Create Audio for Advertising [Becca Falborn of Sound Lounge]

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Welcome back everybody I’m Adam Clairmont this is the Adam Clairmont show where we talk about how to start and grow a career in audio with actionable tips from myself and people I’ve met along the way so before we begini’d like to help you build up yourclient list if you’re sort of spinningyour wheels you’re not sure what step totake firstto get the clients that you see otherpeople working with that you want towork withgo to client list i’vegot a pdf guidea little step-by-step action that cangive you some ideas of what to do nextto reach that goal so it’s free takes 30 secondswould love towould love for you to have that allright so let’s get to the showtoday i’m really excited to welcomebecca falborn who is the executiveproducerat sound lounge one of new york’sbiggest most prominentaudio post-production companiesproviding creative services for tv andradio commercialsfilm television series podcasts they doso much and they do it really wellbecca oversees the commercial divisionproducer team as well as representingthe rosterof audio mixers and she’s worked withsome big iconic brands likebud light mattel mercedes mcdonald’swe’re gonna dive into a lot that she’sworked on it’s really exciting and i’mreally excited to welcomebecca thank you so much for being herebecca thank you i’m so excited to beon the guest side of a podcast so youare usuallyon my side you’re usually running theship and hosting right you’re busycorrect i i host two podcasts one that’smy own and one that is partnered withsound loungeand the mill i took a listen to yoursuh it like my personal and your excuselistenunexcused and uh it is very interestingand very entertaining it’s it’s reallyaboutjust you know excusing negative energyfrom your lifeum anything that no longer fits the waythat youwant to you know progress your careeryour life anything like that becausewe’ve all hadshitty people in this livestream no ilove that it’s great i love thatwhole topic for for a podcast seriesthat’s greatso so tell us a little bit like how didyou get to sound lounge so likebefore so me and you uh you and iuh we emet over email you hired thestudio i work at over ita couple years ago to work on a mercedesspotand thanks you brought jon hamm into thestudioum that was quite an introduction here’sthis you knowpowerful executive bringing john hammhere i was pretty thrilled with that oneand i quickly jumped on linkedin by theway everybody jump on linkedin becausebecca’s gotso many great posts and she’s reallyactive and brings a lot of value to theaudio communitybut i’ve just been blown away ever sincelike that was my first interaction ijust remember umnot every time when i’m dealing withproducersor post coordinators like thecommunication is always kind of sketchysometimesbecause i know it’s a crazy hectic joband you can speak to thatdealing with talent especially a-listtalent schedules are nutsyou never know where they’re going to beor what studio you have to cancel lastminuteso you know i’ve got some sympathy therebut you were just like on top of it ijust i recognized that it just stood outfor from some of my interactions i’vehad with othersum but tell me how you get to a pointlike that where you can just sort of bea boss with peopleand brands like that and just own thejobyeah so um let me see my professionalpathum so when i initially i guess we can goback tomy reality tv days umbefore i got into advertising andpost-production my first job out ofcollegewas as a production assistant onum tattoo nightmares in jersey shore thefinal season of the original seriesand tattoo nightmares was thepilot season and pilot episodes that wewere working on the reenactments at thesame timeand i i wholeheartedly believe thatstarting my career in that realmmade me even more efficient withproblem solving and speed and efficiencylikeyou don’t really have the time to stopand question what’s going on you justhave to do and you have to think on yourfeetso fast and there were there were timesthat i didn’t when i was younger and ii was learning and getting my you knowmy sea legsbut after that uh the first two showsthat i worked oni went straight into two more um iworked on snooki and jwow seasons two and three i was actuallythere when snooki gave birth to herfirst childum so there was yeah there was a lot ofof things that i kind of experienced inmy career faster than i even wasprepared to and i think that havingthose experiences and being able towitness some crazy things that i neverthought i wouldum really gave me the tools to be ableto figure out likeokay um if if something has to happen itjust has to happen and you know evenlike you were saying i reached out toyou because we needed a studiofor jon hamm to record at for mercedesand he was in the middle of like nowhereabout an hour and a half away from whereyou guys areand i had i just had to findsomewhere and we had to figure out howfar he was willing to traveland um you know i worked with john inperson at sound lounge plenty of timeshe’s a wonderful human being he’s superpleasant to work withand very easy going so you tell him likehey you got to drive an hour he’s likeall right man like i’ll drive an houryou know he likes to have his coffee ina paper cup and like a quarter of