An Audio Engineer’s Plan For A Successful Career

These days, it can be a struggle to stay motivated. Especially if you are finishing college and are stressed because it’s tough getting a job in your field. I have a simple exercise that I think can help you. It takes very little time and will get you excited, focused, and motivated to go after your dreams. Check out this video!

hey we’re all in a crazy time right now and i know that it’s making it difficult to stay motivated and to stay inspired to keep workingat our business and to attain thosegoals that we’re after for our audiocareersso i’m speaking from the bottom of myheart today directly to youi’ve got an idea that i’m hoping canreally bring that motivation backso stick with me and we’ll talk about itright now[Music]hello everybody welcome back i’m adam clairmont this is another episode of the adam clairmont show where we talkabout how to buildand grow a career in audio andthis time i decided you know what i ifeel like i really want to speakdirectly to you and i want to try andsee if i can give youa little bit of motivation this morningand uhhere’s where i’m coming from soi’ve been an audio engineer workingprofessionally for more than 15 yearsnowi feel super super fortunate to be ableto say thatthis has been my dream job my dreamcareersince i was about 12 years old soand i’m and i’m doing it and i’m reallygrateful for that and umyou know i learned from a lot of peoplealong the way andyou know this show is part of me youknow giving back the way thati was given to when i was coming up andpart of the position that i’m in rightnow today is i’man audio engineer working in a fantasticrecording studioin a small city albany new york with acouple other people andmy position is to run the studio andoperate within itso part of being a studio manageris hiring people it’s also umyou know i take interns as well or atleast before covid i took interns i’mcurrently not which iswhere this whole thing is goingi love having interns here i usuallywould have four to five at a timenot all at once but throughout thesemestersit’s been a passion of mine i loveteaching i love sharing i love you knowthe camaraderie and learning honestlyfrom the people around meum i love working with the otherengineers here or other engineers whocome through here and work out of thisroomuh and just the people that i know in myarea i love all of thatand right now i’m it’s just kind of aheavy heart because i keep gettingemails and phone callsfrom people who are looking for worklooking for a jobat the studio and looking forinternships you know people beginningtheir careersand looking for a place to come in andlearn from and get their foot in thedoorand i’m normally all about it you know ireally want to bring people in and learnabout themand help them along and right now justdue to safety concerns you knowmyself i don’t know how other studentsare operating but we’re not acceptinginterns right nowyou know i don’t have the capacity tobring on more employees more engineersinto the studio eitherso i’m sending out a lot of emailssaying i’m sorry i can’t help youwhich is really bumming me out and ifi’m bummed out about thatit just got me thinking about the peoplereceiving those emails and i’m i’massuming there’s other places as wellthat aresending similar emails to these peoplei’m sure i’m not the only one they’recontactingand they’re probably getting a lot ofdoors closed on themuh which is really breaking my heart soi wanted to to jump on hereand create this video for you andhopefully give you a little bit ofmotivationa little bit of inspiration and andreally what i want to talk aboutis how to be successfuland to me it starts withthe definition now i’m not talking aboutthe the webster’s dictionary versionof success i’m also not talking aboutwhat you see on instagram withyou know lavish studios and photographsof you know huge film sets andcelebrities and all thati’m not talking about what you’rereading in the forums with you knowpeople talking about their vast creditlistsum you know what swanky party they wentto for awardsor so on and so forth i’m not talkingabout those as successi’m talking about the definition ofsuccess thatyou create and that i create forourselves becauseto me i’m the only one that can tellanybody if i’m successful uh success issomething that i determine uhsuccess for me will never be determinedby what someone else has done in theircareer or in their lifeum that’s a decision that i made reallyearly on in my careerthat i was going to say you knowfor me what what will make me happywhat do i need to do to get to where iwant to beand it’s not about client list it’s notabout celebrities it’s not about therecord deal it’s not abouthow much money it’s not about thelocation what mega city whatmajor studio what mega producer any ofthat stuffand believe me this stuff is super cooland clearly the people that are workingin those places and with those peoplethey’re achieving some kind of successas well butforget it all all right this is what iwant to talk to you aboutforget all of that for a momentevaluate where you’re at where you’vecome