Billy Decker – Fast Mixing with Templates [Interview with Nashville Mixer]

Billy Decker talks about mixing 16 number one hits, mixing FAST, having a life outside the studio, and his new book. “Template Mixing and Mastering”.

Billy Decker is here today one of thecoolest guys in audio is going to talkabout his template system and why youneed to be working fasterand living life a little bit harder allright stick around[Music]all right welcome back everyone thanksfor being here i’m Adam clairmont andthisis the adam clairmont show where we talkaboutall things audio how to build and growyour careerwith actionable advice from myself andfrom othersand while we’re talking about buildingyour career once you head over to we’ve got a free guide foryou that just gives you those firststeps on how to build your client listyou may have been looking at some otherpeople who areare working in the field and think man iwant that client or i want that projectyou’re just not really sure what firststeps to take or how to get to the nextlevel in your gameadam clientlist i’d lovefor you to have it it’ll detail youuh just exactly how to do that and helpyou get going for the next thing allrightso that out of the way let me introducemy next guest and i’m very excitedto introduce billy decker now billy is amix engineer if you don’t knowyou should out of nashville tennesseewho’s mixed for some of country’sbiggestartists like sam hunt rodney atkinsdustin lynchchris young so many more the guy’s gotover now he’s got16 number ones right now to his creditthat’s just nashville we’re not evenincluding some of the other onesyou know i don’t even want to thinkabout how many triple digits maybebut billy billy is known for his speedand loud drums and all things great withaudiohe’s even recently published a booktitled template mixing and mastering theultimate guide to achieving aprofessional soundand he’s certainly the expert on thattopic we’re going to get into thatshortlyhe’s also considered by many to be oneof the most authentically kind humansin the business i think you’re gonnapick up on that real soonso with that billy thanks so much fortaking the time out here today andtalking with usadam i hate people i hate doinginterviews i hate audioi hate this i hate you i don’t even wanttono i’m teasing thank you for having methere’s your authenticity right thereyeah there’s your opponenttake that and shove it no hey i’m happyto be here happy to behere that’s good man uh thank you forhaving methanks for having me yeah big fan of theshow i’mi’m honored that you asked me to be onit uh that’s kind of you to say that’skind of to sayyou know i mean i got to say billy umyou know i’m always talking aboutefficiency on this show you knowif there’s something that will save me30 seconds out of my dayi’m all over it um that’s just part ofmy game i love little life hackswhether it’s in you know the business orjust life you know just to get the mostout of what we’re doingand you know i’ve been that’s been apursuit of mine for years and i’ve beentalking about thisand i came across you several years agoin some more interviews and i juststarted hearing more and more about youknow how fast you are andand the templates and everything and manit just clickedand i just started to double down onwhat i was doing dailybased on what you were saying so for meto be able to talk with you right nowit’s a huge honor and real thrill forme oh well thank you i came up with thatwhole i don’t want to say speednecessarily because a lot of people havea negative connotation if you’re flyingthrough something they’re likeoh you don’t care about something youdon’t care but i literally wanted tomake more time so i could waste moretimehave more time to waste yeah and playyou knowso i had two young kids back in the dayand ii was one of those 12-hour a day guyseasy you know first in at the studioback in the tracking erauh setting up mics tearing down i neverhad an assistant so i was a one-man showand i was recording demosover dubbing them and mixing them herein nashville when the machine was reallygoingback in the mid 90s early 2000sand i was a workaholic i couldn’t figureout how to balance and andi just got done watching cobra kai withmy wife the miyagikarate sequel and it’s it literally it’sall about balance if if one thing is outif you’re working too much your homelife is screwed up if your home life isgood you’re probably broke because youain’t working enough you knowyeah so if you can figure out how tobalance stuffuh kudos to you and that’sthe exact reason why i just figured outi need to workfaster and more efficiently so i couldenjoy thebetter things in life yeah that’s rightand it’s funny you mentioned that tooyou know workaholici don’t know what it is about what we doi mean clearly you lovewhat you do yes do as do most i mean itthis is a paid hobby you gotta admitexactly you know it’s it’s theit’s the most fun thing in the planet ican’t think of something that’s more funto dowhich makes that sort of addiction thatmuch harder toto to step away from and go well whatelse is thereand what else is there well there’sfamily there’s friends there’s travelingthere’sactual