abagel and he’sha like happy as a clam or happy has aham as i like to sayactually you gave me that tip i think itwas you who mentioned the coffeein the paper cup i had fun yepyeah so he’s he’s super easy going andlaid back soum you know it makes it easier whentalent when a-list talent is verydown-to-earthum but i think that you knowalso knowing that my client was anxiousand nervousand unsure of what the outcome was gonnabe where he was gonna go if it was gonnabea good enough studio and it’s hardbecause we you know i’ve never been toyour studio i’ve never been to many ofthe studios that i’m sending people toso it’s a lot of the time it’s a shot inthe dark and you’re justyou know kind of praying thateverything’s going to go well butit all worked out and not to interruptyou in that one fromfrom my side on that i see thattentativeness a lot and i alsoreceive a lot of these like red flag sosphone calls friendly phone calls goinghey weneed we need a studio like today ortomorrow what can you do because we justhad this [ __ ] showwherever xyz and we’re stuck[Laughter]so i get i get that um and i totallyunderstand that tentativenessso i i do a lot of yeah okay let’s talkthis through just to make you aware oflike what we do so it makes it a littlebit easierbecause i don’t want the talent cominghere with that sort ofunease uh that sort of like uneasinesseitherbecause that’s not good for anybody so itotally understand thatyeah definitely um and so like after iafter i worked in reality tv itransitionedinto working in post-productioni got my first job at a color andfinishing studio and advertising callednice shoesthey were an amazing company to work forand to get my foot in the door it’sreally how i created most of theconnections i still have todayum i was receptionist in client servicesso i iwas just booked you know helping booksessions here and there but really justingesting clients as they came inchecking people in and i remember like iwould study the list of clients becausei just wanted to know who everyone wasand i wanted people to rememberwho i was and i knew that the only way iwould move up in this industry waswho i knew so i continued to networkthat wayum finally persuaded their marketingdirector paulwho i’m still very good friends with tolet me go to ad parties with himso that i could network with even morepeople anduh eventually just kind of outgrew thatroleneeded to make a change worked on theagency side which i thinkanyone who works in post-productionshould work on the agency side at leastonce if you’re a producer because umit’s really important to reallyknow what the client wants if you arethe client yeahof course um that seems obvious i’m justkind of understanding thatalways considered right yeah yeah soum i worked in business affairs on theagency sidewhich you know kind of gave me thatthe knowledge of the legal side ofeverything andtalent agreements and music licensingand production contracts things i hadnever thought that i would really learnand now it makes me a lot more buttonedup with the things that i’m doing itmakes me understandwhy things have to happen the way thatthey have to happen andby nature i’m just a very cautiousperson so you know i want toweigh all the options i want to seeeverything laid out andum i think that that’s all of thatcombined thatreally weird path that’s brought me tohere umhas kind of given me the tools to be aswhat i think is as efficient of an ep aspossiblewell yeah and i love that path and ilove thatum for anybody you know the idea of youknow sink or swimman i can’t think of another valuablelife lesson than being tossed in thosesituationsyou know and especially if it helps ifyou’re in those situations with peoplearound you who can really likehelp keep the things afloat ifeverybody’s in the same situation you’rekind of screwedright but you need you need those sortof role models and those references tolike say like okay this is how i gottaact this is how i have to conduct myselfthere’s the expectationum i might not have all the tools readyto get this donebut at least i see like what it lookslike around me byexamples right so yeah exactlyso i’m sure that helps shape everythingso i’m curiousnow that you’re at sound lounge whoprimarily is audio focused am i correctyeah i mean that’s the big deal yeahwe’re only audio that’s all we doso um was audio always part of yourbackground or your career goals or isthis just sort of like where you landedi honestly never thought i would work inaudio umwhich is funny because uh myex-boyfriendwas always wanted to be an audioengineer he went to berkeley college ofmusicand i remember trying to get i actuallytried to get him a job at sound loungewhen i was working at nice shoesand then it’s just funny how i ended upgetting a job at sound lounge and hedidn’tum is that how the relationship endeduh yeah i mean like he’s definitelynever going to work in audio in new yorkbut i never thought that i would fallinto such a niche marketof post-production um ialways wanted to you know i dabbled invideo editing a few timesum i’m you know kind of i’m well-versedon avid andand final cut and i still work on somelike projects on my own on the sideso i never really thought that i wouldbein audio specifically i knew i alwayswanted to be a producer and i knew iwanted to bean executive producer before i turned30. um