from how far you’ve comei want you to think about what it iswithin this career of audio within thisindustry of audio that you can take thatyou can grasp ontothat will make you feel like you’veachieved successso my question is what issuccess to you have you thought aboutthis before beyond the i want to bemaking a million bucks and working withthe megastars and i’m not saying there’snothing i’m not saying that’s not validthat’s perfectly fine you knowbut is that the only way that you wouldsay to yourself that i’ve achievedsuccess that’s alsototally valid i don’t want to say that’snot valid okay let me just get thatstraightso let me let me back up and talk to youa little bit aboutwhat i’ve determined for myself to besuccess okayuh number one um i waited tables for alot of my lifesuccess to me was not having to waittables anymorei want to pay my bills with audio andi’ve been doing that for a very veryvery long timei want to be able to turn down work andnot worry aboutpaying for you know my house andsupporting my family and supportingmyselfyou know i want to be able to havesomebody offer me a job and be able tosayno confidently not just for the sake ofsaying no but my point isi don’t want to be beholden to and haveto take every single job that comes tomebecause i absolutely need it becausewithout it i can’t eatand three i don’t really want to workwith people whoi don’t want to work with and that’sagain just a personal thing wherei just wanna it sounds cheesy i wannahave a good dayevery day when i’m in the studio i havegood days i don’t wanna work withan a-hole who comes in here and ruins mydayso it still happens don’t get me wrongbut i can avoid those things when i knowyou know when the a-hole calls me andasks me foryou know a session these might seem kindoftrivial to you and they might not besomething that was top of mind to youwhen i started talking about successbut you know i’m i’m earning a goodlivingdoing what i love and i’m not beholdentoevery single job opportunity availableto me becausei’ve built up enough around me wherei’ve got some optionsum and i know not everybody is there yetand i’m not trying to make myself soundbiggeror better than anybody else my point isveryvery confidently that this to meis my version of success i feelsuccessfulnow i have other goals that i’ve stillyet to hitbut i’ve hit my success this is alwayswhat i wantedit wasn’t about working in a large megastudioit wasn’t about working in new york orla full timeit wasn’t about just racking up a bunchof pictures with peoplethat you know are celebrities and worldfamous namesit was about doing what i love every dayhaving good days and not having to worryso much about moneyevery single day or what job is comingmy wayyou know so i feel very fortunate and ijust wanted to share that withwith everybody right now because i justi know there’s a lot of peoplestruggling right nowso i was hoping that maybe if you thinkof things like thisyou know as you’re trying to pushforward and i encourage you to keep onpushing forward becauseit’s going to work out but as you’re asyou’re looking at the futurethink about what success is and i’m notsaying settlei’m not saying if you’re somebody who atthe beginning of this videoyou know i mentioned you know the bigstudio and the big celebrities and thebig producerif that’s you i’m not saying don’t don’tgo for that and don’t settlebut what i’m saying is this ask yourselfwhat is successall right really define it which bringsme to my next pointabout how we hit our goals so for meevery single morning and i’ve touched onthis before in other videos if you wantto check out this video right up here imentioned thisvery thing that i do every single day soi’ve got where is ithere’s my notebook um it’s got my to-dolisti fill this out every morning it’snon-negotiable uhfor me i write out exactly my mostimportant tasks for the dayand things that are coming up throughoutmy day and through the week underneathitone page it’s small but i physicallywrite it outi find that for me it’s more tangibleand when i can cross things off and ihave it right next to me not to go to myphone or anythingit just works you know everybody’sdifferent but for me this is a reallypowerful tooland it’s something as simple as a to-dolist in a notebook a notebook that costsfive bucks and lasts meabout honestly close to a year probablyper notebookso my point is uh i i just recently sortofhad this epiphany and it’s silly becausei’ve been doing these to-do lists foryearsi’m just a list person but what i’venever doneis write out my goals i’ve never donethat i’ve always had goals i’ve beenvery goal-oriented but i’ve neveractually physically written out this iswhat i need to achieve right awayand i’m not talking about my day’s goalsa to-do list i mean like you know for mycareer for my life for family orwhatever it is um and it’s funny becausei’ve i’ve for a long time i’ve beenreally focused on growing those kinds ofthings in my life but i’ve neverphysically written them out so that icould view it and see ityou know some of you might have heard ofyou know the the idea of manifestationyou know it’s the idea