Hidden Game Inside Pro Tools??? What??? [Asteroids]

Did you know there is a hidden Asteroids style game inside Pro Tools?!?!? What a world!

hey everybody it’s adam clairmont welcome back for another quick tip videoactually this isn’t really so much aquick tip video as it is me showing youthissecret thing that i just found out aboutguys there’s a game inside of pro toolsdid you know about thisapparently this has been around sincelater versions of 12 buti’m just now hearing about it maybeyou’re just now hearing about iti’ve never heard anybody talk about thisi feel like i kind of know what’s goingonanyway let’s just dive in i just want toshow you this is just a fun videopreface thatthis is not going to help you get anybetter at mixing or anything like thatbuthave some fun for a moment all right socheck this out all right yeah so we’rejust gonna have some fun with this videodid you know there’s a hidden asteroidstypegame inside pro tools well me neithermaybe you knewi didn’t know it came out right aroundthe ending of version 12is what i understand but let me show youhow it worksso we got to go under our i o setup andcreate a multi-channel busso under our bus we’ll go to new path uhwe’ll make it like a 5-1thing oh i forgot to mention this isonly available inultimate i’m sorry for everybody whodoesn’t have ultimate it’s available forultimateuh because you do need to have themulti-channel capability right forsurround sound that sort of thingso we’re going to call this fun let’sjust say create a new buscool we’re going to create a monoaudio track route it to the new busand then in the comments this is crazyguys you have to write pro tools butbackwardsin the comments so for any of you whoare like triviaslutorp pro tools backwards sos-l-o-o-t-o-r-pslutorp amazing rightopen up our panner and check this outlittle asteroids type of a thing allright press s to startall right i’m gonna show you just howbad at video games i reallyam but so um yeah check this outisn’t that crazy so who’s got time toburnand like so the things that you shootlike have you’lllike notice like a lot of like icons andthings that you would recognize withinpro toolsi’m horrible at this see if i can showyou any likethe cooler ones but yeah i mean you knowcoming from the guy who’s always tryingto tell you how to be more productivethis is not really going to get youthere there’s a big avid logo so anywayit was just a fun video i just want toshare that with you if you’ve got timeto burnuh check this out or just you know somefun trivia all right so this is normallythe place where i tell you if you likevideos just like thispro tools tips and everything subscribebelow i’m still going to ask you tosubscribe below but the videos aren’tusually like this they’re actuallypretty helpfullearning how to use pro tools be abetter engineer uh get better at youknow being more productive sohit that subscribe button hit thenotification bell and bring your videosevery single week i hope you join meand until the next one i’m adam clairmont thanks see you then bye

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