i just didn’t know wherenecessarily so um did both of thoseso that’s that’s great that you younailed that right to the tyou said before 30 that was like part ofit i love thatthat’s great i got to do more of thatyeah i just you knowa little aside um actually i was justwriting about this the other dayon linkedin i’ve been doing to-do listsfor foreverlike physical to-do lists um yeah for meit’s like all about focus and gettingthings doneand eliminating like the aimless workyou know you mentioned deficiency beforei have to write it down i knoweverybody’s got their way umbut you know i’ve been reading foreverabout like you know like manifestationis going to get a little like woo for asecbut like the idea of like physicallywriting down your goals and like sayingwhat you just did like reallypinpointing iti just recently had the epiphany andi’ve only heard it a million times solike this is how slow of learner i amlike i just had the epiphany i shouldactually be doing that dailywith not just my to do’s but like mygoals so like i’m just so likeas soon as you just said that i was likeman here’s an example of someone whosaidbuy 30 this is the thing and here you gobam you nailed it i just got to getbetter at that so thank you for at leastlikeshowing me this is this is doableyeah and i think for anyone in theircareer you know trying to figure outtheir footingthere’s plenty of times where i was youknow i was like 26 and i was like that’sso unrealistic i was i was still workingatuh the agency i was at i was a businessaffairs coordinator i was like how am igonna do this i don’t think it’s gonnahappen and i doubted myselfso many times and thenthere was you know my sister is is ahugerole model of mine because she puts hermind to something and she does it and ifit failsshe gets back up and she doesn’t let shedoesn’t let anyone tell her noum and uh you know watching her careerpath you know she’ssuper successful um it just made me wantto domore and and you know follow in herfootsteps andtry to strive for whatever i could sowhenever i would fall down or somethingwouldn’t work out and i’d you knowwallow in my own self-pity for a littlewhilei would you know always say if i’m gonnasit here and be sad about it that’s notgonna make it happen if i’m gonnasit here in my own self-pity and saypoor me poor me poor me why isn’t thishappening to me why is happening tosomeone elsethat’s still not going to make it happenso the only thing you can do is tocontinue to try and show why you’reyou know why you’re worthy of that and ithink whether you’re a produceran engineer an assistant engineer anintern if youshow that you’re worth a companyinvesting in youthey’re gonna do it yeah that’s exactlyright you know i tell interns a lot umyou know there’s so many peopleinterviewing for internshipseverywhere and especially you know thepast 10 years or so there’s so manyaudio schools turning out students whichis great the access is morereadily there for people who areinterested in industry but thecompetition issteeper than ever has been um there’sdefinitely like more work available ithink than there ever has been butthat’s another thing but likethe point of like if you’re interviewingpush the envelope make don’t make peoplehave a choice like make it blatantlyobviousthat you’re the one so just whateverpeople are doingdo 10 times more so like come in with aresume full ofyou know 10 links to voiceovers yourecorded to adr that you’ve done thesound design you’ve done two recordsyou’ve recorded and mixedyeah like 10 20 30. with youtube you canstrip everything and do it allfrom your house you don’t need to be ona job or get paid for it and the personwho’s hiring doesn’tcare if you got paid for it they justwant to see the work that’s done noyou’re not going to find another internis going to do thator an interview that’s going to do thatexactly so just push theyou know make the decision for thesepeople that’s obvious i would yeah iwouldn’t bring an intern with somethinglike thatright whenever my my friends yeahwhenever my friends ask meum like my friends who who aren’t on thehiring end if they’re looking for a newjob orum they need like career advice at allthey’re always asking like well what doyou look for in a resume can you lookover my resumeor what do you look for when you’reinterviewing someone and i always sayi need to remember them like first andforemost likeyou could have not the most experiencebut ifi show if you show that you havethe drive and the knowledge of what i’mlooking for and youset yourself apart from everyone elseyou’re automatically on the top of mylisthands down so you know that’s a hugethat’s a huge factor and andyou know when even when we’re you knowi’m constantly getting random resumessent to me even if we don’t have joblistings out thereum and i i will say the one thing thatis my biggest piece of advice to anyonewho’s doing thatis do your homework on where you’resending your resumebecause the amount of times that i getresumes for people who are likei’d love to be part of your musical teamif you look at our websitewe don’t have a music department that’snot what we doso don’t send that to us no joke i gotum i received an inquiry one time for aninternshipum and and full disclosure and i’ve saidthis all time i never look at resumessorry i don’t really care about resumesi just want to see