Easy Way to Capture Client Mix Notes [Recording Studio Organization]

How do you capture your clients mix notes or project feedback? Is it coming in randomly over several emails, text messages, phone calls, or messenger birds??? Sometimes things can get hectic if don’t take control and utilize a simple and organized approach in your recording studio. In this video I explain the easy system I use (clients LOVE it) plus some extra tips that streamline the entire thing for everyone!

hey everybody welcome back to another quick tip video my name is Adam Clairmont and this time i want to talk to youabout an easy and effective way togatheryour clients feedback and notes so youcan just systematically and efficientlytackle them so that everything is takencare of and they’re happyso if you like videos just like this howto be a better engineerpro tools tips melodyne tips just allaround us how to be a bossin the studio make sure you hit thesubscribe button hit the bell too i’mmaking videos every week sometimestwice a week and i would love for you tocatch them the more you catch them themore you hit that like buttonand comment the more the youtubealgorithm picks up and shares thesevideos with more people which helps meout and helpsother people out and that’s that’s kindof the point all right so go ahead dothat and now let’s talkabout mix notes now how are you gettingyour clients feedbackin notes is it text messages is it 50emailsis it the phone call is it meetings welli’ve gotten all those i’ve tried allthose and i cansay that there’s really only one waythat i prefer to workand that is with a google doc so thisrecently came up in conversationin a linkedin post and i decided to makea video on it soi’ve got a google doc that i’ve beenusing for quite some time and i knowthat i took it from somebody else thisisn’t something i createdbut the idea that you can sharesomething with a client that you can seeyou can bothinput and see you know the progressthat you’ve made along the course of aproject is a big deal i mean sometimesyou’re gettinga lot a lot of notes and at the very endyour client might not realize how manythings they actually asked you to do andthen you canshow them this long list and say did allthat you happy they say yeahand they get an idea of how much workyou’re putting into this which is coolit’s a benefit to you it shows the valuethat you’re bringing for onebut also it’s just efficient you know atext message here an email there a phonecall there oh by the way hereit’s just kind of clutter and it’s toomuch and things get lost rightso here check out my screen here sohere’s here’s a google doc that i useokay and it’s really simple i share thiswith my clientsand they enter everything that they needso this specific one is for a podcastbut it’s reallysimple right time code so at what pointdoes their note occurtheir note and here you say see they’vegot their notescategory doesn’t really apply here i’llshow you that in a second completed as igoi just x this and if it’s not x i’ve gota little note hereuh seems edited to do this big energyjumps and there’s a sudden laughing nopretextso he’s asking me to to cut a point insome some dialogue in this podcast andi’m just saying as a notewhen i can talk to the client laterabout the progress of these edits i cansay you know what that one doesn’treally work out that all the wellso it gives me you know and gives thatperson right in front of them they seewhat’s going oni see and i’m reminded as we need itright so this is really really helpfulright let me show you just another ideaum here’s a music one slightly differentbut really the same thingoh looks like i just deleted this thisactually used should saymix version and date so ilabel all of my mixes as mix one mix twomix threei actually stopped dating them a whileago um i just use mix one mix twoetc so you know we know what versionwe’re talking about so you see like asthings progress you got mix two mixthreeso they added in they didn’t use thetime here but they could haveuh they just added kind of basic broadideasand here i go with a complete uh here’sa note for myselfyou know um a note to them it’s just agreat way to work with your clientnow here’s another tipdon’t share like let’s say you’reworking with a band for example okay andthere’s like five people in this bandi don’t recommend sharing this doc withthe entire bandbecause what you’re gonna get is almostthe exact same notecontradicted five ways uh i want thebass up i want the bass down i want thebassbrighter i want the bass duller i wantthe bass lower i want the bass higherwhat do you do with that you’ve got thissuper cluttereddocument now it’s kind of taken away allof its helpum it’s just a mess so find somebody inthe band who’s gonna take charge or findsomebody in the project whatever it isthey’ll be the liaison right they’regoing to tomeet amongst themselves talk amongstthemselves andall that information feedback getsfunneled to this person with the docthat person puts it in so now you knowwho to go toright with all of the feedback you knowusually the same person won’t contradictthemselvesusually but you see where i’m going thisrightstreamline efficiency sim just make itsimpleright and that makes it simple so findsomebody who can take thatresponsibility have the band and theproject peopletalk amongst themselves feed you thecomments through this docand you get to work and i’ll just showyou really quickly easy way just toshare thisthis is just google docs but over hereshareand get a link copy link just copy theclipboardand i’ll just email it to the peoplethat you knoware working on the project that’s it umi’ll show you one other thing that thisdocis actually really useful for and it’sactually uh this version oh here’s mytemplatefor that other one yeah mixed versiondate so this is what i might use formusicum but here’s a short film that i’mworking on and i use the same dock formyselfwhen i’m spotting just as i’m going sohere’s where the category comes in so iknow like sound effects here’s a mixthingfoley um music mx dx’s dialogueum there’s probably some adr notes orsound effects ambienceso yeah just as the the film goes alongi’m making comments before i even begindoing anything on itabout the things that i need to attackso what i can do is if i want to just dothe sound effects i can justlook at all these sound effects i can dothem one by one or i can go in order ofthe film and tack them however i’d liketo do itso this is less for the client this ismore for me in my progress but it’s thesame documentand again it’s just getting used to thatpoint oftemplatized systems efficient systemsand streamlining your process so whenyou’re doing the same thing the same wayeach time it just gets quicker andquicker every single timeright so anyway i hope this reallyhelped um you know try out making yourown document if you want mine just emailme i’ll send it to you i’ve got aproblem with thatuh adam adamclaremont.com um yeahbut let me know if you have a better wayor just another way of how you areworking with your clients getting theirfeedbackthat is really really efficient thatworks for you because i would love tohear that i’m sure there’s other peoplewho would loveto hear that right and again morecomments better for the algorithmmore people will see it and the morepeople are having easier times withtheir clients feedback and mix notesif we can make the world just a betterplace one way or another right all rightguys well that’s all i’ve got for youthis time i really appreciate yousticking around and checking out thisvideocan’t wait to share another one with youcheck out some more i’ve got some morearound here somewherethat might be good for you all right soi’ll see you on the next onesee you later bye

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