What is 3D Audio with Daniel Samaan [Sound Design with Sfera Post]

Talking 3D audio and sound design with Canadian sound designer Daniel Samaan. Daniel is the co-founder of Sfera Post whose 3D audio engine is truly spectacular and delivers a massive immersive experience!

3d audio immersive surround 5-1 what’s it all mean well we’re going totalk about it we’re going to figure itall outwith daniel Samaan today i’ve got the co-founder of sfera post fantastic sound designer and somebodywho really understands this stuff sostick around we’re gonna dive right inhere we go[Music]hey welcome back everyone this is adam clairmont for the adam clairmont show thanks so much again fortuning in and hearing about how to buildand grow your career inaudio and as you know we like to giveyou actionable tips based on personalexperience for myself andsometimes others and this time i’ve gotan other for you but before we dive intothatas always i want to give you somethingright off the bat soi want to offer you a free gift on howto get started to buildyour client list so head over to adamclairmont.com/clientlist and you’ll download a freepdf guidereally simple steps first steps ifyou’re not sure what to do to get to theclient that you’ve been wanting to getsee other people working on projectsthat you want here’s a really simpleguide to get you there so adamclairmont.com/clientlist would love for you to grabthat so for today i’m really excited tointroduce you to daniel cement nowdaniel’s an audio engineerfrom toronto who works in film and tvas well as sound effects and sounddesign and more but specifically rightnow he’sheavily immersed in 3d audio do you seewhat i did thereso he’s also the co-founder ofspheropost which is a new 3d audio techand we’re gonna dive into that becauseit’s super cool something i’ve justrecently got my hands onand i’m really excited to share with youbut today welcome pleasedaniel cement daniel thanks so much forjoining ushi aro it’s nice to be on thank you forhaving me yeah yeahit’s it’s so it’s so nice to see you manso thank youyou’re up in toronto i know it’sprobably a little chilly there ty youknowthe seasons are changing but uhyou know uh last week it was 24 degreesand then the next date was 6 degreesyeah i mean we’re looking at snow herebut you know but uh but what a greatplace to be toronto for someone who’sworking in audio and filmand television yeah that’s the uh that’sthe basei think for television yeah um stilldifficultyou know as it is but it’s uh it’s whereit happens of courseyeah well anything worth doing is isworth fighting for i suppose soyeah but it’s a good place to fight forit so why don’t you just give us a quicklittle uhintroduction of you know how you gotstarted maybe why you got started andhave you always been in torontoum yeah i’ve lived here my my whole lifeum and uh the way i got started in audiowas uh i went to school i went to filmschool for iti went to two different film schools thefirst one i did not like so muchsecond one uh i got through it you knowbutin both in both uh in both schoolsum you know we had to learn how to youknow it’s not a it’s not an audio schoolso it’s not a focus on audio it’s a filmschool so you kind of learn i’m tryingto figure out what i want to doyou know and and when i when i learnedabout audiothat what we have to do to accomplishaudio i always thoughtthat essentially all we’re doing is youknow you go on set you record and youget what you get and there’s your filmyou know and then when they told methat’s it i don’t know anything you knowand when they told methat you have to add a sound foreverythingi sat there i was like what kind of aloser has a sound for everything he’slike yeah nothingand then now i’m this loser because i ilove it it’s likeyou know it’s so it’s amazing you knowit’s uhit brings it to life and that’s why ilove audio so muchyou know i always say the the picture islike the bodyand the sound is like the breath of lifeoh i like that yeahyou know without the breath of life thepicture cannot come to lifeso that’s how i think of it and that’swhat i love i love bringing things tolifeyou know uh making you feel how i wantyou to feeland kind of manipulate you know umso that’s kind of how i got started andand uhand my both my profe well my professorsfrom both schoolsthey noticed uh that i have a knack forit i’m just natural like i get iti don’t know why i do it’s just a gift iguess but i get itand and i was always ahead of the classandspecifically one of the professors firstcollege he told me you are like yearsahead of everybody elseyou know awesome um here’s what you needto develop and keep going you’ll begreat and that’s what i didjust kept developing and i love it soall rightso that’s how you got started and youknow that’s probably a good place to