of like you knowattracting and things that that you wantyour life to you and making them realyou know manifesting them in your lifeand people who talk about that sort ofstuff one of the first things theymention is physically writing thissort of thing down so this is nothingnew to me but for some reason justrecently i had this epiphany like ohi’m a slow learner i don’t know what tosay it just occurred to me i shouldreally be doingthat so normally with these videos youknow i’m explaining things to you thati’ve done and have worked for me and ifeel like i can talk about for a bitbecause i can talk about the experiencei’ve had with them but i don’t have anexperience writing down my goals likethis beforebut i just felt really compelled toshare this with you right now becauseagain with these emails that i’m gettingit’s just it’s bringing me down i feelbad forfor some people are really trying topush forward and get going and and thisis my advice to youif that’s you in in that spot let’slet’s try this together and see where itbrings usi wrote down my goals of you know whatsuccess is to me and a lot of it isreally similarand i think that just by seeing them andbeing remindedi think it’ll go a long way for me toreach my goalsso this is a practice that i’m going tobe continuingso that i can hit the next level ofsuccess for my careerand again not success that someone elsetold me i need to hit but something thati feel in meis important to me so you know ii know this is probably a little outthere for for some of you but i hopethat you cancan listen to this and take a little bitof encouragement to know thatit’s not really about anybody else whosays yes or no to you it’s really aboutyou telling yourself what is successyou know nobody else can tell you nobodyelse can make that for you you knowwe’ve all got to do our own work but weallcan define it and say when we get thereso i hope you find some encouragement inthat to know thatyou know it’s maybe a little moreattainable and a little more realyou know to me i i don’t need to bemaking a million dollars a year to feelsuccessfulyou know maybe maybe you feel the sameway but maybe you’ve never reallythought about it you know or written itdown like i mentionedso when we start to think about thesethings and break them down a little bitmoreto me it makes it more real and it makesit moreattainable like i feel like okay i’vei’ve broken this down into so manythings thati feel like i can really do this now andthat’s what the to-do list has alwaysbeen for me so that’s why i’mputting my goals into that same systemand i would encourage you to try thatout as welland when you are writing out your goalsmake them reallyreally specific as specific as you canpossibly be you know the place that youwant to beyou know the the size the of thelocation you know is a big city is asmall city um you know as east coastwest coast is a state as a town what youknow kind of house you want to live inyou can go past your career you canreally go into your personal life ifyou’d likeyou know is it a husband as a wife as agirlfriend whatever it isbreak it down in and the more you youread about you know setting goals andthings like this the more you’ll hearpeople sayyou know if you the more detailed youcan get the more real it becomes themore you see it the more you visualizeit the more you feel it the more youare attracted to and inspired by thatidea and the more actionyou can take toward hitting that goal soi really hope this video finds you welli i hope that i didn’t bore you withthis oneif you’re stuck in receiving emails fromfor myself or from someone else sayingi’m sorry it’s a bad time right nowsave the reasons yadda yadda don’t don’tlet that stop youyou know there’s a long way to go foreverybody you can totally get there whydon’t you start just by writing downthese goals define what success is foryou and i think it’lli hope it gives you a little bit moremotivation to keep on going and toto just not take no for an answer andeventually things will work i promiseokay so that’s all i’ve got for youtoday i do want to mention you know longlines of building a business i do have afree gift for youto also help you get started you knowreaching out tonew clients and building that list ofclients that you really want to workwith and work forso head to i’d love for you to have it takes30 secondsit’ll go directly to your inbox give yousome great ideas and where to beginall right don’t forget to like andsubscribe the video leave a commentbelow tell me what you think aboutyou know writing down your goals tell mewhat success is to you if you can be sopulled you knowi would love to hear it and i would loveto support you with with whatever you’retrying to do itruly mean that that’s only reason i’mmaking this channel really is just tohelp and support anybody who needs it sowhatever i can do for you please let meknow and i’ll do everything in my powerto to give you a hand and to give yousome adviceif i can do that okay all right sothat’s all i got for you today folksthanks so much for listeningi’ll see you next time

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