life right beyond workwhiskey you forgot talking my languagethat’s right yeahthings that don’t always go great in thestudio although we see them right butexactlybut so i mean it’s it’s no wonder whyyou know there it’syou know we as a sort of culture in ourbusinessit’s just this workaholism you know 18plus hour days sometimes and it’salways you know get it to me yesterdayandand it’s not really conducive to to justsaying hey i’m clocking out at fivei’ll talk to you tomorrow that justblows some people’s mindsyet is that kind of your schedule areyou out at fiveor around that time or what’s your dayyou know a long time ago i figured outthere’s nothingthat needs to be done on the weekendthat can’t wait for monday morning wherei could come in before the recordcompaniesin nashville all the record companiesopen at 10 o’clock so it’s an easy day10 to about five or soso there is no reason why i need to comein and slave all weekendwhen i could come in at get my butt outof bed at 730 get down the studio which i used todo when the kids were little i’d dropthem off at schooli’d be at the studio at 8 o’clock andhave half my day done before the recordcompanies even opened up and that’s whatkind of made me go hmm i can actuallywork faster more efficientget out and be home for dinner so nowmy two kids are grown uhone’s still in college i’ve got two sonsno i i say that on purpose my daughter’sall one interviewi have a son and a daughter i’m totallyjoking and my daughter’s the one incollege and i slipped and said yeah mytwo sonsto this day she has never left live thatdownor let me live it down so it’s kind of ajoke so uhtoday on this podcast i have twodaughters how about that you knowanother we’ll get some retribution frommy daughter haley a little shout out toher therebut um i used to drop them at school andget in but now that they’re grown andnashville has grownso much that traffic is atrocious herethe little little city is now turnedinto it it’s like a baby atlanta is whatit’s turning out to be right now it’sgrowing that fastso i will purposely stay up a littlelater and watchnetflix or just woodwork or tinker onmotorcycles or engines whatever i do athome you knowsleep in a little later so now myaverage day will probably i’ll get inaround 1010 30 i’ll try to avoid rush hour andi’ll work all the way up till about 6 30or 7 and be home soi’ve moved it back a couple hoursinstead of likeeight to five i’m now 10 toseven you know yeah well you got theflexibility and that worksyeah and you know me and mama we’regoing on27 years of marriage we’re doing greatyou know we’re empty nesters now andshe’s got a life i’ve got a life so it’slike everything works great you knowthat’s fantastic yeah so let me ask youtwo it really is about balance i wasn’tjoking when we watchedi thought how appropriate that i watchedthat karate show thecobra kai the other night you know rightit really isit it makes more sense to me now than itever did soyeah everything in moderation that’swhat they say rightexactly and trust me if you’re marriedor have a significant otherthey will let you know when you’re outof whack trust metruthso let me ask you too because alongthose lines and and i hear this come upall the timebecause i’m right there with you andthis is really why i wanted to speakwith you because this is the messagethat i just i want everybody tounderstand you know if you’re justgetting into this businessyou know i don’t want you to to take alook at the norm which is what we justspoke about you know18 plus hour days you know maybe there’sa time for that in your career whenyou’re getting started maybebut it’s not sustainable in my opinionand it’s not necessary in my opinion ithink you might agree there becauseyou’re clearly living it and showingthat it’sthere’s proof that you can have afantastic career without adhering tothat kind of a work schedulebut let me ask you this because i hearthis all the time tooso coming from someone like yourself uhworking with top artistsand you know one of the biggest musicmarkets in the planetuh working for great record labelsthere’s there’s a thought that like youknowif if i’m working with the biggestartist i need to be available like youjust saidon the weekends or in the eveningbecause what if they callwhat if they call and i’m not answeringtheir calls they’re not going to hire methe next timewell what i’ve noticed from yourdiscography billy is that you have a lotof repeat clientsyou know people who have come back youknow they’ve had great success withworking with you and these are people onmajor record labelsselling you know a lot of a lot of unitsdoing a lot of streams are all overradiothey could go to anybody in the entireworld they’re coming back to you timeand time again and it sounds likethey’re not getting a hold of you on theweekends and they’re probably notgetting you hold of your nights nowmaybe you knowas with everything there’s exceptionsyou know sometimes we do work weekendssometimes we do work nights i’m assumingthat’s case with youit’s not a never um most likely i’massumingbut what would you say to that i meanbecause my perjust to interject actually my personalfeeling is umyou know if you