getstarted especiallyespecially for someone who’s reallyinterested in sound design becauseyeah you know there’s you know we canget into other applications for howsound design can play inin audio only contentbut so much of sound design with filmand television likethere’s clearly a video component and ithink it’s really important sometimesonewell not sometimes i think it’s alwaysreally important whenever we’re workingwith a content piece like that that youunderstand both sides of theof the project so probably film schoolin general instead of maybe an audiospecific school is probably a good placefor people who are really interested insound design specifically or filmsound to go right instead of like anaudio school maybe yeahyeah there there’s you know there’sthere’s ups and downs to everything youknowwhen i was in film school like uh thebeauty is you got to try everythingum and i i did alsoa picture editing um i love picture iwas between picture editing and sounddesign but i hadi liked it a little bit more as sound asi liked a little bit more but the thingis is whenwhen you understand picture um youunderstandwhy you cut the way you do uh and how tocutand the best techniques and then yourealize like you knowi’m going to cut it this way because inmy mind i know what i want to do withthe sound alreadyso i already have that pre-determinedvision of how it’s supposed to play outbecause i got the soundyou know now when you’re dealing withjust a picture who doesn’t do soundyou know you’ll get a picture and thenthey’ll understanduh you know and then they want to startchanging a bunch of stuff all the timeand uh never in their head do they youknowthink about like oh i’m gonna screw thesound team overyou know you know because they havetheir own visionand then we are just trying to kind offollow that but when you have bothwhen you understand pictures and audioyou already you know why you’re cuttingthe way you cutyeah you know so you’re kind ofdesigning itboth things at the same time you knowyeah it’s it’s sort of you know putanother way maybe you knowwhen you when you understand the endgoal it’s a lot clearer pathyou know so you see the whole visioninstead of just like well figure out aswe goright yeah it’s also obviously a veryvaluable skill for forfor an editor audio or video yeah italso saves thecompany a lot of money no yeahwell it’s never done until it’s reallydone so there’s always editing right tothe end it seems like you knowi know i know hey we’re gonna add we’regonna take out seven seconds here justso you knowoh it’s due tomorrow too by the way ohokayyeah yeah but yeah it’s just sevenseconds you’ll figure it out rightyeah like yeah so would you have anyadviceum i mean you mentioned you know you’rein you’re near toronto and it’s it’sdifficult still but would you have anyadvice for someone who’s trying topursue some sound design and film or tvand you know maybe how to get like areyou networking like are youit’s funny because like there’s themusic side of audio where it’s like ohwhy don’t you just go to the club andsee a band and youit’s like you don’t just go to a theaterwatch a movie and like there’s thedirector and you start talking with youknowyou know like three recording mixersthere and you’re like oh you need adialogue like how does that work for youwhat advice would you have umstill figuring out right no no it’s justlike that’s a hell of anadventure you know yes it tooklike when i graduated um the thing whenyou come out is that you think you’regonnawalk into a studio like hey um i justgraduated here’s my uhresume that i have of nothing yeah youknowand except for like yeah except for likethe shorts i did in school kind of thinguh can you hire me um and i was tryingto figure outusually nobody ever hires you you knowright umand if they do if they do by the chancethat they doyou’re usually doing like pick up thephone kind of workyou know so i actually i have multiplementors but the first mentor i got outof uhgraduating his name is daniel pellerinand he’s uhhe’s a very big name actually he’sworldwide knownand i went to the studio he’she’s a freelancer but he’s so successfulin freelance that he’s practically hisown studiohe has so much work coming in so i wenti went to him and i asked questions i’mlikeyeah typical can you hire me and he saidi can’t hire you i said so what do i dohow do i get in there like what is thesecret he’s like lookyou can go all around toronto you canknock on doorsyou might find something but like i saidit’s probably gonna be like phone workor whatever and if you’re lucky they’lltake youbut if you want my advice if you reallywant my adviceum do it yourselfand i just graduated i don’t know whatthe hell that meanslike do it yourself i i don’t knowanything rightyou’re looking for work do what yourselfyeah