Fix Plosives in Pro Tools For Your Podcast, Dialogue, or Vocals

Sometimes we record or receive audio with plosives and pops in a podcast, dialogue, or vocals. In Pro Tools and other DAW’s it is simple to fix. In this video I’ll show you my Pro Tools screen and how I fix the pops, and plosives in some dialogue tracks from a podcast. This works great with vocals as well!

hey everybody it’s Adam Clairmont welcome back to another quick tip now this time i want to focus on showing you some of the ways that i will manipulate audio to reduce plosives when i’ve got like a popping p or one of those low frequency rumbles and some dialogue or a vocal tracknow we’re not going to talk about therecording side how to reduce that we’regoing to talk about this in the postside when you’ve got to deal with itin a real world situation so if you likevideos just likethis one pro tools tips how to be abetter engineer make sure that you hitthat subscribe button i’ve got videosevery week coming to you just about thisso hit the notification bell so youdon’t miss a single one of them alsocheck out this playlist right up hereit’s got a whole bunch of other quicktip videos for you that you might likeall right so why don’t i take you intothe pro tools screen and i’ll show youwhat i’m doing alright so here we areinside pro tools now you’re going towant to usea pair of headphones to listen to thisor a good set of studio monitors you’reprobably not going to hear a hugedifference if you’re checking it out onyour phoneor through a laptop speaker so justgetting that out of the way so i’ve gota couple examples here for usall right um i want to start with thisone check thisout i think people like us i thinkpeople like all right so you hear peopleright we got a problem with the people alot of peasare culprits so uh let’s just try acouple different thingsokay so people like usone of the things that we could do isa high pass right so let’s check thatoutlet’s just throw an eq on hereactually let’s just do the filter let’sdo thatall right and let’s pop this baby up tolike say like 120 something like that people likepeople like us so that people like usthat didn’t do such a bad job but it’s alittle thinright people like sothat’s one thing we can do let’s bypassthat though i think we can get a littlebit betterlet’s go up to um audio suite and let’stry and get uh those p’s contained onjust their own instead of doingum you know the full phrase with a highpassso let’s do this 120 thing again andthat’s something going to play withthe slope and the frequency rightso let’s just hit render on that we’lldo the same thing here i’m not worriedabout getting it just so because we canalways trim outi think people like people like uhpeople likeso the first one like that’s people likei think people like this one’s still alittlepoppy so we can also clip gain thesethings downso right here our clip gain fader rightlet’s bring it down just a touch i’mjust kind of visualizing this i’m gonnaactually bring this one down just totouch toopeople like people like that’s not sobad we might want to put some fades inthere nowi think people like us i think peoplelike i think people likeso where did we come from we came fromhere right people like us yeah so that’sa lot better so that’s one way we can doit you know what else we can dolet’s just get this stuff out of the wayif you’ve got pro tools ultimate we canuse our clip effectsso we’re not using audio suite we’re notusing a plugin we’re using clip effectswe can do the same thing hereif you’re so inclined we got our filteron uh where is itoh yeah that number one always forgetthat thing so again let’s just do 120.let’s do the same thing over here turnit on 120.okay people like people like yeah thisfirst one see it’s still a problem so ithink you still got a clip gain a littlebit people likeand then so you know again like imentioned you’re gonna try a coupledifferent thingsone size does not fits all one size doesnot fit all with plosivesanother thing that really helps is let’suh get out of thislet’s wipe that out again so anotherthing that helps is a fade maybe we justget away with a fadeand probably something like this guypeople likenot a crossfade an actual fadelet’s make it kind of like that peoplelikethat’s not so bad either people like ithink people likestill a little bit of rumble therethough so what if we went back with ourfilter over here the plug-inpeople like us think people like usthat’s not so bad people like usor you know you could try like we hadbefore with the audio suiteuh filter in just these spots with thefade that might do it as wellpeople like us you know i guess againyou’re gonna try a couple of thesethings combination of fadefilters clip gain um all that stuff canbeyour friend now also let me show youanother thing becausenot all plosives sound the same so yourmethod of attack to reduce that plosivewill also change a little bit right socheck out this onelike i want to cry about cryyou’re the k so it’s not so much like ap like a plosive it’s actually thebreathcoming out pouring out of the andhitting that microphone diaphragmand kind of overloading it a touch crycrycry so you know we’ve got let’s just dothis again so we’ve got actually thisfilter is actually already in and takethat out cry crycry so you can hear the rumble cry takecare of the wrongbut there’s still a little bit of thatstuff in there cryit’s kind of ugly so let’s get rid ofthisum actually let’s just put in bypass soyou know there’s this one plug-in thatis really usefulthat we sometimes forget and it’s calleddelete if i pop this in shuffle if ijust take out that part you can visuallysee the part that’s the problemwanna cry about cry i wanna cryso that’s not so bad it’s a littlejarringcry you’re losing a little bit of the rwanna cryi wanna cry i’m not really all that madabout that though some of you may have adifferent opinion therethat’s fine again we’re just gonna tryand finesse thiswith whatever means we have necessarybut sometimes cryyeah so you can start to see it comeback when you move the fade i cryi’m not super mad at that i want to cryaboutso that’s a thought you can go withdeletingand that would also work with these guysover here as well if you want to trythat umand then there’s one last thing thati’ll show you which i lovewhich you have to purchase but check outumif you have the izotopeaudio restorationuh and you check out they’ve got thisizotopeaudio suite version of the deplosivehere it isnow their factory default comesup at 200 but let’s check that outi want to cry about i want to cryi want to cry that’s not so bad rightthat worked pretty goodusually in my opinion i think 200 is seta little bit highbut uh what i’ve actually done is i’vemade my own defaulti got a 120 for this deplosive and thenwhat you can do in under here is you cansetunder system system preferencesset plug-in default to user settingrather than factory settings so nowevery time i pull thisup i’ll show you like if i want to usemy default setting and i pull it upthere it is so i don’t have to likechange this every timebut this is really helpful you know andit’s super super quickand in fact the way that i work i’ve gota gaming mouse and i programthis specific audio suite plug-in toopen up render and close all its ownwith just one button so it’s evenquicker something you could tryum but that works really good i’ll showyou over here really quickso you check this out like if you justgrab this and i’ve got my one button itopens up renders just like thatpeople like us that’s not so bad i thinkpeople like usyou know so there’s a few options foryou like i said you’re gonna try andfinesse thisit takes a little bit of time you knowbetween your fades clip gainuh filters and don’t forget the deletebuttonall right so i hope that helps you outlet me know in the comments below howyou attack these thingsand what gives you the most trouble andwhat gives you the most successwould love to hear it would love to getbetter doing this myselfwe can’t always get it right in therecording we don’t always have controlover that sometimes people give us whatthey give us and we just got to make itbetter that’s our jobfix problems alright so i hope that washelpful i will catch youon the next one thanks talk to that bye

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