can set the the tonewith these clients ahead of time andit’s not like laying down the laws likedo not call me here do notyou know i’m not available it’s not thati totallyi totally understand what you’re sayinguhthere are exceptions but for the mostparta lot of times i’ll finish up somethingand theni shut down the studio email off themixes and then on halfway on the drivehome i go hey could you pop up thatguitar solohalf db or everything’s great or we hateit we need these changes blah blah blahblahi’m like absolutely first thing in themorning my friend i just left the studioi’m halfway on the interstate but i’d beglad to put you at the top of the listthe first you knowtomorrow morning i’ll get it for youi’ll knock it out now obviously ifthere’s asuper emergency which nine times out often there’s notafter working hours you know right likei said nothing you can’t send off to amastering house or get uploaded tospotify the next morningi mean obviously there are deadlines andwhatnot butfor the most part i don’t think i’veworked a weekend inprobably since 2001 you knowand andafter you do that people’s you don’tforce it on anybody you just say hey i’dlove to get that for youyou know i’m out climbing mount everestthis weekend i’ll do it first thing inthe morning you knowand people all of a sudden start torealize heythat decker’s you know we’ll call himmonday he ain’t coming in on the weekendyou know he doesn’t do weekendsit’s not that he won’t it’s just he’stold me about five times yeahi really enjoy my weekends i’m gonna gotake kids to the soccer game or whatnotyou knowso without forcing it on people they’llslowly figure out you know or withoutyou being a jerk like i don’t workweekends neveryeah and that’s what i was getting at imean i do the sort of same thing i haveai bring up my family a lot when i’mbecauseyou know with me um you know i work iwork face to face with a lot of peoplesometimes not but even on the phonei i like to try and have a cultivate agreat relationship with the people iwork withit’s a lot more fun you know who wantsto i like to get to know you sorry youknowabsolutely i just think it’s right so itend to bring up my family and i talkaboutyeah it’s important to me you know iused to you know miss a lot of dinnersandall that and you know i’ve got kids nowand i love to see them and talk abouttheir dayand it’s not that i don’t necessarilybring up that i’m leaving at that timeevery time but i talk about the factthat i’m at home like you mentioned inthe weekends that whole thingand i’ve had plenty of clients go man ireally respect thatyou know go ahead i’m sorry i didn’tmean interrupt oh yeah no i mean it’sjust going to say it’s justwait a minute you’re interviewing methis is my damn podcast how many of youyeahno i’m sorry i thought you said youhated podcast what are you talking aboutbut yeah it’s it’s just sort of subtlymentioningyou know your boundaries and instead ofcalling it a boundaryit’s just really it’s just talking aboutyour life in a way that’srelatable you know what and theyunderstand you know they they doand especially the older they get themore married they get the more kids theygetthe the more families around themthe the ones that’ll wear your ass outare the brand new artists that are notmarried they’re single you knowso the good thing to do with them iswhen they want you to work on theweekends they’ll be like dudeare you a loser why why don’t you haveno friends you have no weekend what’sgoing onyou don’t have a girlfriend you don’thave a boyfriend what what issomething wrong with you man that’s goodno don’t do that they won’t call youbut you get what i you get what i meanyeah though and thosetypically are the artists they’re soexcited you know they’ve got a recorddeal they’re youngfootloose and fancy free and they’llcall you5 000 times on the weekend you knowoh yeah i’m i’m sitting at my kidsliterally game uh did i happen to tellyou i’m the coach as well uhcan i call you back in 10 minutes youknow we’re we’re in the middle of a gameoh i just wanted to talk about the kickdrum sound you got that was so awesomethat’s right and inside you’re thinkingyou know what can’t this wait tillmonday you knowgo get a lot of go do something but andyou’re a 100yeah yeah you’re 100 right man yeah youjust smile and take itand then just i literally believe thatgood guysactually do finish first you know what imean i may be wrongand i may not get the last laugh in lifebut itruly believe that just be a decenthuman ii spoke at a conference the urm summitthere was probably 150 kids there andsomebody raised their handand i was just showing how to mix and mywhole process and stuff and this kidraised a hand he goeshey he goes do you have any advice forany of us out theretrying to get into the business i meanit’s the mostthe most classic question and i stoppedand thought and i’m likeyou know what don’t be a dickjust don’t be a dickand everybody goes oh yeah that makes alot of senseso much so that the kid went home himand his buddy and about a month lateri love ipas i love drinking alldifferent kind of ips he sent me fouripa custom glassesthat had my face they took off the mywebsite and thatawful