do what yeahopen the studio i like you know i barelyknow how to mix like ithey barely teach you because it’s notan audio school yeahright so they teach you the basics ofeverything but i don’t know how to do abunch of great mixing you know and allthese kinds of things soso i got a job literally at a warehouseand for a year and a half i busted myassum saving money um buying uhlittle things that you would need forlike a home studio you know monitorsum an eye lock with pro tools and thatkind of a thingand uh once you start to kind of growthatand then you kind of go out and you’relike hey guys uh can iyou know help can i do something even ifit’s freeyou need something yeah you know um andbecause youhave that setup right that’s whenthey’ll be like okay well i guess youcan kind of manage thisyou’re going to start you off with somevery simple things probably somethingfor freethat if you mess up no big deal becauseit’s like they kind of want to test youout yeah you knowand then from there you get like littlethings if you do a good enough jobthey might get you on something else andif you do good enough jobif so if they know someone who needswork they might mention youso that’s pretty much how it kind ofstartedbut you’re going to suffer a lot rightyou’re not going to get all the work inthe films that you think you’re going toget primarily you’re going to do yourown workyou’re going to make your own projectsand and you’re going to include that inyour demobecause trust me you’re not going to getenough work out of people right awayto have a demo reel so when you when yousay that i think that’s importantbecause i i i say the similar similarthing when you say do your own workwhat does that mean to you do you meanlike create a video or do you mean likegoing on like youtube for example andlike snatching a video and like resounddesigning orwhat would you recommend all of it i didall of it yeahand you know and uh i mean when yousnatch a video off youtubeessentially and you’re redesigningsomething that’s uh professionallyyou know visual like it’s a i don’t knowa video game cut scene or a film cutsyou know whatever it may beright you’re just showing them this iswhat i would be like if i were to workon a film this is kind of my skill setin that levelhowever if you design your own workmaybe you do your own uhradio play or or i don’t know you go outyou shoot something with your friendsand youyou know at least you’re creatingcontent you know it’s betterthan sitting there doing nothing andthen and then hopingyou know work will fall out of the airright from people who don’t even knowwho you areyou know yeah um so that’s the idea isaid you need something to showand what are you gonna show becausenobody hires you if you have no work butnobody’s willing to hire youbecause they have no work so where areyou gonna get your work from yeah youthat’s that’s it yeah you’re gonnapractice and you’re gonna do your bestandand you’re gonna have to acceptcriticismi mean constructive criticism but ifyou’re someone who’s constantly offendedlike it’s not an industry for you yeahyou know because you’re gonnathey’re gonna people gonna tell you yousuck if you suck you knowexactly yeah yeah and they’re going totell you that if you’re getting paid ornot getting paid for the work you knowsoexactly and that’s kind of amisconception too just to piggyback onwhat you mentioned about doing your ownwork and presenting that as like basedlike a realyou know a resume to get you like ithink the misconception is to peoplejust starting out is that like they needto bebeing they need a paying gig in order toshow other people they can do the jobyou don’t need to be paid anything toshow that you canthat you’ve got an aptitude and you’vegot the experience and the expertise toto perform the task it does not matterto anyone if you show themsomething you stripped from youtube andredesigned it they don’t care that thatwas a redesign or that you didn’t getpaid it’sit’s showing that you’re capable that’sall that mattersis it exactly like who who’s going togive you a million dollar projectyes you just graduated and you have notlike you know a guy who’s doing uha film or something for a small tinybudget and you may behired on for a very small amount ornothing he hasnothing to lose you know because it’ssuch a small he can go to someone elseif he doesn’t like it because he lostnothing yeah you knowyou know the studio comes down like heywe got a million dollar movie you wantto work on itit’s not going to happen right so so heyif i can i want to back up really quickand touch on something that you saidreally quickly that people might havemissed but you mentioned a radio playnow i know you’ve been developing aradio play which if anybody’s notfamiliar maybe you can expand on thatbut alsoif you