personality and likemeet somebodyso i figured i’ll do an interview umactually first if they respond back tomy email because my first thing isthey’ll email me with a thingand i’ll say okay email me back in twoweeks a month whatever it is if theycan’t do that they don’t get theinterview if they can they get theinterviewthat weeds out about 90 of the peoplequite honestly yep so there’s aninterview so i’m going through thiswhole spielabout the studio and everything we dohere and andat the end of it she goes yes i’m reallyinterested in this designinternship now we have designers hereas well graphic designers why didn’t youstop me why didn’t of all the peoplethe email correspondences yeah youcouldn’t have said the first minutewe walked into a recording studio goingi might be in the wrong spot or talkingto the wrong personoh my god oh my god so anyway just anaside yeah know who you’re talking topleaseso yeah i had i had someone one timecome in for an interviewand they they only they looked great onpaperthey only had time at like 8 30 in themorningand i was like great i got to be at theoffice half hour early umand i’m like this person better be goodand then theni get there and no they they were therethey were you know underdressed whichwas a huge no-no to begin with um andthenthey were very aloof and just kind oflike yeah i’m just kind of trying tofigure out likeif i even want this job and i was likethis interview’s overlike i can’t you just wasted my timei’ve barely had coffee yetit’s just you know no don’t wasteanyone’s timethat’s like a huge factor too like yousaid it’s you knowspeak up yeah so let’s let’s um bringthat conversation with that in minddon’t waste anybody’s time let’s talkaboutuh what it’s like in the studio during asessionwith becca with one of your clients umi would love for you to explain uh tothe people whohave never maybe been in the room or ona project with anadvertising agency um what are theexpectations likewhat’s like the atmosphere in the roomis it tense is it funum you know just explain a little bit ofthat so the people get understandingyeah sure so um i will say majority ofthe timethe producers on our end are notactually sitting in the roombut there’s also a decent amount oftimes where we are called into the roombecause the client wants us there soum and obviously the past few monthsit’s been a lot different butuh we also make sure that every producerwhen they startsits in multiple sessions to make surethat they’re aware of what they’reproducingum so i will say uh the one thingabout audio and advertising thateveryone needs to understand is that weare the lastend of the like the last piece of thepuzzle we arethe you know the finish line if you willandum clients are always semi-crazedwhen they come to us and a littlefrantic because they know that they havetoespecially if it’s a campaign that’s gota quick turnaround timeand they might have used their wholebudget up on color and editorial alreadyor production and then they’relike hey we have these campaigns it’syou know we’ll get the request on mondayor tuesday and they got a ship by fridayso they’re a little frantic they don’tknow how they’re going to get it alldone andyou know our first job as producers isto sayall good we’re going to make this workum you know we’ll take care of you guysand kind of put them at ease because ifthey’re not at ease then it’s going tojustkind of snowball into the rest of thethe steps of the project on our end andit will makeour engineer you know it just it’s thewhole vibe we’ve thrown off before we’renotyou know from the difficulties rightthat gives them confidence yeahexactly so um in the roomwhen when we are in the room and whenwe’re not working from homeuh it can be anywhere from two toten people um it can be aassociate producer a producer acopywriter an executive creativedirectorthe voice over artist the accountsupervisoryou know the list goes on um could bethe svp of the agency could be thereum the brand client could be there uh soyou reallyyou know we never know it really justdepends on on who you’re working withthe editorthis assistant editor like there youknow the list goes on of who couldpotentially show up for the sessionand a lot of times we don’t knoweveryone who’s going to show up beforethankfully we have very large studios sothere’s usually nottoo much of an issue if too many peopleshow up because we have plenty of amplecouches and seating and all that kind ofstuff umbut it’s you know depending on theprojectum you know there’s a lot of especiallyso say it’s a session that’s recordingand mixing so they’ll do the recordfirst with the voiceover umyou know pick which takes they likere-record if they need to they usuallyhave the voiceover for about an hour totwo hours depending on you know how longeach copy of the scripts areum and then you know they start layingeverything inif we have to do a music search themachine room is normally doing the musicsearch simultaneously while the record’shappening pulling some tracks fromuh third-party vendors that we work withgetting those up for the mixer so thatthey’re available and ready in a folderfor them once they’re ready to mixand then it’s just a kind of a lot oflet’s see what works like does this takework withand how does this music sound with thevoiceover layered over itand do we have to pull sound effects