blue shirt that’s on every damnpicture you’ve ever seeni have since burned that goddamn shirti don’t mean to take the lord’s name i’msorry but that shirt is no morebut anyway on the glass it had me andthat shirt and then it saidblow it it said don’t be a dickon four glasses so i had a buddy comeover the other night and he’s likei want my own dick glasses how come idon’t have dick glassesand i’m like well you can drink out ofmy dick glasses that’s great you get theshirt a hat and get the whole line goingexactlyso apparently that saying made sense anditso much so that somebody stopped andthought you know what i’m going to putthat on a glassthat’s good yes but it’s so true whatyou said i mean nine times out of tentheseso-called emergencies are notemergencies and i think thatyou know we’re sort of brought up tothink you know customers always writeand we sort of want to tiptoe aroundaround the idea of telling themno ever umand really most times they’re fine witha noor a later hey not now laterthey’re really fine with that there’salways exceptions there’s going to besome people who justthey’re not going to bend it’s their wayor the highwaythat’s going to happen you’re going tosee them sometimes you lose a job orsometimes youchange your schedule to accommodate orsometimes youactually gain a job so i’ll give you agreat example i had a new artiston uh i think he was on universal hestill isand he did a record andthe producers at the time there was twoproducerswhich will remain nameless because istill work for themokay but they actually said it was hisfirstrecord young kid full of piss andvinegar you know what i mean25 26 years old and he waswanting he’s very very hands-on veryinvolved with the project some peopleare some aren’t he’s veryinvolved like pushing faders himselftweaking eqs you knowall right and his producers said okaywe have your record done you get 30minutes on each songand that’s it no more recalls and he’slike what this isthis is my life he’s he’s thinking tohimself because i know this for a facthe’s like you guys get to go on and doanother record and get paidso it’s probably not that big a deal toyou butthis is the rest of my life i want it tobe i might not get another chance so iwant this to be exactly how i want iti’m the artisti get that prerogative so he wentthrough the processhated it i got a call because i mixed ademo for him that he thought soundedcooland he heard about my reputation forlike free recalls being thiseasy laid-back guy willing to go theextra milecut to the chase i got the entire recordi remixedhe came in we tweaked for probablythree weeks i mean 12 hour days it wasgrueling but i knewand i had never been pushed that hardbefore you knowand just and i kept telling myselfcustomer service you justsmile and it’s you get to go on toodecker somake him happy you know maybe he’ll comeback somedayso long story short i ended up doingthat wholerecord that month turned into thebiggestmoney month i’ve ever had in 25 yearsjust because i got this entire majorlabel recordhe told a friend that friend called me idid an indie record for that you add allthis different stuffup so there’s an example of wherehey just do your job be a nice guyaccommodate somebody elseand maybe you will win you knowso yeah and to this day he actually justcuta few more sides and is working with adifferent producerand that doesn’t use me you know becausenashville is real uh work usually comesfrom producers here in nashville yeahso a producer will call you a producerhas his guy or gal that he uses to mixwhat not sobut it’s all cyclic so i’m just thinkingto myself i’m just gonna let thatprocess play out i gave him a thumbs upwhen he told me he cut some new sidesand i’m like yeah he’ll probably call mein about six months you know when theyget done mixing and cutting over dubbinghe gets two recalls he’s pissed againhe’ll come backso i’m just smiling all the way to thebeach house you know that i haven’tbought yet buthopefully one of these days all thispatience will pay off andand that will pay for it so yeahthat’s funny man that’s great that’s agood storywell hey so let me ask you then let’sjust dive into this this book a littlebit soyeah template mixingi mean if anybody’s mastered it it’sclearly youum you know i think i’ve heard you saythat you’re doing abouttwo two hour mixes three hour mixessometimesthat’s that’s pushing it long wise uhi’ve brought it down to about 45 minutesnow oh damn okayyeah see and all right so by the timethis interview is over with you couldhave mixed oh about six songs[Laughter]well i don’t usually tell this story ihave told it one other timebut back in 2002a songwriter friend of mine in decemberwas heading hometo go back home for christmas and he hada publishing deal andhis deal was up the terms and you haveto submit a quota of songshe didn’t have his quota high enough sohe went in and did a triple sessionuh which is five songs a session and headded a couple more so he had 17 songscalled me up and he said it was athursday night he goes dudei need you to mix 17 songs tomorrowbecause i’m flying out i have to turnthese in before i fly outto colorado to see my family and i’vegot