want to touch on how that isincorporated into immersive audioand the 3d audio plug-in saphirathat you’ve co-founded you want to touchit yeahas i guess i love sound design and ispecificallylove um creating audio projects withoutany picture because i canlike you don’t have the budget to go outand shoot wherever yeah like i could putyou anywhere in the world with sound andi have the capability of doing that it’sthe biggestbiggest sandbox just play right exactlywhatever comes to meexactly and no budget yeah soso i ended up um i wanted to dothe the story of the the adam and evecreationuh interesting and yeah the how theworld kind of started you knowbiblicallyand uh it’s just such an interestingconcept in audio to hear of theformation of thethe planet you know yeah and the firsttwo human beingsuh in the world if if you’re a believerof that butregardless it’s just like it’s like thefirst two human beings how would they belikein this brand new environment you knowit for me it’s just an interestingconcept yeahso i started developing this uh radioplayproduced it and it’s funny because youknow you’re looking for workand work is difficult to find and justfor so i can do some audio stuffyou gotta produce your own stuff youknow so you gotta kind of do a lot morethan you think so i i produced uh ico-wroteum i i got actors i iand of course i edited mixed and allthose kinds of things and it took a yearexactly from august 2018 to august 2019i released it um anduh i’ve i love thewhich people don’t do too much is istaking the panand moving objects within theenvironment righti didn’t have a 3d plugin at the time ididn’t even know what that wasyou know so uh and i was trying todesign like a 3d typeworld just using like you know eqsreverb delays and stuff like thatum because in my head i’m just kind oftrying to simulate thatidea and of course it’s not perfect youknowuh but i’ve gotten you know by the timei finished ituh and i released it people who heard itwere so intrigued by the design um i hadi had studios like uh you know kurodo’saudioyeah so they promoted me oh cool that’sgreat yeahyeah i use some of their plugins as wellumand and they loved how i used it as welli mean so is multiple factorsyou know and there’s uh you know audioanimals in the uk and they promoted meand gave me a page on their site andthose kinds of things and and thenthat’s when uh uh jordy which is mymy uh my business partner is one of theco-foundersuh off linkedin he saw one of my linkshe saw it he’s likeyou know he’s like okay this isincredible here’s you know what we’vebeenworking on uh we’re from timber 3d we’rea dutch companyand we’ve developed this plugin calledspheraand it’s a 3d audio plug-in and it’sit’s an engine we’ve been working on foryears and one of thethe the plug-in designers umout of the two is uh is uh peter backerpeter backer is the guy who designed andcreated altiverbyou know that’s a huge deal yeah i meanyeah i meanaltiverb that’s one of the greatestreverbs evergiven to us right i mean that’s kind ofwell known yeahyeah exactly and he’s working withdaniel talma on this projecton developing this thing and and and andi heard it i was like it soundsincredible it soundslike it’s like the sound is going aroundyou it’s it’s above you it’s below youit sounds fantastic um anduh i’m sorry but this is all on yeahearbudsor headphones right we’re not talkingabout yeah a multi-channeluh studio with you know 10 speakersexactly exactly just on earphoneswhich you could do off a laptop you knowand um anduh it was incredible it was anincredibleuh piece of tech umand uh over time we kept in fact i had aseconda second 3d audio company contact me offlinkedin because they also saw itand they offered me their stuff for freeand to work with them and then blah blahblah and i was like i can’t work withboth i need to choose oneyeah but i went i went with timberum options huh yeahthat’s pretty good man exactly exactlyyou knowi’m like i was surprised i had such areaction to it and at the end of the dayuh me and jordy we got along really welland thedevelopers you know uh so daniel danielthoma anduh peter becker they noticed that ithey said at least jordy my businesspartner and what they said was thathe is the first guy to use our productand actually understand itand and and to its full potential andwhat it can actually do and when to useitand really how to use it so it’s like isaid i i naturally understand audio likeii don’t know why i just do so when itcomes down to programming certain thingsand how it reacts in the environmentum i just got it i understood itso they were happy with that you know umsoand then and then down the line aftersome time working togetheruh jordy says to me uh you knowwe should we should we should form likean allianceyou know and uh and that’s how