeahi remember i remember and i mean itstill happens honestly buti remember coming up an audio i mean ialways wanted to work in a studio but iremember coming up on audio and likei realized that half the jobs in audiowere even a thingoh yeah yeah i didn’t know you know ithe most i’d been recording in studioskind of in college but i would literallywalk in sit down in my chairplay and leave like that was the studioexperience for mei never really cared to walk in thecontrol roomyou know didn’t really know any of thoseguys umuntil i interned and then startedworking with bands andand other musicians and it was it wasjust a lot of fun hopping fromlike rock to jazzed up whatever you knowto some live thing to you know it wasjust a different gigday to day and that’s that’s still whati kind of like about it you know it’sjust the different i get to play indifferent bands every day so yeah that’sa good point it’s a good way to put ityeah i agree with you too i love theidea of just like moving from day to dayto a little bit of a you know put ityeahit’s all audio but just slightlydifferent hat you know it’s like turn itsideways a little bit you knowexactly yeah yeah different look soso that’s pretty awesome so you failedinto mixing that’s a good way to put ityeah yeah i was bad at everything else itrieduntil i found something i was halfwaydecent at andyou know even today we’re a little onthe fence someday sothere’s uh maybe actually maybe you’veheard of this person there’s asongwriter named walt wilkins you everheard ofbeing a texas guy all right so i’veheard the namenow he was he’s got some fantastic songsexcuse me yeah did a lot of song writingfor some other peopleand uh he was in asheville for a whileuh writing for a lot of a lot of awesomepeopleum cool got a lot of his great uh hisown great songs as well but i rememberseeing him on stage one point and hesaid um you know the idea is to do thisso long so that you’re unfit to doanything elseyeah i would completely agree with thatwhich is kind of like you know it’s likesort of take on just like you know ifyou’re gonna do it don’t give yourself afall back almost but like ilike that i like it yeah yeah you knowit kind of points it’s it’s kind of truei rememberlike last christmas talking to my momand i was like man at this point like idon’t knowwhat else i i don’t know if i could getlike a jobyou know yeah no i feel the same wayoutside of this world like i was likemaybe i could work for one of theseretailers or something but you knowi nobody at a bank is going to hire me iknow what would that resume look likewhat’s up okay what’s up with this 25year longlack of you know employment on yourresumeyeah you knowwell so you know so you know you’reyou’re in nashvilleyou’re working um at that point did youhave a privateroom or where were you working from evenmy apartmenti i got an apartment online didn’t evencome look at it drove into townput my stuff in it um yeahyeah so it was i started out in myapartment and i’ve had sort ofvarious rooms throughout you know thepast eight years or whatever i’ve beenhereyeah so something worked out rightbecauseum just you know looking through yourcredits and just knowing you know alittle bit about your historyyou picked up with kelsey ballerinibefore she wasthis like mega star and you did a lot ofwork a lot of mix work on her firstrecord rightyeah and even before that i mean i gotinto that camp justdoing demos i met all the good grandmaandforrest whitehead who’s her one of herproducersum on those first couple recordslike watched my youtube channel you knowand like just hit me up randomly he waslike oh you’re in nashville like let’shave lunchi didn’t know anybody so i was like okaylike you know don’t murder me butsure like let’s hang out and uh startedjust kind of helping him he was gettinginto the track thinguh for the first time like an apollolaptop kind of set upso he’d call me and ask me questions orwhatever and i’d help him out and theni’d startdoing demos for him he was on his firstpublishing deal i believe at the timeand so yeah like we were doing demos andthen thatone day i remember we were working onsome stuff and he’s like yeah like thisis going go to like radio next week andi was like wait what what are we doingyou know and it just sort of slowlyrolled intothe record or whatever and that was thesong that she picked up for hisuh yeah i mean we’d been doing songs forher for a yearslowly two or three at a time and thenit just kind of rolled out into a recordandyou know nobody really saw that comingat leastfrom my perspective you