to meet my quota at the publishingdeal so they re-up my option so i have ajobi’m like i’ll see you in the morning sohe dropped off the drivei mixed 17 songs uh hecame back about 7 30 8 o’clock at nightcame sat down he goes all right let’slisten the first one he literally hitthe space bar would listen to a verse ina chorus and gothat sounds good turn the vocal printnextwe did that we got out of there at 11o’clock at nightemailed all those mp3s over to hispublisherand he met his quota he got re-uppedi made a ton of money that day i had anearache for the last nextlike three days it was i was likegoing to a never-ending concert but tothis day 17 is the most i’ve ever donein one dayand it wasn’t because i chose to do itit was out of necessity but it workedrightit worked it worked that’s insane evenbetter four of thoseuh actually out of those 17 got cutmajor label cutsthat’s fantastic so that that’s kind ofa fun storyi don’t think anybody’s going to beatyou there and thethe songwriter actually was the guy thatcoined the name decoratorwhich is kind of like this it’s my emailit’s my hashtag whatever you knowbecause he came in he goes all rightdecker time todecorate my music today that’s greatand i was like oh that that’s that’skind of stupid it’s kind ofgoofy but you know what people will notforget it soto this day i actually have people thatdon’t know my name is billy decker theyjust know me as the decorator decoratoryeah i’m like that’s all right it’s bensillygo ahead you have a first name so that’swherebasically the book came about workingthat fast and whatnotyeah a gentleman heard an inter or readan interview over in the united kingdomuhthis i don’t want to say amateurrecording engineer but i guess it washis hobby it wasn’t his job so i guess icould saynot his full-time job engineer but heworked in the book publishing thing hewas retiredand he read an article of meand sound on sound and he’s like wowthat’s nobody’s actuallyeverybody’s done tons of books beforeabout recording but nobody’s done aboutthiswhere we actually plug in the exactsettingsand it sounds like you it’s like givingthe ghost up you know so he called meand said do you want to do a book i saidsurehe’s like well i need this this thisthis and we just kind of chatted andthentwo months later he emails me back hegoes here’s the bookand so he wrote it all out i providedhim screenshots mymethod he would ask questions of coursewe would correspond rightbut after i proofed it he he goes okaynow go through this and make surethis is what you would say because i’mi’m speaking in your term you knowyeah and uh so we did thatand then he goes okay now it’s time topublish the book he goes we canself-publishhe goes we’ll make more money split-wisebecausewe don’t have to give you knowall the splits to like a a record apublishing companybut it won’t be as well known andanybody can basically self-publish so itmight not be aslike the feather in your cap you know orwe can get a publishing deal i’ve gotsome friends i said whatever you want todo this isyou know i’m just happy that you’reinterested in me and go on for the rideso he goes okay i’ll talk to you soon solike a month later he calls me up andgoes hey dude we got a publishing dealso the crow would press over the unitedkingdompublished the book uh and it wascool because i’ve tried to get artistsbefore i’m a mix engineer not really aproducer i’ve done a few thingsyou know where i’ve actually signedcontracts got paid in advance stuff likethat from record companies butfor the most part i stay in my lane likethat stay in your lane bro that onecommercial you knowbecause i don’t want to piss off all thepeople that hire me you know i don’twant to step on their toesgetting their work good so uhhe goes or the the publishing companysent me a contract they sent me inadvance and i’m likeson of a [ __ ] i’ve been trying to getpeople record deals anddive into that world my whole life icould never actually crack thati even played in a band back in collegeand was like oh i’m going to be a rockstarand here i am i decide to write a bookand first time out i get to publish itjust like that yeahyou got to be kidding meso that’s that’s how it all came aboutbut yeah they’rethey’re great people it’s it’s all overamazon it’sgot pushback a little bit here in thestates because of the covidstuff you know the printing press isclosed down but yeah you’re not alonethere yeahbut it’s available overseas so all myoverseas friends have been calling andgoingyou know what i was skeptical at firstbut really this worksyou can plug it into any daw and ibasicallywanted here’s my theory if everybodysounded like me i’d listen to the radioall the time you know what i mean it’dbe greati’d never i’d never turn it off sothere’s an endorsementthere you go that’s my reason forwriting a book so everybody sounds likeme so it’sfor selfish reasons yeah well then youwouldn’t have the loudest kick drums innashville anymorerecords kick drums well so you justtouched on something there guys like idon’t know if it’s for meand you mentioned earlier about you knowwe’re not trying to cut corners oryou know reduce the quality and that’sthere’s a skepticism