Improve In The Studio In 2021 [10 Tips To Win This Year]

I am coming out swinging this year with big plans and I think a lot of other people feel the same way. If you are with me, then check out these 10 tips to win in the studio in 2021. Success is all about strategy and follow through and that’s what I want to help you with in this video.

so a lot of people are excited to starta brand new year and why not2020 was kind of a bust but you can’tjust expect that 2021 is gonna be a giftand amazing you’ve got a plan you got totake some actionso here i’ve got 10 things that willhelp youin the studio make your 2021 the besthere we goall right everybody welcome back toanother episode of the adam clairmont show i’m adam and here is where we talk abouthow to build and grow your career inaudio with actionable tips from myselfand others and before we get into that ijust want to offer you this free gifton how to build your client list head over there get yourfree pdf guide it’ll go right to yourinboxand it’s an easy step-by-step guide onhow to get the clients that you’rereally after the projects that you’rereally afteryou might not know which steps to takefirst check out the guide it’ll walk yourightthrough it to get you going and it’s aperfect way to start2021 and with that in mindwhy don’t we dive in i’ve got 10 tipsthat won’t cost you a centthings that you might want to considerputting into action to make 2021the best in the studio for you thanyou’ve everexperienced all right so let’s just divein i’m going to go through 10 of theseand we’re going to go kind of quick sohere we go number onetry spending 15 minutes every dayfocused on building your business soplan it in a notebook write it out getup in the morningthink about what you’re going to do for15 minutes you know how you’re going toget more clientsare you raising your rates how are yourrates compared to everyone else how’syour website do you have enoughtestimonials is your demo reel ready tohand out to people and get peopleexcited to work with youdo people even know who you are dopeople even know what you doso you know spend 15 minutes a day youknow write out your list maybe for thebeginning of the week and then the restof the week just look at that list andjust spend 15 minutes attackingthe list until the list gets smaller andthen build on the listyou know just get the wheels in motion15 minutes a day might not sound likemucha it’s not much which is great becauseit means it’s doable you know i meanthink about everything you do every daycan youcan you carve out 15 minutes i think youcanespecially if it means you knowimproving your businessright so find the 15 minutes every daywhen you look back after a monththat’s several hours you’ve spentimproving your businessall right that’s tip number one okay sotip number twois learn a new skill that you canmonetize so let’s say you arethe music mixer well think of somethingelse that you can doand learn that you don’t know yet thatyou can eventuallystart to offer as a service get onyoutubeyou know watch these videos there’splenty of others out there you know likerecording revolution in pensado’s placeget on linkedin learning which isfantasticlook for resources that will help youlearn somethingnew a diversificationcan really lead you out of tough timesand if 2020 didn’tlearn you that lesson then i’m notreally sure what you’re doingbut the more ways people can hire youthe more money you canmake and the more time you can spenddoing what you loveso think about something else that youcould do learn a new skillin 2021 okay tip number threethis goes off of tip number two learnthe skill tip number threeoffer the service do not do thisbackwards don’t offer and then learn iknow there’s plenty of people who willjust like fly by the seat of their pantsand i’ll admit i’ve done that in thepasti would much prefer to see you knock thefirst jobout of the park rather than get your asshanded to youand have that client tell everybody elsewhat a fool you made of yourself and howyou screwed up their projectright because that can really screw youup long termit only takes one bad example of yourwork it only takesone bad experience from a client forthem to talkyou know it only takes one greatexperience for them to talk and foreverything else to blow up consequentlyso just take your timeyou know this isn’t a rush you know it’snot a sprint it’s a marathon as they sayright you’re not in a career for a yearyou’re here for a lifetimeso build this as slowly as it takes butbuild itso learn right learn it properly startdoing it before you get paid and whenyou’re ready toto get paid and to sell the servicethat’s when you go for itokay so step two then step three learnthen offer okay there you go step foura lot of people talk about treating yourroom your mixed room i’m talking aboutwith acoustic treatment you know so thatyour listening environment is a truerepresentation of what you’re workingwith right you’re listening toan honest representation of what’scoming out of the speakersa lot of value there it’s also a heftyinvestmentso try this because this whole list isabout not spending any money rightturn the volume down did hear me turnthe volumedown turn turn the volume down you don’tneed to mix so loudone the louder you mix the more youexcite your room and the more screwed upyour room isthe more screwed up your listeningenvironment is the mix quieterit doesn’t excite the room the roomplays less of a role in what you hearwhen you mix quieter you know what elsehappens when you mix quieteryour balances all of a sudden come intofocus so much easieryou are clearly hearing where things arein relationship to one anotherwhen you turn everything up you heareverything and it all sounds great andyou’re not doing as much work you’re notdoing as much as you’re supposed to bedoingyou know so turn it downand don’t worry about your room rightnow you knowsave the money put it someplace elsejust listen loweven if you’ve got a good sounding roomyou should still listen low