know yeah that’sawesomeand so i mean you’ve got i mean therewere like multiple number ones on thatrecordyeah the first i think they did foursingles to radioi think i don’t remember three werenumber oneand i think the fourth one was two orthree or something i don’tyeah or maybe two of them i don’tremember they were there were a handfulfor sure yeah and so so for you that wasdoing demoswith songwriters forrest white yeah he’sdoing pretty good for himself too likehe’s gotplenty of placements now i believe yeahthat’s the first time for his nameforest is killing it now yeah absolutelyyeah he’s thatthat record changed a lot of people’slives i think umthat we’re starting out here so uh butyeahthat was just doing demosyou know i’m a big believer in in audioa lot of what we do isit’s a service gig you know it’s notreallyabout us really um it’s really aboutlike if you want your phone to ringit’s all about solving problems forother people and sothat’s always kind of my mindset islooking for people thatneed help in whatever way and if if ican fitin that arrangement somehow then it’llusually roll into work oror whatever whether that be publishersor writers oryou know whatever’s going on these aresupervisors soso along those lines i’m curious andmaybe you already said this and i missedit but so when he called you that firsttimejust out of the blue is this personcontact you don’t know who this personisyou saw your videos were you justsolving a problem did you have aquestion you’re just kind of like heyyeah let’s just hang out and talk shopor was he like hey i need a i need yourservicelike uh no we just we just hung out umyeahprobably for a couple hours just talkingabout music and he was stillvery new to town he’d been here i thinkhe’d been here like a year or twobefore i had but he he had just kind ofgottenhis first publishing deal and it startedgetting really into recording orwhatever soum yeah we would just hang out and thenan opportunity came aroundlike you know i was like oh your stuff’sreally good if you ever need help likehit me up like whatever like i’ll i’llmix whatever like i’ve got time andthat slowly just rolled into more andmore work as astime went by yeah i mean that that’sawesome i meani haven’t had the result that you hadwith that one but yeahbut the idea when people just call witha question not necessarilywith a job yeah you know you don’t justget in the cold shoulderyou know what i mean yeah just becausethere’s no check attached to itbecause i i found that having that sortofyou know just you know free freeattitude of likelet’s if you need help just you knowi’ve got an answerand just being you know someone who cangive you an answer and just you knowwhatever happens on the line it’llhappen or maybe it doesn’t butyeah within reason you knowlike i i like to think all my clientsknow they can call me or email me ortext me wheneverand if they need something you know ifif i can if i can help them out i’mhappy to do so you know if it makessense soyeah but but yeah i mean this whole jobis about helpingpeople whatever they’re trying to do andplaying your part in that so yeah likeif you really want to be successful atitit’s you know even even as like asession musician ora player it’s you know you’re on the gigforsomebody else’s behalf you knowright so yeah keep the perspective yeahwell so that so you know so he becamefriends with foresthe started you know we started workingtogether doing the demos they got pickedupkelsey ballerina had this record thatabsolutely blew everybody’s mindespecially in nashvillehuge huge success um butthat wasn’t it they called you backso you clearly had a lot to offer thatthey recognized from that first recordbecause they called you back and you didmore on the follow-up yeah i did ahandful of tunes on thethe next one um and but even betweenthatyou know that that opens some doors idon’t think i don’t know thatthat stuff really makes the phone ringmore but it definitelypeople will trust you at that pointyou’re kind of like a provenlike okay he did this so like i feelfine hiring him fora b c d whatever you know yeahabsolutelyand then from there it was just a matterof getting out networking andthen you know i always say like once youget kind of a break and a door opens foryou likethat’s what i see a lot of people fuckup and that like they’ll get lazy atthat point or they’llthey’ll get a little check and thenthey’ll like take time offand you know whatever and it’s like nodude like you can get meetings withanybody now liketriple down like work harder than you’veever worked at this