there i think whenpeople think about templates or evenlikeyou know using like um like plug-inum presets or things like that i meanyou’ve probably heard itand usually the the the argument is welli can’t bring my uniqueperspective to this project if i’mstarting with a template that’snot really informed by anything that’sin front of me it’s justso um and i totally understand whysomeone would feel that waybut what would be your argument againstthat sohere’s my argument so you take your carin to get it fixedand the mechanic goes ohboy that’s gonna be it’s gonna take melike two days toit might even take me two weeks and youknow what i’m gonna have to check themanualand no you want him to say dude i knowexactly what it is it’ll be done in 15minutesso here’s here’s my thought here’s mythought people are coming to mefor a product righti want to deliver it on time make itsound goodand at a fair price okay ifi’ve been doing this for 25 years and ihave to gooh hang on i’m going to eq man thatthat kick drum that’s going to take me30 minutes to eqreally really i better havea sample or know how to eq that in about30 seconds from memory you knowso i am going to mix your song i’m gonnaget it where it sounds goodit’s not gonna take me very long i amthen gonna takeall that time that a lot of engineerswould a song a dayguess what you can have the rest the dayto tweak come on in we’ll play aroundwith your songi offer endless recalls it’s only gonnatake me 45 minutes to make it sound goodbut if you want to spend all day why notpass the savings on your client they’relikereally that’d be awesome dude i’ll comein hanghence all of a sudden they’re like yeahdecker let me come in the studio we tookall day to mix my song even though itwas 45 minutes for methe tweaking is what really makes agreat record anyway and the artistcoming in and going oh i want thatlittle grunt a little bit up blah blahgo through it allthat’s what makes a great record it’stheir record you know what i meanmake it great for them so that that hasnot failed me yet andif it does if you’ve been doing this for25 years and it takes you a half hour toeq a kick drummaybe you should be in a different lineof work maybe you should be fixing thatcaryou know what i meanmechanic but every mechanic i go to hasmy car back to me within a day and knowsexactly what they’re doing you knowwell templates are no everybody’s gottheir system and their go-to’sright i mean who doesn’t that’s beendoing this long enough nowwhy would you want to reset upa session every time you go into it thetemplate is basically an electronicassistant you know what i meanit gets me mixing in about three minutesi load in a songboom all my eqs my routing my channelsare therewhy do i want to spend an hour recallingsettings that i’ve been using for thelast from scratch it makes zero sensei would rather get in and start mixingthat that’s what the job is called it’snot calleduh hey let’s go over to decker he’s thebest setter-upper guy i’ve ever seen inmy lifeyou know no you say he’s the best mixeryou know not the best that’s rightrecall guy etc that’s just it makes nosense to me you knowand what’s that that meme that everybodysays it has the guy in the blue shirtlouder with crowder and he’s likehas the cup of coffee and it says hesays a statement and says fight me ordebate change my mind or something likethati literally had somebodysuperimpose my face on that guy and itwas they made a funny meme in thisengineering class thing and it saiduh it takes me 45 minutes to mix yoursongchange my mind you know what i mean yeahand that’s that’sthat’s a perfect example i mean it’sit’s it makes no sense to meto just hey there’s a lot of people thatlove your records they’re chartingthey’re doing all the things that anyartistor client could possibly want who careshow long it took youright yeah exactly and and you know whatitit you don’t even have to like what i doto understandi am saving you time and maybe makingyou aware of something that you don’tknow it’ll work on any doll i’ve hadfriends that work on reaper that calledand said dudei was able to cut down my setup timei actually took my wife to the doctordrove her backstill got all my work done where beforei was in the studio for sixseven hours you know yeah he’s likethank youfor making me aware of this it’s themost common sense thingbut the stupidest thing you overlook youknowyeah who wouldn’t want more time in intheir daysyeah there you go so then are are youso so let’s go a little deeper then areyou using you don’t havea template like i know you’ve got a lotof templates i doi do are you mix and matching is it kindof like the the template of the weekthat’s a very good way to put it so anysong can become a template all you do iserase the audio keep the shelland then in in pro tools you can importyour session data and then you hold downcontrol and optionand it keeps the audio from going leftand right only up and down so it keepseverything in timei’m sure there’s a logic function reaperstudio onethat does the same thing but that’s allit isso you just find something that youthink sounds good and then that becomesa new template or a template of the dayi’ve