spheropostformed um sphero sound post alliance isthefull name it’s long so we just call itsphere of post but alliance is in thenameand and what sphere uh post is is analliance ofpeople who who havewho love audio who have aan amazing work ethic who are passionateabout developing the future of audio umcome together you know and and learnand develop a new way of presentingaudio uhto the streaming media because we’reaimed at the streaming media becausethat’s the number one media that’s beingposted right now you know um so we cametogetherand and we’re forming teams all aroundthe world so we’re not like a locationlike here’s a buildinghere’s our headquarters we sphere a postis where sphera exists whatever studiohas itthat’s part of the alliance you know sothat’s what sphere of host iswe’re not a studio locationyou know so we can have work all aroundthe worldanyone in the world can have it and canwork andand have this technology you know yeahso daniel let me ask you you know one ofthe things that stood out to meas i was reading about the technology onthe websiteis with saphira the reflectionsthat you’re you’re adding to theseobjects they’re they’re reactive withinthe spacemeaning you know when an object movesaround the environmentthe reflections change just like theywould in real life obviously but whati’vewhat i understand with other productsmaybe i’m wrong here butmy understanding is you can move areverb around within that space but thereverbis not dynamic meaning the earlyreflections the late reflectionsthe decays and the tonality of thatreverb it’s not changing within theenvironment it’s only moving and that’snot really how our earsand physics really work in real life socould youexplain that a little bit and why thedynamicchanging of a reflection is soimperative to creating an immersiverapping experience in audio yeahso uh i mean i mean juststarting off i mean what is what is 3daudioyou know um and and essentially it’s ait’s just a technology that mimics theway that a human perceivesum sound right and um and if you look atanobject you know an object creating asound whatever it may beum it’s mono and it’s moving in theenvironment and we have two ears so weperceive it as a stereoand as the object is moving you knowit has different forms of cues umto that allows us to hear it the waythat we doum so you know the volume changesuh position phasing reverb delayall these kinds of things uh play inreal timeand will change based off of you know uhwhere it is um how busy uhthe location is how wide it is you knowthe the height of the ceiling you knowhowaudio bounces around andand that’s how our ears here it’s justit’s the constanttransformation of audio as it travelsand what sphere it does is that itmimics thatum using those cues umand so as it travels around you knowwhatever you set it toin real time it will constantlyrecalculateum the the position umuh from you know its relative positionto where it goes and andand uh if it’s getting closer or furtherfrom you knowcertain objects how much the audiobounces off certain layers the directionit will go once it bounces off you knowbecause sometimes you know you’ll you’llthe sound comes from the leftyou hear it from the left but part of ittravels to the rightso there’s also the traveling and that’swhat spheropost does itit mimics those things in real timeso that you’re hearing and mimickingyour ears and how we perceivesound um so we aim these things forheadphonesum and you can use regular stereospeakersum uh but it’s primarily headphonesand you’ll get that real 3d effect youknow it’s actually things are goingaround you above you below youum but the regular speakers will stillgive you like a pop outyou know pop out of your speaker kind ofsound the way you know you have like a3d videowhere it kind of pops out of the screenwe have that same effect in just regularstereouh where kind of pops out and you have avery natural movementand so no matter which way you goespecially with the headphonesthen the movement is so natural becauseit takes into considerationyou know all these different cues that italked about in real timeso it feels like a real movement and itfeels like an actualsound in an actual environment uhmoving around rather than just like ahard left hard right kind of dealyou know yeah yeah i mean it soundsfantastic i’ve really been enjoying itand i feel like i justscratched the surface so yeah i’d liketo get you know your takeyou know i’ve got some thoughts on thisbut i’d love to hear it straight fromyouwhere do you see audio going for thefutureas it relates to immersive and 3dtechnologyfrom let me prove that from like acontent standpoint like what what do youthinkwhere where are we going with what we’recreating with this now like what are wegoing to be doingwell um uh right now as