andif we do have to pull sound effectsare we layering them are we creating asoundscape or did we already do thesound design beforeif we did is it already in a good placeand approved by everyone or do we havetoyou know play around with that even moreand thena lot of the times if you know the brandclient isn’t physically thereum it’s you know they get everything toa decent place with what the creativedirector copywriter producerfrom the agency you know wants and thenthey send it off to clientand sometimes it’s just waiting aroundin the room untilthere’s a yes or no from the client andoften times it’s a no because clientsthat’s there’s always another ideayeah or you know can we play around withthis can we change this and you knowthat’s why there some of these sessionsare so longum especially for larger campaigns likesuper bowl campaigns and stuff like thatuh so then you know back to the drawingboard let’s pull this other take wethink that thisyou know this take was clipped at theend a little bit too muchor the music’s a little too hot or thatsound effectis you know interfering with someone’swith one of the words you know there’sthere’s so many little things thatthat people are are commenting on andwhat i always think is sointeresting is that a lot of the timesthese clients you know the brand clientor someone who’s notphysically in the room uh when we areable to be in the studio is that they’relistening on headphonesand usually they’re not listening onstudio grade headphones like the onesthat i’m wearing right now the onesyou’re wearing right nowthey’re listening on like air pods orearbuds of some sort or you know notnecessarily the bestquality of if you’re lucky that you’regoing to get i mean or they’re justlistening on their laptopyeah and making critical decisions forchangesyeah yeah but i mean honestly most ofthe ads out in the world right nowthat’s how people have been approvingthem andum you know it i guess it’s not that bigof an issue but i will say that i thinkthat thequality of audio overall is much betterwhen you’re able toyou know qc it on b h uh speakersa lot of the times when the producersare called into a session when it’shappening in the studio it’s becausesomething’s wrong okay yeah so eitherthey’rethey’re scared that and it’s not becauseour engineer did anything wrong it’susually likethe client you know isn’t getting backto us we’re running out of timewe’re running out of money we need tobook more time we might go into overtimelike what can like how can you help usor what can we do and that’s wherewhere we come in and um that or it’s heywe decided we’re going to produce evenmore stuff for this campaign andwe need more time and we have more moneyand that’s the that’s thebest reason to be called to the studioso um yeah i mean there’s a laundry listof things that could happenand uh you know some a few times i’vebeen called injust to give my opinion like do youthink this sounds better do you thinkthis sounds betterum or you know if they need somethingfolied really quick iabsolutely love doing sound design andhelping to helping foleythose are the best days in my opinionholy days yeahit’s just so much fun i could get lostin that but you just said something thati think isshould be glossed over the idea of youknow that second opinioni can say firsthand a lot of people onthe engineering sideum i shouldn’t say a lot of people butthere are plenty of people whoum they don’t really consider that youknowthey hold their work sacred sometimesand we got to get over that as engineersum you get so close to a project youdon’t hear you know it’s like seeing theforest through the trees type of a thingyou need somebody with a fresh startwith a fresh opinion fresh set of earswho hasn’t been diving into it for thepast hour or two especially with someonemaybelike you mentioned if you’re in asituation where it’s kind of stressfulwith a client you run out of moneyaround a time right now everything elseand you’re kind of in that zone it’sprobably better to in the endsay hey what do you think you know it’sgoing to be thereyeah i mean we’ve had the sooner you getit yeah we’vewe’ve had quite a few instances whereand and this happenshonestly like with anything it couldhappen with editorial could happen withcolor it could happen with the effectslikeliterally anything where you’re like yousaid you’re justso honed in and invested into whatyou’redoing that you just need a fresh set ofeyes or a freshpair of ears to just gloss oversomething and saydid you not hear that little tick in thebackground orthat high-pitched ring that’s kind ofweirdly uhlingering underneath the voice over orone timewe were working on a campaign umfor actually it was uh two two or threeyears ago three years ago wowum for bud light it was right when thedilly dilly campaign beganand you know it was all like themedieval style like old english accentsand everythingand there was a word that was being saidthat sounded likea derogatory term and i caught itright before it went out and i was likeit wasn’t it just hadit just can’t do that it was just thepronunciation and because of the accentand it was likea disaster and yeah and everyone hadbeen looking at it and listening to itfor so long that no one else reallyheard it and then the minute wemyself and the ep of sound lounge at thetime heard it we were likeum we have