got a whole folder of templatesthat i keepand yeah i mix and match them all thetime i’m like man that was a really coolsnare blend istumbled onto and it was because notnecessarily of somethingi did different but because of thesource materialso these days the main thing thatchanges for meis the source material and it willthe the way a snare was recorded in thestudiowill change that entire blend of fourthat i’ve had set up in the bookand have used forever it sounds totallydifferent because the real one isreacting to the other onesmaybe it’s got an overtone ring or it’sreal dead oryep out of phase and you flip the phaseand all of a sudden everything comes tolifeso and there actually has been timeswhere i’ve thrownone of the samples out of phase onpurpose because it gives it a littleclicky soundand it actually cut through the mix so iknow you’re not supposed to do thatbut it actually does work as long as itit’s not flamming let me let me saythat but yeah sothat’s that’s awesome yeah yeah that’sthat’s that’s as easy as i can put iti do have templates that i use on adaily basisand then if i stumble across somethingthat sounds good i’ll save it and iusually name ituh the name of the artist so it’ll sayuhjohn doe and it’s like a canadian artisti mix and i just call ituh john doe template or whatever youknowand i’m curious i mean you know thatyou’re not the first person to use atemplatebut you you’ve really nailed the use ofitwas there anybody that along the way inyour career that you saw doing this orsomeone who inspired you and maybe itwas evenbecause again we’ve been talking alittle bit about work-life balance maybehad nothing to do with audio but someoneyou came acrosswho was just figuring a little hack fortheir life that was just providing themmore productivity and more efficiency isthere anything like that you came acrosswhere it’s likeoh i’m i’m going to take something fromthis person over here and apply it overhereit was i read an article back inmix magazine when it used to be mixmagazine and now instead of likea paper thin mix article or mixadvertisement where it’s just nothingbut advertisementsand you know what i my not to get offthe subject but i always wanted to be inmix magazineand i never to this day have and nowit’s just an advertisement so it’s likeoh yeahbut i ended up getting in sound andsound so i was like ah that’s awesomebutway back in the day mix magazine was mybible i read in mix magazine where chrislord algae was doing this buthe was on a console and i’m like welli’m on pro toolsi wonder if i could do the same thing sothat’s how i kind of just figured outrobin from peter to pay paul and slidingthese template skins over audio andimporting the audio in andfiguring out that command by justgoogling back in the day i think theonly website available was gear [ __ ]you remember that thingway back long time ago yeah and i foundthat command option somebody figuredthat out on like pro tools fiveone or so i don’t even know four three iwas way back in the dayuh sothat would be probably the start of wheni startedtrying to figure it out when i readabout chris lord algae how he would justplug new audio in and his console wouldstay the same you know heor his gear on the back wall he nevertouched his gear he just set it and thenif he needed to change ithe had another piece of gear he pluginto soand that’s what allowed me toincorporate that and you know what’sfunny isfast forward 15 years i actually finallygot to meet him he came into the studioand it was pretty cool he he validatedsome of the stuff that i’d been doinguh which made me feel really good andthen he also said why in thehell are you doing that that’s thedumbest stupid thing i’ve ever seen inmy life don’t do that ever again youknowand he’s like quit putting which is goodhe’s likel2 on your two bus that’s stupid don’tever do that againhe’s like get it mastered i’m like i’mmixing demos i can’t afford to get allthis stuff mastered he’s likei don’t care don’t put an l2 on your busthat’s stupidand did you take it off or did you leaveit no i left it on yeahand actually i actually mixed anothernumber onelike a year later and i sent it to him isaid heyi put the l2 on the two bus and justwanted to let you know and iscreenshotted theposition he’s like well done well donehe he was a really nice guy though itwas yeah you knowyou know how sometimes people say whenyou meet your heroes you’re disappointedso never meet your heroes because youalways be let down hedid not disappoint he was he wasstraight two thumbs upgreat great guy i didn’t get to meet himvery long i’ve talked to him maybe threeor four timesbumped into him one other time at namand uhwhen i did see him at nam he looked atme across the room he goes hey l2 guyhe didn’t remember my name but heremembered the l2 guydecorator guy he didn’t even remember myname he’s like l2 guythat’s fantastic but yeah he he was goodsopretty much the bible i i’m a big fan ofhis big fan of likemutt lang mike shipley randy stop thatwhole you knowthe bigger is better group larger thanlife stuff i justi came up on that so that’s why i kindof do that stuff you knowwell their stuff stands up still sothat’s