pointbecause it’s just you know your careerwill go up and down and sowhen you’re up like you really want totriple down andmake new connections and do what you canto to keep it going forward i thinkyeah that’s that’s good advice thereyeah umand a grammy nomination doesn’t hurteither which is what you got for thatsecondthat second right unapologetically yeahwell i mean there were i’m pretty surethere were like 12 mixers on that recordbutand a humble attitude obviously which isclearly what i’mnoticing right now oh yeah i’m i’m i’mmy own worst critic for sureso so you know being in nashville peopleyou know tend to pegpeople living in nashville as juststraight up country people but i meanyou knowher records are like you know she’s likeon that that like poppop country cusp type of thing what kindof things are you working on mostly isit is is it in that kind of vein or imean you mentionedyou dabble here and there in othergenres it’s kind of all overum i mean there is a lotof country stuff you know just beinghere you can’t really get away from iteven if you wanted tobut i do a lot of work with a couple oflike synctv promo trailer stuff so it’s a lot oflike big hugerock you know overly dramaticpop kind of stuff to like i’m doing igotta do a hip hop thing laterand then i got two chris young things ihave to finish for a friend andso it’s you know and then i have adisney instrumental thing for thisshow i’ve got to do later this week soit’s it’s kind offor whatever reason for me it’s you knoweverything butthe same thing over every day so whichis fun i i like it that wayyeah i always say i never you know idon’t really have much control of who’scalling meno no yeah you always just say thank youand yeahthe only thing you control is just ifyou’re gonna accept it or deny it noi’m not really up for saying no to muchso yeah so i so but it’s but it soundslike it’s it’s music for televisionright is it still music or are youdone yeah you like the dialogue andmixing all that kind of thingyeah it’s all music um i’ve done acouplepost jobs which is super new to me andsuper scaryi did one last year that i probablyshouldn’t have been hired for buti knew the guys and you know they werecool with my all my dumb questions andum it ended up i learned a ton itprobably took me twice as long as itshould have butum it you know i love doing differentthings andyeah i’ll learn something new and sometechnique that i could apply tosomething else or you know sois that something you’re going to bepursuing more you think like audiowell i mean you know i feel like atmosismassive right now yeah at least at leastin nashville there’s there’s rooms goingup all over town and they’re allyou can’t even get them they’re allbooked out um a lot of these labels areremixing their entire catalogs in atmosi know netflix and a lot of thesestreaming companies are only takingatmos deliverables the other day so it’sit seems likethat’s kind of something that if you’reyoung right now and you want to get intothislike if you can find a way to get into asituation where you can learn thatsystem really welli would definitely do that you knowbecause there’s not a ton of peopleum that are doing it i’m sure there’salso not a ton of rules so there’s noone to go and tell you like hey you didthat wrongthat’s true that’s no news it’s stilljust kind of open for interpretationright nowkind of the wild west as far as puttingit all together got you yeah yeah sothat’s that’s it’s that’s definitelysomething i have my eyes on i don’t knowum what that looks like for me in thefuture but it’sit’s definitely interesting so yeah imean i i definitely don’t have a roomthat’s equipped for that but i’ve goti’ve got the renderer the dolby rendererand i’ve played with that and what ithink is cool i don’t knowi don’t know if everyone is even awareof this i’m sure you are but likethe with the renderer you’ve got likethat you can put on headphonesand it will simulate atmos you can stilljust put on a pair and it’s awesome likeit’s really goodi remember like 20 years ago putting onheadphones there was thisi forgot who made it actually there’s abunch of people probably but there’slike a surround sound simulator okay andit kind of gave me a headacheit was yeah yeah it didn’t really workyeah it’s like all phasing kind of weirdbut the way the dolby is doing it’sfreaking awesome man i was i was toldyou could do the job on headphonesbut to do to do all your renders you’vegot to get in a roomyeah and the hard way to yeah yeah to doall the prints or whatever sobut if you’re just trying to figure itout for 300 