to call the editorial andtell them because the editorialhad booked us with the you know throughthe agency or the agency booked usthrough the editorialso i got on the phone with editorialproducer and i was like hey i don’t meanto like throw a wrench into this i knowthis needs to go out like asap but likei i have to say something and then theyhad tore-record like one line really quick andlike slide it in andand thankfully it wasn’t like you knowto you know adrlike having to sync to the person oncamerayeah so i was like whoo thank god butyou know little things like that um youknow that it’s it’sunderstandable and that’s also why theproducer’s there to make sure thatyou know we’re that extra set of supportwhere that extra set of ears were youknow where the safety net it’s not anego thing it’s not a slave againstanyone in the team the whole point is itis a team for this reason right yeahyeah yeah exactly um and that’s that’sone thing that i like about this kind ofthis this side of the work you know ilike that part i love feedback i lovegetting umit’s funny like again and i’m not tryingto like slam my people here my audiopeople but sometimeswe don’t like being told that somethingisn’t that we did isn’t that great buthonestlythe quicker you get the feedback fromthe person who because you know wewe aren’t working on our own projectshere this isn’t the becca project it’snot the adam projectit’s whoever’s project and the quickerthey tell you yes or no or give youtheir feedbackthat’s much better you’re going to wasteless time you’re not going to go downsome rabbit trailright working out some idea that reallythey don’t wantand it’s not that it was a bad idea it’sjust not what they want they’re notpaying for itso just get them what they’re paying forand get them what they wantexactly and it’s like you know there’sbig egos in advertising alreadyso like on the post side let’s just likeput them asidefor a little bit and like take thatconstructive criticism and i i alsothink it has something to do with thefact that weum it’s the way you deliver it so youknow youi i like to start with like a complimentthis sounds really amazing uhi just wanted to ask a quick questionaboutand then i bring up the little thingthat i want to ask about so it’s notsaying like i think this could be betteror likeyeah it’s i call them and the same yeahit’s just like yeah it’s just likethere’s there’s a little bit ofconstructive criticism in the middle andthen there’s goldlike pieces of bread on the outsidesaying like you did a great jobcan you make this can you make the restof it just as greatlike that’s it it’s very good it’s rightit’s all in the deliveryyeah yeah exactly so umdeadlines umi don’t think anybody’s got crazierdeadlines than in the ad worldand and right man oh my god and youmentioned too it’s likeaudio because we’re you know we’retalking about audio audio is always thelast part of the equationyou know it’s the same thing on filmsets it’s like you know thethe ld spends and the grips spend likethree hours lighting and everyone’sgoing where is audioafter that 10 minutes that they get istaking 11 minutesyou know same thing with ads you knowall the copyright and all the back andforth and then the video and theanimation and everything and then it’swe’re waiting on audio and wehaven’t even gotten it yet so it’sthere’s always this i need it yesterdayyou know it seems like it you know andthen yeahum do you want to talk to about i don’tknow if everyone understands this butlike oftentimes not with every spot butlikethere’s usually it’s it’s you knowsometimes we can work on a single spotbut oftentimes there’s a campaign andthose campaigns will have a termsometimes it’s several months andthey’re kind of planned at the outsetsometimes so you might record them allin one shot so do you see that a lot toowith sound lingerie yeahso um most of the reese’s commercialsthat you see on air nowum and throughout the past two years uhfor all the holidays and differentyou know events that go on throughoutthe yearthey’re pretty much all recorded atone time or like between two daysbecause it’s celebrity voice over it’suh will our net um andyou know he’s available for whatever dayand that’s when we got itmore efficiently so um yeah and you knowsome of thatsome of that stuff that’s recorded thenis immediately released if it’s rightbefore a lot of times weirdly it endslike it’s right around the holidays soum you know there’s obviously holidaycampaigns for for reese’s butum you know a lot of the time it’s likewe’re recordingeaster stuff in december and umor i mean at the beginning of this yearwe did a christmas campaignfor not for races for another um brandfor this coming year so it was likejanuary we were doing the christmascampaign for 2020 and i was like well imean at least i guess they’reahead of the game so well hopefully forthemtimely yeah yeahum we’ll see if they have to redoeverything after knowing what this yearhasunfolded well i know that yeah i mean somuch of the workpersonally that we did here in the falllast yearand early part of like the winter itjust got cannedyou can’t you just have to be relevantyou know it’s all these you know liveaction spots with people hanging outit’s like you can’t run that in marchand april and junesorry i mean we’ve even lost like tensand tens of thousands of dollars on someof