it standsit’s practically all streaming right sowe are designing this for the streaminggeneration which is nowso the problem is is that stereo uhas it is right now it falls shortcompared to the theatrical experienceright you walk into a movie theater youhear a movie it sounds fantasticright yeah and there’s no arguing itsounds amazing and andthe reality is you’re only going to hearthat movie probably once in the theaterand if you watch it again it’s going tobe on streamingor it’s going to be on blu-ray orwhatever it may beright and in today’s world you knowtheaters are getting shut down becauseof covetso the movie theaters are closing downyou knowit it you’re not gonna get thatexperience you know but what we do haveis the streamingfor now you know and and that’s the wayit seems to be goingand um theaters were designedspecifically for large crowds of peoplerightand and and that’s why you have so manyspeakers and you have big speakers bigrooms big uh you know uh screensand and that’s to fit a large crowd andwhatwhat a streaming has done is it hascreatedthe experience for the individualrather than a large crowd so i would saythe future is not inentertaining a large crowd of people thefuture isin entertaining the individual because ii i guess in your household if you lookat ityou you have uh you know a wife and kidsandprobably most likely you guys are notalways watching content togetherprobably your child is watchingsomething on their device in anotherroomand your wife might be watchingsomething else somewhere you know on hertimeand you’re doing your own thing so we’rereally starting to tailor things downfor the individual rightand because of that the mixwhy are we still mixing for a crowd whenthethe future is moving to the individualwhy are we not mixing for the individualthat’s our argument it’s like we how dowe seeit going in the future um we see itas long as you’re streaming streamingand 3d areare linked together you know we arecreatingthe the mimic of a movie theaterexperience in your headphonesand as long as it’s going to be a a uhthe content that’s going to consistentlystream for the individualas i’ve described then that means weneed to mix for the individualthat means we need to mimic theexperiencefor and tailor the experience for thatspecific personright because we’re not in big movietheaters anymore rightum so that being said umuh rather than folding things down fromsurroundto stereo which becomes just a flatrighta flat signal left and right if wedesign from stereostarting with stereo using sphere thatmeans we are we are giving you a muchbetter experiencethat means it’s the the stereo mix themix of the film the experience of thethe film is far better than just a foldthem because we are designing it for theindividualright and and and that’s the thing aslong as people are on their devicesthey’re watching these littleyou know we went from big screens tolike these tiny you know devicesand we’re laying in our bed we’rewatching we’re on the go people are prouh preloading the content umuh so that they don’t have to use theirdata and they’re they’re on the gowatching things to you know uhto get through the you know the travelandwhy not give them a movie theaterexperience on the goyour device is now a movie theaterexperience on the goso it’s a far better experience you knowum i recently saw a uh a polli forgot who conducted this poll and youknow they can be biased but i sawthe question was given uh would youprefer to haveokay audio but a great big screenor fantastic audio but a smaller screenmeaning like you know youryour iphone or something in the vastvast vast move something like 80people said they’d rather have a smalllittle iphone experience with greataudio and headphonesexactly yeah exactly and and that’s thethingit’s like because this you know that’swhy i love audio projects so much likethat becausethe the sound is so powerful it it itdefines the experienceof the user you know nobody’s gonna walkout of a moviefeeling heartbroken if they can’t hearit you know if it’s a sad movie forexamplebut it’s the the sound it’s the trackit’s the way that it’s laid out it’s theemotion that the tracks the the audiodevelopsthat gives you the the real experiencethat’s why i saidaudio is breathes life into a pictureright and as long as that’s the casethen why are we wasting so much timeand money and the real estate that itcosts to have these massive studiosum and most of the money that these areyou knowthat you’re spending into your film isgoing into the real estate to keep itopenand much less into the talent behind theactual soundyou know at least here’s the thing ifwe’re not gonnarequire the real estate you know andpeople at homethey’re not using five one audionobody’s buying it that’s expensiveespecially in our timenobody