Do’s And Don’ts For Audio Engineers in a Professional Recording Studio

Had an awful session today huh? Gonna hop on facebook tell everybody about it? How your client such a pain in the butt. Maybe next session you’re gonna crack a beer before you go in, that’ll relieve some stress right? Oh my god… we’ve gotta talk… we’re doing do’s and don’ts today. Stick around!

Welcome back everyone thanks for being here this is the Adam Clairmont show andiam your host Adam Clairmont here welearned to start and grow a career inaudio production with actionable tipsbased on personal experience from meand others and speaking of growing yourbusinessyes once again i want to tell you abouta free giftfor you outlining easy steps you canimplement today to help grow your clientlist and your revenuenow i suggest spending at least 10minutes a day focused solely ondeveloping your businessi’d like you to do more but let’s startat 10 keep it manageable got to startsomewhereif you’re not sure how to spend thattime though this is the video for youit’s a guide andexactly what to do right now it’stotally freeall you need to do is head over to you can have it sentdirectly to your inboxnow today we’re diving into some do’sand don’tsthe best practices of working in astudio or working with clientsthese are all just my opinions but formany of these examplesi’ve tried it both ways and i can tellyou from experiencedon’t do these don’ts don’t skip theseduesall right now that that’s been madecrystal clearlet’s begin okay tip number onedon’t yes your clients all dayyou know what i’m talking about you knowthey ask you what do you think aboutthat oh that was great that was greatwas that take good yeah was that noteflat no no no it was perfectyou know what do you think about youknow this mix oh it sounds wonderfulwhat are you doing how is that helpfulto anybodyjust lying through your teeth givingthem what you think they want to hearwhat you need to do is be a trustedadvisor to your clients all rightearn your keep speak up you’re hiredbecause of your expertise and yourexperienceand for your opinions even if thatopiniondoesn’t make them feel as good aboutthat you know that takeor that note you need to tell them thetruth you need toto help them in your opinion create thebest productfor them that day that project whateverand sometimes that means saying no wegot to do it again orno that’s not good no i don’t agree withthat strategyhere’s why here’s how i feelwell you know what we can do for you tobring this to the next levelthat is earning your keep and that earnsrespect that earnstrust loyalty and that earns a clientwho will stick with you throughthick and thin so please stop tellingthem what theywant to hear tell them what they need tohearokay number two thisshould never even need to be said butyou know it doesdon’t go to work inebriated hidrunk whatever you want to call itdo go soberstay sober leave soberyou’re on the clock come on why wouldyou want to do something that is goingto diminishyour clients results diminish yourproductivityyou know make your work any less thanthe bestthat it could be and i’m not going toargueyou know you know what state of mind youneed to be in the dudethe best you’re gonna do not even goingtherei think it’s a waste of time for you tobe in the studio to bedoing any of those sorts of things ithink it makes a fool of you in front ofyour clientsi think it’s a a waste of a career wasteof talentto be taking somebody’s money gettingwastedand then telling them here’s the bestthat i can dofact of the matter is if you’re drinkingyour ears are compressing you lose highend you can’t hear as well that’s whyeverybody talks so loudand it’s really annoying when they’redrunk you want to be that guy the realannoying person in the studio who’sdrinkingand being super loud and not hearingthings properly and thentaking a paycheck come ondon’t do that interns don’t even thinkabout doing that assistance you shouldknow better after being an internand engineers you need to set an examplenot just for the people working aroundyoubut for your clients you know they needto have trust and faith in youthat you are going to be doing the bestthat you can do and that means having aclear head i can’t believe i even haveto say ityou know i need to say because you knowsomebody who’s doing it and if you’rethe one who’s doing itplease just think about it again thinkabout it long and hardi’d really encourage you to change yourways all rightall right that’s it for that one numberthreedon’t keep a messy house you want toinvite guests over your house keep itall messyyou’re not taking the garbage out gotclothes over the flooryou know garbage everywhere it’s a messcan’t find your microphonescome on clean up all rightkeep your place spick and spangarbage out every day vacuum sweep everydaydust every day yeah no kidding every dayyou know the details add upthat’s a huge detail when people take atour of the studiothe goal is 100 of the time when theycome ini don’t want them or i want them tothink that they’ve never seen a studiobe presented as nice the people in itareare looking good the place looks tidyeverything is in order there’s notjunk everywhere it doesn’t smell liketrashkeep it clean you know it’s a smalldetail that may go unnoticed if it’scleanit definitely will not go unnoticed ifit’s a pigstyyou know keep it clean it shows