these spotswe had a lot of clients who even um youknow right at the beginning of thepandemic when lockdown started andeveryone was working from home they werethey were enlisting us to work on thesecampaigns and a lot of themstill haven’t hit air because they arelikepeople dancing dancing around with nomasks on in like public places orum you know hugging and kissing eachother on the cheekand like you know on the sidewalk orsomething or strangerslike meeting up with each other and ormeeting each other out you know inpublic and it’s just like you can’tyou can’t show that stuff right now soumyeah it’s like a whole new trend ofadvertisingit’s been very interesting to navigatethrough these past few monthshey would you also mind touching on youknowbecause i know you do um it’s not justradio and television spots that you’reyou’re doing in sound lounge there’s alot of creative happeningand i would love to hear from someone inyour position to just talk abouthow you see like audio playing a roleright now with telling the story withselling the service withwhatever you know the cta needs to behow is audio supporting those thingstoday because i thinkwhat i’m seeing is there’s a lot ofchanges happening it’s creating a lot ofjobsso everyone you know it’s listening likethese are things you can go after do youwant to talk about like just some of themore creativeways that you’re seeing audio beingutilized with sound launchyeah um i think even you know outside ofjust soundpost production in general is uh playinga muchlarger role in the creative process of alot of the campaigns that we’re seeingout there right nowbecause productions have changed so it’sa lot of smaller scale productions whichmeans a lot of morea lot more animation and uh you knowthings that arebeing created and manipulated inpost-production umthe other thing is that you know ifyou’re if you’re shooting on a smallerscaleyou might not be able to to capturethose onset production sounds that you normallywould have if you wereyou know shooting out in the opensomewhereor on a busy sidewalk or a street or youknow whatever it may be that thatthat that campaign is trying to embodyso we’ve noticed a lot more that we’llget a request for like sound designor you know we know that sound effectsare going to have to be pulleduh we haven’t even started to edit yetbut once we do start editing can we haveyour editorour editor and your sound designer andyour mixerwork hand in hand to make sure thatthey’re really creatingthis soundscape that isbeing you know told throughout the editas opposed to justthis has been edited we pulled a fewsound effects can you replace thembecause we can’t use any of themlike that which which was typicallyhappening a lot beforeand there’s plenty of times where we’reyou know you know in the past before allof this where we’reworking on the sound design from theget-gobut i’ve definitely noticed that peopleare really leaning on us to be able totake their projects to the next level umyou know even with voices and and a lotof the sound effects like i’ve had torecordplenty of foley of just like my voice inthe background of somethingor if anyone’s heard the new grubhubcampaign at the end the little jinglethat everyone’s going grubhubfamous so yeah little things like thatum but you know we had to layer a fewthings over that afew a few different voices and we keptcalling it minionizing our voicesbecause it’s really high pitchedand so um yeah it’sit’s really interesting because umwhile you know work you know of coursefor everyone slowed down for a littlebit in the beginning of lockdownum it’s definitely been a more personalexperience even thoughwe’re not able to see everyone in personbecausepeople are really leaning on us morethan ever to make sure thattechnically things are working properlyandcreatively um you know theyif they if the agency laid a bunch ofcreatives off or you know doesn’t havethe budget to hire a freelancer forthosepurposes that we’re the ones who areable tosee a rough cut see see a board um orsomesome scripts if it’s if it’s radio andgive our expert opinion and that’sthat’s what we’re here forthat’s great that’s awesome um yeahand i’m glad that you’re seeing so soagainbecause we’re last in linejust the way the production processworks yeah like you mentioned likesometimes it’s likethere’s this whole bit of creative andthen like oh yeah we needaudio here instead of thinkingaudio in the beginning as part of themessagingso i’m glad like that’s noticed some ofthat as well just becauseum and even with the advent of you knowa lot of home home assistants you knowalexa and things like thatyou know we don’t always have or or orum brands don’thave everyone’s eyes any longer oreverywhere right now sothey’re leaning more on audio so it’sbecoming more ofum an audio focused landscape you knowwith those devices andand with those products um which againeverybody means more jobs moreopportunitiesso go for it yeah yeah don’t forgetare there any projects you want tomention quick before we wrap up thatthatpeople should check out and takeinterest in yeahum well if you if anyone is on instagramand follow sound loungeny on instagram we usually postum some relevant current projects thatare on airor things that we’re working on alsosome like little fun work from homehighlightsbut we are in the middle of working ontwo