How To Show and Hide Tracks in Pro Tools With Markers

I love to create markers in Pro Tools that organize my tracks and workflow using the show hide feature. This is a game changer for me when I have a lot of tracks in my Pro Tools session. Using the show hide markers allows me to fly from track to track without thinking or scrolling for days. Which is a bonus for me!

Hey everybody this is Adam Claremont welcome back i’ve got a quick tip foryou today i want to show you how i usemarkers to actually hide and show tracksso that i’ve got a more efficient andcleanworkflow process and if you like videosjust like this be sure you hit thesubscribe button it would mean the worldto memake sure you hit the notification belltoo so you don’t miss any of the videosthat i’m uploadingevery single week all right so let’sdive in the computer i’ll show you whati got going onokay so here’s my film and televisiontemplatethat i use and i want to show you how iuse markersto actually show and hide groups oftracksand actually the impetus when i came upwith this idea i was envious becausehere in my studio i’ve got a c24 controlsurfacewhich is on the older side but it’s verypowerful don’t poo poo itbut the newer consoles like you knowlike the s6 and things like thatthey have vca spills so for example ifyou’ve got multiple tracks like you knowyour grouping tracks like dialoguetogether on a vcaif you call up your vca fader it’llspill all the corresponding tracksto the left or to the right of thatfader so everything is really clean wellidon’t have that ability but what i dohave is the ability to recall with asingle buttonright above the fader on the c24 to hitmarkers so with markers i can show andhide tracksso here’s what i’ve done i’ve got all ofmy dialogueand my voiceoveron a show hide marker and again so whenwe’re mixingwe’re not you know we don’t have afinger on the dialogue and a finger onthe music and a finger on the effectsandno we’ve only got so many fingers firstof all you’re usually working on thedialogueand then we’re working on the effectsand we’re working on the music rightso it’s helpful to instead of bankingall around the consoleto just have things really organized andquick way to get things to where youremember them and so you can use yourmuscle memoryis to do something just like this sothat every single time i hit that markeri’ve got my first dialogue track andit’s my first fader on the left and ihit the other markerand i’ve got my first effect track andit’s the first one on the left you knowso this is how i coordinated it andbecause the c24 has 24 faders i tried tomake each show hidemarker have about 24 tracks soyeah you can see all my effects righthides everything else it’s just cleanyou know all my ambience my music ishere for another one and then i’ve gotone that’s alland this is what i mean i mean this isjust my temple this is where it getsstarted but this is just a lot to scrollthrough and especially like if you’re ona console it’s a lot to find like whenyou’re trying to find the one thingso i find when you can consolidate yourworkflow and consolidate what’s actuallyreadily available for youit just makes your life a lot fastersimpler less stressful and you can justbecreative right that’s the ideaespecially if you’re using a templateand you’re using these buttons you knowexactly where the faders are going toline up as soon as you hit that buttonevery timeso you can just kind of go to it whichis great and the same thing for musicyou canuh put a show hide in all your drums andshow hide in all your vocals andshow hide and all your keyboards andsynths and stuff like that in yourprogramminghighly encourage you so let me show youhow we set it up actually so let’s justdo like a little fake thing here let’sgo umwe’ll just take out some of these trackswe’re going to hide theseso let’s say i want to make a show hidewith just these three so we’re going toselect all threewe’re going to hit enter to pull up thememory location we’re going to change itfrom marker to noneand then we’re going to click the trackvisibility and let’s just call thislike test or something like that allright so here it is test so i’ll call upallso there’s everything all right i comeback to testand there it is and then the last thingthat i’ll show you before we wrap thisupis with the memory locations againbecause of muscle memoryi wanted to create a quick key for theseat the keyboard as wellbecause not everybody has a controlsurface righti like to have things the same everysingle session as much as i can possiblycontrol so what you i did if you can seemy all show hide is marker number 50.the on dialogue is 60. effects and foleyis 70 80 and then to me those are easy numbers toremember they weren’t easy at firstbut as i went on and i utilized this dayafter day project after project i’vebeen using this for quite a while nowi know right off the bat if i want tocall it my voiceoveri’m just going to go to the number padi’m going to dot 60 dotand i’ve got my voiceover over here if iwant to call my musici know it’s dot eight zero dot and thereit isright so again it’s just another way tocreate a systemthat you can use again and again andagain where you don’t have to bethinking you don’t have to bring yourmouse over your click you can just goright to itand i’ll show you really quicklyactually let’s do that i’ll show you howto actuallychange the number so you can decide whatit is we’ll just hide some stuff againso let’s create show hide for this wecall up our memory location by hittingentertake it off a marker go to none trackvisibility is on and then up here youcan create whatever number you want likelet’s say 99all right um new testright so we’re going to go to all now wecan go dot 99 dotand there it is so there you have itshow hidelet me know in the comments how youwould work this into yourworkflow like what would you grouptogether to get rid of all the clutterand work on certain things i’d love tohearwhat you’re doing alright so make sureyou hit that subscribe button as wellhit the notification bellevery time you do these videos are seenby more and more people which helps thechannel grow it helps me growmakes me feel good help somebody feelgood today hit the subscribe buttonalrightbe a hero thanks so much guys i’ll talkto you next timesee ya

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