thatyou’ll take care of those details in theproject too not just that you know howto take out the garbageright but yeah keep it clean number fourdon’t complain about your clientson social media you knowwhat i’m talking about i know you’vebeen on facebook or twitterand you see you know a friend of yourswho’s like man this clientcame in today such a pain in the buttthey don’t know what to sayor they don’t know how to do whatthey’re supposed to they think they’reso great or they don’t pay meyou know every complaint in the book youknow who’s got social mediayour clients you know who else hassocial mediaall your prospective clientsdo not complain about your clients onsocial mediacome on that is not a good look thinkabout itif you were thinking about hiringsomeone or working with somebody and yousaw them post constantly how much theirclients piss them offwhat do you think they’re going to sayabout you if you start handing the moneyand start working with themyou don’t think that person is gonnastart complaining about youbecause it seems to be a trend you knowof course they arei don’t wanna work with somebody who’snot gonna enjoy my company or i won’tgive somebody money and then have themjust complain about me or talk out ofschool that’s not cooldon’t do it you know what you do youpraise your clients onlinetalk about their projects talk about howyou’re proud to be part of the projectbecause you know who sees that thosepeople on social media who are on socialmediayour clients your prospective clientsexactly they see that trendthat has the opposite effect you know itstrengthens the relationship of yourcurrent clients and makes themappreciateyou more and you know it’s basicallyshowing them how much you appreciatethemand it shows people who are thinkingabout working with you that you’rereally invested in the people thatyou’re working with and that you loveyour job you know and that you want toshout it from the rooftops or onsocial media tops whatever you call ityou know everybody’s watchingeverybody’s listening just becauseyou’re not on the clock doesn’t mean youcan’t harm your businessjust because you’re not on the clockdoesn’t mean you can’t help yourbusinessall right so just think about the wayyou’re portraying yourselfon social media and one other thingabout that too the people that keep oncomplaining about their clientsthey’re paying you and you agreed to dothe workfor that rate so unless i’m missingsomething here that’s really somethingthat you need to reevaluate if you’renot happy with itstop working for those clients stoptaking their money do something elseyou know that’s pretty simple to me it’syour businessyou call the shots right if you don’twellprobably find something else he could dobut stop being so mean on social mediawhy is everybody so mean on social mediaall right tip number fiveis the last tip for our do’s and don’tsthis time we’ll do some more anothertimeand it’s kind of piggybacking on tipnumber fourwe talked about social media all rightlet’s talk aboutin the studio don’t disrespectthe people in your studiothat means clients friends of clientsboyfriend girlfriend wife husband dogintern assistant whoever pizza deliverypersonbe kind people are watchinglet’s say your client’s in the boothdoing something and and you know you’resomebody’s bothering you behind you andyou’re rudewell you don’t think that person mighttell your client the thing the rudething you said to themyou know it’s going to come back to youif they’re being rudethere’s kind ways to tell them hey tryand do a job herei think you could keep it down or youknow you think you could you know maybetake that conversation outsideyou know that’s not being rude that’sfocusing on our clientall right so consider thattreat everybody nicely once again yourclient will pick up on those thingsthey value those things they may not sayit but they value it if they see it theotherway around they notice it all right it’sa big dealso just treat everybody as you’d like tobe treated as kind of common sense youknowdefinitely you know set the tone youknow lead by exampleand the people in the studio will pickup on that i thinkso your client um they’ll follow suityou know i think you know that’s myexperience anyway i think you set thattoneyou know positive talk and just hangingout with everybody having a good time ishould sayit comes back to you you know sothere you have it there’s five do’s anddon’ts you knowstuff to consider you know these are noyou know no mean by law buti think you get room come from i thinkit’s pretty common senseum but think about it you know take alook at your place how you’re runningyour business you know your studioyour interactions with your clients youknow even if it’s not face to face youknow you know what i’m talking aboutso take a look at those things let meknow what you think comment belowuh if you’ve had any experience with oneof these things you knowi’d love to hear your stories um and orif you’veused to do things one way and youchanged it and now it’sgiving you better better feedback andbetter results i’d like to hear that tooall right so that’s all i got todayfolks make sure you get the free giftto help build your client list adamclairmont.comclient list pick up the free guide andstart building that businesstoday all right see you guys real soon

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