Find Repeat Clients For My Recording Studio

Wouldn’t you love to have every client who leaves the studio just raving excited, thrilled about what you just provided for them and they’re telling all their friends about you? Well yeah you would. Who wouldn’t. let’s talk about it

All right welcome back everybody to the Adam Clairmont show i’m your host Adam Clairmont and here we discussgrowing and building your career inaudioso if that’s the sort of thing you lovethen please don’t waithit the subscribe button hit thenotification bell give me a thumbs upleave me a comment what do you want toheartell me do you like this video tell mebut don’t wait please if you like thevideo just do one of those thingsbecause it means the world to me and ithelps the channelso much i don’t want to be making videosif you don’t like them so i’d muchrather hear what you want to knowand i’d be happy to provide videos aboutthat sort of thingyou know thank you so much to everybodyfor all your dms on instagram andlinkedincheck me out there make sure you followme there and let me know all right ilove the interaction i really reallyappreciate itand also since we’re talking aboutbuilding your career in audiohead over i’ve got a free guide that just helpsyou with just that building your clientlist this is the point rightmake more money get more clients makemore money get more clients do good workdo what we loveaudio so head over to Adam it’s free it’ll go rightdirectly to your inbox just takes about30 secondsall right so let’s just dive into whatwe’re going to talk about today and thatis basically just impressing the bejesusout ofeverybody who comes in your studioeveryone who comes in contact with youwhile you’re working all right soour biggest asset in marketing i believeis word of mouth one it’s freeit doesn’t cost us anything we don’thave to put an ad dollars to this oryou know allocate our budget to word ofmouththe only thing we need to do is impresspeople and then they’re just going tospeakand they’re going to speak honestly andfreely you know if they leavea session of yours if they leave yourstudio or if they get off the phone withyou or a zoom call whatever it is andthey’re really impressed with youyou know they’re going to tell otherpeople and if they tell other peoplethat has so much more weight to it thanyou know if i were to tell somebody howgreat i am hey you knowyou should really come over here becausei do a really great job versussomeone they know and trust had anexperience with you had a session withyoudid a had a project with you thatthey’re really satisfied with and thatpersontells this person you know how good youarethat’s called social proof right youknow it’s it’sit’s you know not to say that you’re nottrustworthy you know i don’t think thati’mnot trustworthy but it just carries somuch more weight i know you understandthis the same thing you know when you goon amazon you make a purchaseyou look at those reviews you knowyou’re not just going toread about the advertisement you’regoing to read what everyone elsefeels you know what did they get out ofthe product so it’s the same thingword of mouth it’s huge and the only wayto getgreat word of mouth business is byimpressing peopleright so this is what we’re going totalk about right now this will be ashort video so hang in with meand hang in to the end and we’ll juststart off right nowtip number one to impress your clientsis anticipate their needsdon’t always wait for them to tell youwhat they wantsometimes they don’t even know what theywant so what that could meanis i’m going to be readyfor everything that could possiblyhappen during a sessionso someone calls me up and they’re goingto tell me uh we’re just gonna beworking on vocals todaywell okay well i’m gonna have the vocalmic ready you know i’m gonna have theheadphones readyi’m going to you know since i’veprobably worked with this person beforeor if i’ve worked with this personbefore i’m going to think about how tallthat person is and i’m going to havethat micset as close to that you know that thatheightas i can and i’m also going to say let’ssay maybe they like to play the pianosometimes we do some piano trackingthat piano is going to be ready it’sgoing to be mic’ed up or i’m going toget the keyboard out it’s going to beplugged inand my session is gonna be ready forthat as well the headphones gonna benear the pianoum if they play guitar same thingthere’s gonna be amp ready a mic ready aguitar readytuned it’s gonna be right in the theproper space there’s gonna be headphonesuh there’s my headphones nearby allthose sorts of thingsanticipate you know that goes a reallong way becauseyou know when an idea strikes you wantto act on itright you want to be able to get thereas fast as you can and if you’re ifthey’re saying oh i just thought of thispiano ideaokay just one moment let me get the micsup well that can take 15-20 minutes justto get the mics up orpull the keyboard down plug it in youknow patch it into pro toolsall that stuff you know i would preferjust to have it ready to go and itdoesn’t take that much time ahead oftime you should probably know ourclients and this is alsoa great use of your assistants and yourinterns if you’ve got them i know noteveryone does have thembut this is a great learning tool forthem and explain to them and pass thisalong to themthis is why we’re doing this we don’tknow if we’re going to be recording somepiano todaybut why don’t you go ahead and get itset up um and think about these thingsforyou know when you’re ready to take onyour own sessions you know these arethings you’re going to prepare for sothat