wants to nobody wants to spendthe money to buysurround sound and when they yeah andeven when they doa lot of times they don’t set it up abecause they don’t know how to sometimesb they they don’t care for it they foundthe deal on the whole thing and theykind of bought it umsee they might not have the time to doit because people are busy you knowthey’ll set up their theirleft left and right and probably theirbase and that’s it they call it a dayand that’s fineand most people enjoy the content thatway you knowum so why are we mixing in these bigtheaterswhen really your your main attractionyour audience is all on devices yeahjust seems like a waste to me and uh youknow spending all that moneyinto essentially uha building rather than the theexperience you knowi i don’t see the reason why we have tocontinue especially because noweverything’s streamingeverything is all based on your phoneand your tablet your tablet and youryou know home stereo speaker system youknowso yeah i mean um you know and it’s andfrom the creator standpointyou know for anybody who you know thinkback to their first timeever mixing in surround and it’s justoh it’s like this feeling like oh i canput stuffit’s the same feeling but greater whenyou start to mixin 3d and you start to feel it going upand alland just this smooth transition it justgives me chills like it just it’s soit’s so freaking fun as a creatoryou know um but it’s also i’ll tell youwhatbring in your client and they feel theexact same way their eyes just goyou know so if you if you can bringtheir vision with with that muchrealism and impact it’s just the bestit’s just a win-winso can you can you tell can you whydon’t you direct us to where we canlisten to some of this audio that thatyou made with sphere postyeah um i mean we have a youtube channelbutif you go to our website uh we keepeverything there anyways soif you go to spheropost.comum we have an entire audio galleryand if you go to the audio gallery youcan hear a bunch of our demosand um uh just showing you differentkind of scenarios that you could use uhsphere posted it could be at home whileit’s raining we have something like thatwe have a citywe have um we have you know when you’rein an airplanejust different kinds of scenarios whereyou can really boost that creativity sohead on over to that website and youknowand explore and you can also contact usthrough the websiteif you’re interested to to learn moreuse the sphere post technologyyeah daniel it’s been so great talkingwith you um you know i’ve beeni’ve just been you know reading as muchas i possibly can about immersive audioand 3d audioand it’s been you know i just feel greattoto have gotten to know you and gladreached out and glad to have thisconversation thanks so much for sharingabout sphero and and just you know i’mrooting for youyou know i just wanna you know i justwanna see and be able to you know fromthe biggest selfish standpoint and ithink that’s fine to admit i just wantto hear this stuffyou know more and more you know yeah soyeahwe want people to enjoy it you know justuhjust you know be be a part of the movierather than just watching behindthe screen you know yeah and i thinkpeople will reallythey’ll love it you know if they gave ita chance and uhthat’s where we’re going anyways so yeahyou know yeah yeahso yeah so yeah once again thank youeverybody that that was daniel cementthank you so much daniel for for takingthe time and and for speaking with usand daniel if anybody wants to find moreinformationabout the technology and to get the plugin and to hear moream i right they can go to spheropost.comfor that informationyeah yeah you go on and we have acontact sectiongo on the contact section just fill inthe information and we’ll contact youand andyou know we go from there yeah you knowthat’s great very easy so spherepost.comi’lladd that link below uh to reach danielspecifically you can go tosonusprostudio.com i’ll link that in thedescription below as well so reach outmake a friend theresuper cool guys you can see if you haveany questions i’m sure i’d be happy toanswer them for youbut that’s the show you know i’m reallyglad that we got to talk some immersiveaudiouh make sure you get that free gift adamclairmont.com/clientlist start you know reaching outgetting those projects that you reallywant deserveadam claremont.com client list takes 30seconds that guide will go directly toyour inboxand that’s a wrap you know we’ll talk toyou again real soon thanks again makesure you hit the subscribe button ringthe bellit means the world to me and helps thisalgorithm you know anddrop a comment too even if you don’tlike the video leave a comment let meknow whyit helps anyway all right so i’ll talkto you guys next time thanks again

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