bucks you can get intoyou know yep the that exactly dolby’srenderer for avidand put some headphones on and you canpretty much do as much as anybody elsecan dountil the point of output yeah there’seven i forget whoi think netflix put it out they releasedlike a fullatmos session for free yeahso if you so if you wanted to downloadit and i guess you have you knowput the three three bills down for thethe headphone thingthen you know there there you go likenow you’re learningyeah in a real session so yeah yeahthat’s theit blows my mind yeah it keeps on comingup everyone is so interested in it butyeahit’s it’s their rooms going up all allover town i’m friends with a lot of theguys at westlake audio andevery time i go down there they’re doingan order foran atmos thing somebody’s putting in orthey’re upgrading something to atmos oryou know it’s it’s a they were tellingme they’re like oh dude it’s everywherelike you know and all these streamingcompanies are they’vethey’ve got budgets for it so it’s it’sdefinitely good space to be in if youcan get thereand you’re seeing a lot of music remixesdone and at most toothen oh yeah yeah i mean like universalaround the corner here is they’reredoingeverything like like everythingeverything soyou know and it’s like three dudes inthere just remixing it alltraits of atmosphere yeah theydefinitelyyears worth of work and job security soyeah no kidding yeah those guys it’sdefinitely notit’s not going anywhere not like becausethe because the surround thing in the90s just never reallycaught on i don’t think to me at leastit didn’t seem likestill not everybody thought it was goingto be i was in school at the time andeverybody was talking about how it wasgoing to be this newthat’s just what it was going to be likelisten to music and you knowit just never really happened at all soyeahyeah we’ll see we’ll see it seems likeatmos is sticking thoughso well it’s a smarter technology i lovethat it will conform to the playbacksystem that you’ve got available to youyeah i mean that’s the key to me youknow just making it uheasily digestible and consumable ratherthan needingall these speakers everywhere so exactlyif you make it easy for them they’llthey’ll use it sowell that’s cool so i didn’t realizethat uh nashville might be the epicenterfor atmos right nowi don’t know this is the epicenter butit’s it’s definitely you knowit’s it’s not it’s here for sure yeahand so you’ve got you’ve got your ownroom right where are you yeahyeah i have a room uh here in berry hilli rent my room from like peter framptonowns the buildingso he’s around every now and then and irent the b room from him andi’ve been here for five or s five or sixyears something like that soyeah so there’s other people in thefacilityuh it’s me i mean peter’s got all hisstuff hereum chuck ainly will work in the a roomfrom time to timeand then we’ve got like a studio managerthat’s herebecause peter’s constantly tinkeringwith stuff andhas projects going on so there’s there’salways something going on in thebuilding for sureum so there’s a tracking room there thendo you ever do any of that or yeahuh yeah i produce here and there not asmuch you know i’d say like 90of it is mixing and then um any of thetracking and producing i do is usuallytv film you know sync pitches andwhatnot sogotcha yeah souh help me out if i wanna yeah you knowbe like a mixer like that’s what i wannadoor if i wanna get to nashvilleuh any advice on maybe some do’s ordon’tsyou know along the way like how to getto a point where i canyou know buy a cheeseburger every nowand then butyeah you could definitely swing thatyeah the cheeseburger for surei mean yeah the re you know it’s notimpossiblei you know i i had when i moved here ijust kind of gave it an honest goand i gave myself three or four years tomake something happen andum and there are a lot of you knoweverybodymixes records now you know everybody youknow the kid that works the front deskat whatever record label is probablymixing something today umso the work is definitely here umit is it is tough it’s saturated it’s areally small townso it’s even the proximity of everythingis kind ofinsane umyou know i would say you’re gonna need ajob whatever that meansfor you whether that’s driving for uberoryou know doing one of the grocerydelivery things or working at starbuckslike i wouldn’tyou know you don’t have to be a starvingartist anymore so i don’t think youshouldum that’s a good point and um i mean i’mi’m just i’m a big believer in laserfocusso you know a lot of a lot of peoplewill talk aboutdiversity and being