all rightso just just think about that and youcan google that one too if you want somemore information if you’ve not heard ofthat one before so yeah justturn it down okay turn it downokay number five how better to get 20 20in the rear viewthan to give your studio a deep clean ohdoesn’t that sound like so much fun nahit doesn’t i’ll be honest that doesn’tsound fun at allbut bear with me here you know a cleanstudioand i don’t even mean just like thevacuuming i mean really get under thereyou know get under the deskget the dust bunnies out get the dustrag outget the vacuum out too get in all thoselittle nooks and crannies get in thegear with a wipe and get it all downwe just had a photo shoot here recentlyfor a new website everything gotreally wiped down really really deepclean it feels greatum you know it’s like when you get a newpiece of gear and it’s all like nice andshiny and new well that’s what it feelslike again you walk in you feelawesome you know just get the outof the room you don’t need especiallylike all you know like aold food wrapper is all stuff it’s itscrews you up during the day it’s notit’s not cool clients don’t like thatbelieve me you knowso just start off fresh give yourself acouple hoursreally get in really deep and literallyjustliterally and figuratively and get ridof all of the trashfrom 2020 get out of your studio startclean start freshit’ll feel great highly recommend itnice cleanseit’s free all right so here’s tip numbersixand this is a great way to just keep upwith what’s happeningand it’s simply going into facebookgroupsyou know gear uh the avid uhthe duc the duck get on linkedin groupsor linkedin period reddit sometimesjust get in the industry groups andparticipatehey it’s great for networking two keepsyou on your toes you’re learning what’shappeningnow with new tech you know that’s agreat place to find out who’s got whatgeared whatthey’ve experienced with it right a newediting technique or new new anythingyou know it’s all thereand there’s some bs there too but youknow just put the filter onit’s a great place to keep up andcontributecontribute because it also kind of likeyou know it’s nice to be part of theconversation sometimes you know but yeahso find a few that you findreally enjoyable it’s also a great placeto learnnew skills we mentioned that in tipnumber twoso you can get ideas you know what arepeople doing what’s happening out thereyou know what might you want to dip yourtoe into so check out some of thosegroupsand participate regularly just spend youknow even 5-10 minutes a day you knowjust check them out here every other daynot to spend an hour or anything butjust yeah check them out and just keepyour keep tabs on peopleyeah that’s an easy one right yeah allright tip number sevenand how to improve your game in 2021 ithink this is more valuablethan i can even explaini would highly encourage you to find atleast one personif not a couple and finda sounding board someone that you canconfide insomeone who does what we do in theindustryyou know someone who’s you know anengineer you knowbut preferably somebody you already knowand somebody that’s nearby that you canactually see face to face every now andthen if it’s safe to do so in thiscrazy world we live in you know it’s onething to know somebody just throughchatting on facebookbut to really have a connection withsomebody who really understandswhat it means to be an audio engineerthere’s a wholemental health thing involved in being anaudio engineer being stuck in a roomwith no windowsfor long periods of time um you knowthere’s just some weird stuff inin our business you know there’ssometimes there’s a lot of drug andalcohol use around what we doand you know and i hope that that’s nota problem for you personally but youknow this ispart of our environment sometimes andit’s helpful to have somebody can talkto about those sort of things so wedon’t just lose our mind we keepa healthy perspective and just havesomebody to vent toif you have somebody you trust withsomething as personal as that then youprobably trust themyou know to give you some pointers ortips about your mix you know what didyou think some feedbackor again just someone to borrow gearfrom someone to offer work to or getwork from with overflow i meanthose things are really helpful andvaluable beyond what i can even put intowords you know we workso much in silos i feel like you knowlike oftentimesthere’s not 50 people in the room it’syou know maybe you and a couple clientsif that sometimes just do by yourselffor days working on somethinghumans are meant to interact right soi would highly suggest you find somebodythat you can trustyou can grow with you know thatunderstands the business and that youcanyou know vent to a little bit here orthere and just you know support as welljust be there for that person as wellum and i don’t think it’s the same youknow with someone on facebook but ifthat’s all you’ve got then i highlyencourage you to at leastat least do that all right i think thatwill really helpyour mental clarity uh in 2021which is something we don’t talk enoughabout okay all right number eighthow to improve your game in the studioin 2021how about by improving your life outsidethe studiohave more fun get out of the studioagain you’re we’re not meant to sit in aroom for 12 hours a day with no windowslike we need a life and it’s aboutperspectiveand it’s about rejuvenation right andit’s about being eager to get in thestudio if you’re like mei like being here every day but the morei’m away when i come back i like it evenmore you know it’s like you know youdon’t know what you got until it’s gonekind of a thing like the absence makesthe heart grow fonderinsert whatever cliche you want but imean it work life balance is reallyimportantyou think that being away from thestudio is bad for your career bad foryour businessno no no no no no this makes you morewell-roundedit everything you do outside of thestudio informs what you doin the studio and nothing is in a vacuumright it’s