Welcome! What even goes on here???

Hello everyone, I’m Adam Clairmont. 

Welcome to my Channel!

I am really excited to share content that I’ve been working on for quite some time! If you are an audio engineer, creator, producer, or working with audio in any way… you’ll want to keep listening.

I am all about teaching you actionable client building tips, marketing strategies, and time management tools, that you can put into use to earn more money in less time, immediately!

So if you are a professional audio engineer who wants to learn how to grow your business or would like to make audio a full time career, make sure to subscribe to my channel right now.

I will be publishing videos and podcasts that focus on how to earn more money in audio, personal examples, and possibly most importantly, easily actionable tips.

I will also be sharing interviews with the people behind the music you listen to, the film and TV you watch, the video games you play, the podcasts you subscribe to, the commercials you hear,  and much, much more. 

Here you will learn about all the niches and opportunities in audio that you can explore. How to attract and act on them!

So, If that sounds like something that could benefit you, then please make sure to join me by subscribing to my channel right now! 

You can also listen and subscribe to the podcast at Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher!

Also, head over to my website adamclairmont.com and sign up for my email newsletter where you will be notified of any new content as well as receive other fun and helpful tips. 

Thanks so much everyone, talk to you soon!

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