able to kind of do alittle bit of everything andthere’s definitely something to that umespecially on the production side ofthings i thinkmore and more but i still think there’ssomething toif you look at the people at the topand even the people like the newerpeople that have kind of climbed theladderthey’re kind of only known for one thingman likewhether that’s producing or riding ormixing they mightyou know they can kind of get around anddo whatever they need to do butat the end of the day like like this guyis knownfor mixing records you know um and a lotof thatso for me it was just like all rightwell i’m gonna move to nashville and ifsomebody asked me what i doi mix records that’s all i’m gonna sayum and so eventually like you knowpeoplecall and be like oh like let’s give hima shot or whatever but itit’s a long grind um it’sin it you know with the younger kidsthese daysi see a lot of them like they’ll get toa point where it’s like okay like youknow how to mix a song now it soundsgreat you can get it donethe thing i’ve learned in the past eightyears is now you haveto mix a song every day or twice a dayor three times a day if you have to youhave no control over how well it wasrecordedyou know so sometimes it’s really easysometimes it’s really hard sometimesit’s a ton of tracksthat goes together in an hour sometimesit’s it’s a few tracks it takes you alldaybut you’ve got to be able to do that dayin day out and not go crazyand and do all the prints do all thestems billdo the invoicing chase the money makesure you’re actually getting paidwhich is super important that nobodytalks aboutand so it’s it’s a little more than justyou know working on your onemix for the week or whatever like youknow you have to finish the joband do the next job it’s kind of likewaiting tables in a sense it’s like yougotta flip tablesto make the business work otherwiseyou’re justyou’re gonna go broke you know yeah umso that’s that’s the trick you have toget used tobeing very decisive you know kind offollowing your gut like learning thetools really really wellso you can make those decisions quicklyand lay stuffup when you need tobut i mean that’s a long way to andrewbut it’s it’s totally possible you knowi never want to tell anybody they can’tdo somethingit’s definitely hard you know you’re notgoing to make a lot of money fora while it probably took me three orfour yearsi was doing web design i had a companyi’d started back in texas with a friendand so i was coding websites in themorning on my laptopat a starbucks and then i’d do musicwhenever i couldand i did that for three four years youknow until i soldmy side of that company off and i coulddo this full time soit’s it’s definitely it’s not easy butyou can you know if you’re really drivenand you’re willing togive up a lot of yourself like you canyou can make it happenfor sure yeah that’s cool i love whatyou said earlier too about you don’t youdon’t need to be a starving artistanymore and like it’s okay to actuallyhave a job that pays the billsyou know that might not be audio is youknow that can get you to the point whereyou can actually do audio full-time likelike i’ve talked to some of these kidsthatyou know we’ve got belmont and mtsu andthe blackbird academy and stuff in townandi see these kids and it’s like they justdon’t want to they come out of theschool and they just think like oh ihave this degree give me a job pay melike i’m qualified and it’s like that’snot really kind oflike go get just go get a check and thenstart working on your craftand building your network and you knowyou have to realize like you’re buildingabusiness from nothing which is you knowif you talk to anybody in business likethey’re not profitable for sometimesyearsbefore they actually it starts to workso yeah look at sole proprietorshipsyeahthat’s kind of yeah that’s the game yeahit’s that’s why most of them fail isit’s justyou know acquiring new customers and youneedten times more than you think you do umand that’s that you know that’s the mostexpensive thing to do in in any businessisjust to get the work you know so yeah itjustit takes time soyeah that’s a good point umwell yeah i mean i think that’s maybesomething uh we can leave everybody tomulan when you know they’re thinkingabout moving to nashville or moving towherever it’s just that point ofi like that you know you mentionedearlier too you know you you sort ofgave yourself like all right i’mi’m gonna do this for three years notlike i’m gonna try this this monthright yeah yeah i’m just not gonna youneed to reallybe you know manage that sort