Pro Tools Edit Window Options

Here is a quick walk through of 7 editing options inside your Pro Tools edit window that you may or may not know about and how I like to use them to make my work easier! I’d love to hear how you use them too so leave me a comment!

Hey everybody it’s adam clairmont back again with another quick tip and thistime i want to show you some of theoptions we’ve gotin our edit window now some you mightknow some maybe you don’t we’ll figureit out togetherand if you like videos just like thismake sure you hit that subscribe buttonring the bell so younotified every single week when thesevideos are released and please pleaseplease drop a comment even if it’s ahello all those commentsreally really help me out and it meansthe world to me to hear from you allright solet’s dive in now and we’ll get to thevideo all right everybody so here’s mypro tools screeni want to talk to you about these sevenbuttons right over here under your editwindow now i’m sure some of these youknow and possibly maybe some you don’tso let’s just dive right into it thisfirst one tab to transientokay basically with this installed orwith us installed with thisinstantiated every time we tab it movesto the next transient in your audio whyis this helpful well it gets us to wherewe want to go quicker if we’re going totry and make an edit at the beginning ofa transit set kick drum or here’syou know some speech you know i’m tryingto cobb together some speech makesthings go very very quicklyif it’s not instantiated what happenswell we tab to the beginning of eachclip or the end of each clipsee how far that goes so that’s whatthat’s all about you probably knew thatonei like to leave it on i very very rarelytake it off that’s just meall right let’s go to the next one sothe next one is one that i do like tokeep on link timeline and edit selectionif anybody has a reason why this shouldbe unlinked pleaselet me know because i can’t think of agood onebut i like to learn so if you can figureit outplease drop a comment and tell me whatwhat is your usefulnessof unlinking this you know because if weunlink it basically if we make aselection here you see the timelineisn’tuh selected so i press play it startshere instead of back over hereright i can’t figure out why that’shelpful would love to know though allrightmoving on this one i actually onlyrecently learned this one maybe a yearor two agoand it for whatever reason it’s kind ofa game changer to me so this islinking the selection with our tracksright or what is it called actually linktrack with edit selection right sowhat happens is when i make a selectionover here everything i’ve selectedgets selected within my tracks if it’soff i make a selectionand that doesn’t change right no changeso why is this a big deal to mewell you know if i want to grab a groupof tracks like let’s say these twodialogue tracksi got to select this and then i get ahold shift and press click or if i wantto get a larger selection like from uphere all the way to the bottom i gottaclick thathold shift again and click orwith this on all i got to do is justreally quickyou know grab my group and i’m therealso the way that i use soloi can just grab a grab a selection herehold shift and now my solos are onso if i want to grab a group of to soloit’s just really quick and easyyou know boom anyway i love it maybe youknew that one when i finally learnedthat one thoughit was a big deal to me so hopefullysame to youall right moving on uh what else we gotwhat is this guy insertion followsplaybackthis is the biggest pain in the ass tomeso when it’s on you know when i pressplay our cursor is moving and when ipress stop the cursor willstay where the playback head stoppedi don’t like that i like to leave it offso when i press playi want the cursor to bounce back towhere i initially pressed playand it’s a pain in the ass because thisstupid end button is the quick key toturn it on and off if you ever wonderedhow to toggle this on and offso if you’ve ever been like me andwondering why does this thing keep onturning on and off for you it’s becauseyou’re actually hitting n every time youhit spacebarso maybe you didn’t know that one eithermaybe you did but what a pain in thebutt rightanyway n who knewall right so moving on uh what do we gotautomation follows edit now this isreally really big deal to me so forexample this is ayou know template that i’ve got for apodcast recordingand this is the music that i have at thetail of the podcast and for my templatei’ve already got my fader move my volumeautomation writtenfor this clip but the clip is going tochange in time for every podcast youknow it’s not going toit’s not going to stay exactly atwhatever time because the podcasts varyin lengthso what i did was i got this little syncpoint so i know at the very endof my dialog that’s where i want to movethis clipso check it out this is exactly the movethat i want every time sowhen this is on you see my automationhere my volumewhen i move it over here and i line upmy sync point to the end of the dialognow my automation follows now if ididn’t do thatlet’s say this was off if i did not dothatthen every time i move this to the placeit needs to be now i have to rewritethat volume automation i don’t want todo that every time that’s a pain in thebutt itook time to write the automation for areason and i want to keep it maybe iwant to move itbut i want to keep it so anyway makethat guy blueand you’ll be set and also drop me aline in the comments if you understandwhy this is the only button out of allthese sevenwhen it’s off it’s orange the othersjust turn graydon’t know why anyway moving onuh this is midi mirroring i believe it’scalled i don’t know why the label won’tpop up but let me show what this is thisis kind of coolall right so when i have midi mirroringonright for my clips i duplicate my clipif i go in here to notes and i delete anoteit’s mirrored in the duplicated clipwhich is kind of cool if you think aboutlikeif you’ve got some sort of loop going onin your arrangement but you want tochange the loopinstead of then going to the next placethat it occurs and copy paste copy pasteit’s kind of done now it’ll really screwyou up if you don’tremember to turn this thing off afteryou’re done making that changeum but i thought it’s pretty cool oneyou knowmaybe maybe you’ve got a better use forit let me know and then the last thingi’ll show you which is also pretty coollayered editing now this off normallythe way that this worksis when we’re moving our clips around ifwe ever overlap a clip and pull it backsee how that clip uh was deletedunderneath where we left itright a big chunk is gone right so if webring it backand if we turn layered editing on i canbring it over in pro tools to rememberwhat’s underneath itthat kind of cool so let’s check thisout what we can do isbring this under here and we can move itaroundso i think that’s pretty useful actuallyespecially when you’re maybe like tryingto line up dialogue againmaking a dialogue at it and you’retrying to sync something up justjust nudging something in there likelet’s say for example like you know youwant to move like a laughin somewhere like there’s a cheesy laughand you want to make a better laughand you want to put it between two wordsyou know like if like let’s say that’sour laughjust for whatever reason and we’re gonnareplace this little laugh like you canjust get it just right you knowand you can move it around and you don’thave to like worry about like trimmingsome stuff outso anyway there’s a quick tipyou probably knew some of those i betyou maybe you didn’t know some othersand i’ll bet you you’ve got some usesfor them that idon’t know either so if you’ve got acool tip for meleave it in the comments let everybodysee i’d love to get that conversationgoing remember to hit that subscribebutton please leave us a commentmeans the world to me and i’ll see youon the next quick tip video or any othervideo all rightsee you next time by

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