stilla good place to start uh well listenbilly we’ve been going at this for awhile i don’t want to take up any moretimei really appreciate it you know like isaid you probably could have mixed sixsongs by nowi owe you a fat check but umyou know i just want to say too becausei think that’s kind of it’s importantyou know when you’re talking to peoplewho do what you do you know youmentioned you knowmeeting chris and sort of validated somewhat you were doing someonethat you looked up to and i just want tosay just talking with you and readingwhat you’ve been talking about imentioned the top of the showyou know it’s sort of validated what ifeel like i’m doing with my career ashearing someone who’s hadit’s just phenomenal success is itclearly a stand-up guyand um just watching you know the wayyou workfrom afar um you know the wholeefficiency the productivity thing thework-life balance it’s so big to me andto see someone elsedo it and to to make it it doesn’t justhappen by itself you know it’s got to bea priority you got to consciously sayokay this is how i’m going to make mydayso i’m going to make my week my life etcand this is how it’s going to happen andyou’ve so clearly laid outthe blueprint for everyone here and ijust wanted to just give you a hugethank you because you know this is stuffi’ve been preaching and to hear youecho it and and to show your perspectiveon it means the world to me and i thinkit’s going to be really valuable toeverybody who listens so justa big thank you today billy well thankyou for having me on and letting mejibber on for an hour just just rememberyou’reyou’ve only got a limited amount of timeto do stuffyou know what i mean we all age out wellsomebody else will come along and bebigger and better and blah blahso always i guess my biggest thing ilike to preach isjust never stop learning you know it’seven fun for meto hear something and go oh my goshi can’t do that how do they do that somaybe on a day off i’ll come in and trynew sample combinations or try to figureout how somebody does it you knowbut the minute you stop learning andthink you’re the bestin my opinion that’s when you die andyou get passed up and left behind youknow soi think that’s what keeps me motivatedis hearing something that i can’t doand then trying to decode it and figureout how to do it andcalling people or listening to podcastsand interviews you knowi’m a big student of audio and i’vealwaystried to i preach it but i try toactually apply it you knowand not quite learning myself so yeahwell there’s way too much to learn it’schanging so often so quicklyevery pro tools update and gear andeverything else they’re just you knowjustphilosophies just the way the way we’regoing about it you know records are justsoundingso good you know you hear so often norecords just sound so goodthey did used to sound so good theysound freaking great today though toojust a different kind of good you knowand that’s probably what they’re gonnasay in 20 yearsso if i can go down in history as the l2guy i’m more than happy tocarry that mantra put it on everythingl2 l2 l2 l2 that’s fantasticwell once again thank you so mucheveryone this is l2 guyi’m gonna get either a glass or at-shirt’s gonna show up in my mailboxand i’m gonna owe somebody something youknowyeah well if put nail tooif anyone would love their mixes to havean l2 on it or to do what billy deckerdoesyou can hit him up at billydecker.comthat’s his website please uh um pleaseplease call on the weekendyeah call him on the weekend yeah andinterrupt interrupt the the mounteverest climb and that’s right iwouldn’t even talk about the deckerboards and the motorcycles but yeahyou’re living a full life man that’sthat’s fantastic hobbies are goodeverybody needs a hobby to keep yourmind clear so you can come backenergized in the next day you know andremember what got you there in the firstplace soyeah live well enjoy life don’t take itfor grantedso i just want to get the book titleright again uh just remember templatemixing and mastering the ultimate guideto achieving professional soundyou can grab that at as ofthis tapingyou can get a digital version there uhonce wecome out of this whole covid slump thehardcoveruh will be available in the u.shopefully we’re looking at january isthat right billyyes sir all right so it’ll it’ll be herejust a little hold up with manufacturingbecause of the whole pandemicand um remember if the world does endyou could use it for toilet paperbecause it’s verynice pages they’re expensive and if youfold it in half it doesn’ttear too much won’t irritate your skinif we do run out of tear of toilet paperyeah possibly less expensive who knowsthe price guarduh and i just want to remind everyoneagain uh go grab that guide getyourself started acquiring new clientsuh with an easy step-by-step guide uhthat’s all we got this wasman i’d encourage you all to listen backto this so manygreat words of wisdom some some greatactionable stepsand insights on how to just have a greatlife with a great careerand working faster so check out thatbook check out billydecker.comand i will catch you on the next one

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