amazingblack lives matter projects which i’mreally excited for those twoum hit the tv and online videos andinstagram and all this stuffum we are being enlisted for some asmrstuff which is reallyexciting and yeah i mean likeit’s it’s funny because i know thatthere’s people who like specificallywork on just asmr so like when we’reable to likebe included in that like like i saidfoley and sound design is like soexciting for me so i’m i don’t thinki’ll actuallylike be able to be the one of theartistson it but i just to be a part of it isexcitingi mean that even hit super bowl thispast year do you remember that yeahyeah yeah sorry sorry person who spentmillion dollarson that ad i can’t remember who it wasthat did it butseeing more of it yeah asmr hasdefinitely taken likeit’s like this whole big like fad now soit’sit’s exciting this is actually somethingthat will not beat a picture so that’seven cooler so it’sall audio it’s like um and then uh weare in the middleof and uh recently released the firstepisodeof the um massachusetts general hospitalpodcast called charged which is aboutthe women leading health careand a lot of the doctors that and anduh health care professionals that arebeing interviewed are talking abouttheir experience over the last fewmonths with coronavirusand um you know the the challenges thatthey’ve facedthe long hours that they worked theirpredictions for the futureand you know massachusetts generalhospital isone of the largest most prominentwell-known hospitals in the countryand maybe even in the world so it’s beenvery rewarding to be able to listen toall of their stories because i staypresent for most ofif not all of the recordings which we’redoing remotelyum and it’s it’s really wild hearingthe the stories that these women aretelling and the things that they’veexperienced not just during the past fewmonths but just in their careers ingeneralthat’s awesome so i’m so glad that youagreed to be on this show becauseyou you spoke about everything i washoping you would speak about so i i loveto kind of show everybody uh you knowwho’s ready to start a career in audioand who’s even working on audio likethere’s so much involved in thisindustryso what i’ve heard today and and bringup some things if i forget i’m hearingall these opportunities like podcastsi’m hearing radio i’m hearing televisionwhich we knew about i’m also hearing youknow like a-list celebrities i’m hearingvery large pocherecording studios appearing working withamazing creative peopleand teams uh supportive teamsum i’m hearing asmr uhi mean there’s so many things and againyou know i don’t think that there’s alot of peopleyou know doing you know what we do whoyou know when they’re 13 they watchedtelevision they sawan ad with a voiceover and thought iwant to go into audio i love the idea ofrecording voice overit’s usually not the thing that likegets people going really excited on thatpath it’s usually the loudest kick drumand a guitar solo orsome cool film and those things arereally cool but i’m hearing a lot ofawesome things in the ad side that iwould really encourage people to checkoutthere’s a great career uh available inadvertising and in podcasting and allthose thingsum and it’s cool because in that fieldyou’re bouncing it’s not like the samething every dayyou know a lot of sound design youmentioned fullyit’s an awesome place to live highlyencourage everybody to check it outthere’s anything you can add to thatthat i’m missing likewhat are some more of the perksum well before the pandemic the eventsare always really fun to go toum and the award shows i mean gettingaccolades for the work that you seeor that you’ve worked on in that thewhole world or the whole country oryou know whatever wherever your spotsare airing umi think that’s one of the most proudmoments whenever i get to seea commercial that i know we worked onwhether it’s an ad on instagramif i’m watching tv um or especiallyduring super bowl season which we’ll seewhat that’s like this year um god gotmy first project on the super bowl lastyear so that was pretty exciting for meso yeah i know it was really interestingso yeah all that stuff it’s awesome it’sreally exciting to see her work ona really big stage like that you know imean it’s why not be rewarded every nowand then rightexactly exactly um well becca i justwant to thank you so much uh iappreciate you so much i love seeingyour posts onon linkedin everyone check out becca onlinkedin you can check outsound lounge at and don’t forget your free gift client listi’ve got this guide that will just helpyou get started you know put that firstbest foot forward and how to get theclients that you’ve always wanted to work with so at becca thank you so so much for forcoming on and just sharing so much greatinformation with us todayof course thank you so much for havingme this was awesome don’t forget becca’salso got a podcastwhat is it again it’s called you’reexcused and thenum the other podcast i host is calledmilitary mill talkthere’s a lot of great industry there’sa lot of great industry talk on realtalk as well sothere you have it everybody uh don’tforget to hit the subscribe button hitthe notification bell so you can benotifiedevery week for videos just like this tohelp you start your careeruntil then i’ll see you later bye

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