all relatedright so get out there with your familyget out there their friends enjoylife get a hobby get yourself a hobbybut i mean it and have fun the more funyou’re having outside of the worldof the studio the more fun you’re goingto have in the studio if you don’t eventhink it’s possible this is the mostmagical place on earth for youi promise it’ll be even more magical ifyou’re having a little bit more funoutside of this place if you’re givingyourself a little more time awaythen the time here will be moreproductive clearer morecreative than ever all right and thepeople around you will enjoy yourcompany as well too i thinkpromise you go have some fun okay numbernine spend a little less time on socialmediabut the time you do spend make it worthyour while you know make it help yourbusinessdo people know what you do well post sothat they dodo people know that you do a lot of whatyou do will post a lotso they know you’re doing a lot that’skind of all you really needsocial media for isn’t it i mean okaymaybe there’s a social aspect there foryou butif you’re like most people you just sitthere thumbing and mindlessly thumbingand going up and downand random likes and gifs and thingsit’s not all that productive it’s noteven all that satisfyingyou just sit there and sort of wastetime just to pass the timewell you could probably be doingsomething more fun with your time thanjust sitting thereso if you’re on it maybe just thinkabouthow you’re interacting with people andmaybe try andmake your exposure on social media morepowerful for your businessagain just think about in that 15minutes every day think about what youwant to doon social media to help you out thinkabout what you want other people to seefrom you and what you want them to thinkabout what you’re postingso you know studio pictures when yourclients release projects you’ve workedon you know follow those upbe clear and make it obvious thatyou’re open for business and this isyour businessokay and number 10 i hope you’ve made itthis far if you havethis is the most important thing that ican offer for younumber 10 is follow throughif there is ever a time to leave 2020in the rear view and do something greatfor yourselfthe beginning of 2021 is the timefollow through in all the things we justspoke about take that 15 minutes a dayand plot out what you want to accomplishand where you want to beand if it doesn’t happen right awaydon’t wait for next january you don’tneeda calendar year to start freshyou don’t need to flip of a calendar youdon’t need a new januaryor a monday or a new month or a newanythingto start something productive or startanything or just do whatever you want todo you know we have this in our mindlike oh i’m going to start my diet onmonday or start it in januaryand if it doesn’t happen like oh we’regoing to wait until next monday or nextmonth why would we wait that longif we missed the day why is it even inthe day all you needis an idea and a little motivation andif you’re struggling with the ideai think we just listed a whole bunch ofplaces you can get ideas and here’s abunch of tipsfor you for new ideas if you’re lackingmotivation try thistake a look at what you would like toaccomplishand think about what your life would belike a year from todayif you spent 15 minutes a day workingtoward those goalsthink about how much you couldaccomplish 15 minutes a day365 days a year or even just cut out theweekendsall those 15 minutes add up and thinkaboutwhere you could be in one year if youactually followed throughon what we were just talking about andfollowed through with their goals andthe actionsyou’re not gonna get anywhere withoutfollowing through right talk is cheapright these youtube videos only get youso faryou know this is 15 some odd minutesyou’re spending um and hopefully it’smotivating for youbut if you just sit there and thinkabout it for the next three monthswell this video didn’t really help youyou knowso in 2021follow through right with something ihope it’s a lot of some thingsbut start with one find one thingcapitalize on it do it it’ll snowball itfeels greatyou know to start checking off items onyour list feels fantastic it’s verymotivating andremember just think about it if you’retrying to like think of like okay wellwhy am i going to get up15 minutes earlier why am i not going todo that other thing i wanted to do andspend 15 minutes on my business wellif you do what will your life look likein a year or in two years or in fiveyearsor if you don’t what’s it gonna looklike in a year probably the same as itwas todayyou know you had all these expectationsfor 2021and then january 2021 or january 2022kicks aroundand also when you look back and you goman 2021 wasn’t all that much betterthan 2020 was itwell i don’t think anybody who watchesthis video is going to say that okayso thank you so much for taking the timeto watch this videoand all of my other videos uh you knowthis has been a fantastic thing for meum i’m i’m having a great time makingthese videos and i truly trulyappreciate every single viewevery thumbs up and every subscribe andi’ve got a lot of plans for 2021and i can’t wait to just get them allout into the worldand see where my life is in a year youknow i’m really excitedand i’m excited to sort of just sharethat with youand see where you’re at to along the wayso feel freehit me up in the comments let me knowwhat you’re thinking what are you tryingto do in 2021uh please if you like the video hit thesubscribe button it really helps me outit kicks the youtube algorithm up intosecond gear and then pushes this videoout to other peopleand i think there’s a lot of people whocould benefit from seeing a video likethis to get motivated andto kick their career up the next notchyou know i truly believe that that’s theonly reason i’m making these videosall right so with all that hope you havea great yearuh i can’t wait to see what you have instore for yourselfplease let me know and until then

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