ofexpectations that timeline to the pointwhereit’s it’s doable something you can likeyou know wrap your head around at theoutset and it yeah it just it just takestimeum you know with that said i’ve seencertain peoplejust get a really sweet gig for whateverreasonum they know the right person or youknow they were they did the rightinternship and they’ll get hired on andbut even but even when you look at thatit’s liketo go where they’re just doing the thingthey want to do it’sit’s become five years or something youknow um or more like it you know it’snotovernight by any means and honestly likea big part of working in audio whetheryou’re doing post orrecords or whatever is just experiencewhich meansyou know like i always tell kids likeonce you learn how to mix a song it’slike cool like now gomix 200 more songs and you’ll have itlike go mess upanother 100 songs and you’ll figure itout like that’s that’s the trickand so like when i went into itthat was kind of my mentality was likeokay like i’ll mix anything i get myhands on stems onlinelike now there’s so many resourcesonline from these sites where you candownload records andthat are recorded well you know which isa huge thingum and you can practice on and so i wasi was justi was saying yes to anything because iknew every song i mixed wasone closer to where i wanted to be andso it was just kind of knocking thoseoffuntil i finally hit a point where i waslike okay cool this is actually startingto work nowyeah i think yeah it’s a good point andi think um you know with all theresources that are available and all ofthe videos that are availableit’s so easy to just like binge that youknow binge on the book or theor the youtube or whatever it isit’s the wrong ratio you got to bebinging on the workand watching the video there you knowwhat i meanyeah like i mean i watch all that stuffi i use an app on my phonecalled it’s like a day one it’s calledday one journal it’s like a journalingappbut uh you know like when i’m home atnight orcooking or i’ve got one of thosewhatever videos on if i see somethingcool i’ll screenshot it and i can justdrop it in the appand then it’s there and if i get stuckon something i might scroll through andbe like oh i remember that and thenyou know it’ll give me something tobounce off of or like a littleinspiration or somethingyeah yeah yeah i mean i do the samething when i was in schoolin music school forever ago so it’s it’sstill kind of a habit i keepday to day now yeah i i love the contentout there toobut i think yeah i guess it just comesto the point whereuh you can read it and you can listen toit and you can watch it but what youmentioned about mixing 200 songs youcan’t watchand then know what you’ve learned frommixing 200 songsyou have to actually mix 200 or whateverit is yeahthe experience the only thing you getfrom the only way through experience isthrough timeyeah i mean it’s like youtube like thefirst timei don’t know if you remember like thefirst time you engineered a trackingsessionand like you engineered it yeah and it’slike you’re sweating and shaking andlikethe headphones aren’t fucking workingand you’re trying to like think of thesignal flow i’m like ohwhat’s going on um yeah but likethere’s no preparation for that like theonly way to do it is to justdo it yeah you know and you’re gonnamake a mistake but that’s how you’regonna learn it and then the next timeyou do it it’s gonna be easierand then by the third or fourth timeit’s just gonna be like breathing andyou know it’s fine but no amount ofvideosor books will do that like justfinding the opportunity and and makingit happen yourself soyeah yeah well said manjonathan thank you so much for fortaking the time andand dropping all sorts of knowledge ilove this and this might have been myfavorite video i’ve made yet thank youyeah yeahanytime i i love that perspective umit’s just it’s just based completely inrealityand coming from a good place so iappreciate everything you saidreality is a good place to live for sureso yeahso for uh more information uh to reachout to johnuh you can find him on instagram atjonathanroyand uh also thejonathanroy.com is thatrightyep yes sir awesome um well that’s allwe got todayuh don’t forget um got that guide foryou how to build your clients you’retalking abouthow hard it is to get clients if you’renot sure the steps to do that adamclairmont.com client listit’s free just want you to have it gograb it and get to workall right so i’ll talk to everybody real soon thanks so much for watching

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