Save Timeline Selection With Markers in Pro Tools

In this video I explain how I like to create and save a timeline selection inside Pro Tools using markers. It’s quick, simple, and something I do every single session!

Hey everybody this is Adam Clairmont welcome back i’ve got another quick tipfor youthis time i want to show you how icreate and savetimeline selections using a marker so ifyou like tips just like this make sureyou hit the subscribe button and thenotification bell so you’re notifiedand you don’t miss any of the videos i’muploading every single week all right solet’s dive into pro tools i’ll show youwhat i’m doing here alright so i do wantto show you how icreate and save selections in pro toolsusing markersso if i can find my mouse what we dohere is we grab a selectionit’s really simple guys hit enter onyour number pad to bring up your memorymarker location and instead of markerchange it to selection i like to name itof all things selectionand then you can change the number soyou always remember itand i use 99 okayso now if i want to get that selectionagain i can on my number pad dot99 dot and there’s my selection now themost common use that i use for thisis i’ve got a song here it’s not donebuti’ll just show you an example if i wantto keep a selection so that i’malways recording out a stem or bouncingoutaudio exactly the same way every singletimei’ll make a selection marker so againi’ll bring it up hit selectionname it selectionand i always name it 99 because if i dothatit’ll you know this is replacing it if ialways name it 99then i always remember it’s 99.99 dotit calls it up i can bounce out at theend of the day for my clientand bada bing you know another use forthis might beuh if you are loop recordingyou know to keep your loop record youknow to whatever selection you got ifyou’re working on this phrase right hereyou’re gonna pop this in loop recordright hit enteryou know loop oops that’s not high spellloopeven close loop selection and then nameit whatever you’re gonna do you know55 i don’t know right so you can justdot five five dot dot go back to yourloop record and you’rein business all right so i want to showyou that really quick i find it reallyuseful it’s really easy to rememberit’s something that i do literally withevery single sessioni also use this uh selection idea foruh film or television scenes if i’mworking on a specific scene for a littlewhileso why don’t you try that out let meknow what you think and if you like thistip also check out this one over herethis is where i show you how to hide andshow your tracks using markersso a lot of marker craziness going onaround here but that seemed to besomething that everyone was reallyinterested in so i want to show you thisone as wellso if you like this again please showsome supporthit that subscribe button hit me up inthe comments hit me up on linkedininstagram all those great places and iwill catch you on the next video alrightbyeEnglish (auto-generated)

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