you can whatimpress your clients okay my second tipfor youon how to impress the bejesus out ofyour clientsis keep a clean studio you know thisseems so obviousyou know who i’m talking about here someof you guys like to leave your burgerking from two days ago in the garbage inthe studio or your pizza from last weeki know not everybody does that but thatain’t cool take the garbage out everydaydo a quick vacuum before your sessionsdust it downmake it presentable you know i get a lotof tours or i guess you know beforecovet hit i used to havemany many tours every week usually aboutone a day sometimes morea lot of people coming through here andthe goal is always 100 of the time idon’t want anybody leavingi don’t want anybody leaving thinkingthat they have seena nicer studio just that this placelooks good and the atmosphere is exactlywhat they want right so that’s my goal100 of the time and so it’s always cleanall that stuff but also another littlebonus tip for thisis make it smell nice you knowagain get rid of the garbage don’t leavethe burger kingyou know in the studio overnight thatstuff gets nastymake it smell nice and what i do is i’vegot thisthis diffuser it’s an essential oildiffuser and i’ve got these essentialoilsthese right here my wife would belaughing so hard if she saw me doingthis right nowyeah let me pimp out these essentialoilsum but honestly you know i got this fromherum so every morning i just open this upyou put a little bit of water in hereall right and you plug it in andi put two drops of tea tree oil and adrop of lemongrassin there and it just kind of just youknow steams away for the whole day reallightit’s not gonna knock anybody out whenthey come in the room uma lot of people might not even notice itbut it’s a little bit of deodorizerand it’s just a little bit of freshnessand it’snice to just come into place especiallyyou know we know studios aren’t knownfor windows and a lot ofair circulation so if you have like oldfood in here it gets nasty quickand i know that we’re all showeringbefore we get to the studio becausethat’s obvious but not every client doesi know it’s kind of gross to say butyou know it’s true so if you’re stuck inthe room even if not for themfor yourself it helps you know pass theday a little bit nicer if you knowyou’ve got something sort of likedeodorizing and freshening up the roomand again i wouldn’t use anything reallyum overly uh scented really reallystrongbecause if people are sensitiveobviously you know you don’t want tomake them uncomfortableum so that’s why i just use just alittle bit um i do that pretty muchevery morning when i come in the studioand i tell you what people enjoy it youknow theynobody wants to come into a place andstay there for a long time and it’sreally stinky so um you know think aboutthat you know even just a little bit offebreze in the morning or something justsomething to just kind of freshen it upall right so that’s my tip i can’tbelieve i’m just talking youtube aboutessential oilsokay and tip number three for how toimpress your clientsin your studio is have your sessionsrunning smoothly with a template youknowi’ve got a template that is ready for mytracking sessionsand any kind of production there’s a tonof stuff in there and a lot of it staysinactivebut it’s ready to roll so all i have todo is make something inactiveand i can go and that includes all myheadphone sense too which also leads meto my next point which ishave templates for specific clientsand what i would recommend is put inthose templates what they like to hearin their headphonesat the specific level that they likebecause i mean how think about it howmuch time have you spentyou know tracking the same client overand over again with different songsor for film and adr think about adr thewholedeal is who wants to hear what so mypoint isevery single person has a differentfeeling about what they want to hear intheir headphonesand if you’re using or if you’re workingwith the same person over and over againyou don’t need to be recreating thatevery time just have a template for thatpersonso you know if it’s a music thing youknow you’ve got their favorite reverbtheir favorite delayor whatever it is and it’s at the blendthat they likeit should work for most songs doesn’thave to be perfect for that song but youcan tweak inin the moment there but if it’s all setup a greatstarting point you’re not like searchingfor a new reverb and changing the decaytimeand changing the level of it andeverything else you can have it readyand also what you can do is if you wantto hear something different too whenyou’re trackingyou can have those sends different fromwhat you’re monitoring inin your session in your control room ifit’s in a template it doesn’t take youall the time to set it all up it’s justbam it’s done and because you knowyou’ve worked with them before and thesame thing with like adr i mean mygoodness with adr there’s so many thingsto be listening toyou know if your talent comes in a lotfor a lot of cues and you knowthey might you know do they want beepsthey want wipes you know do they wantstreamersdo they want the production effects dothey not want the production factor theywant production dialogue they want whatdo they want cut during their linethere’s a million of these things justhave a template you know template forclient abcyou know and client xyz you know andthey might be real similar but thoselittle differences go a long wayum so i highly encourage you to gettemplates set up for your headphoneslike that and also just for productionbecause againit might be vocal day um but maybe theyget the quick idea so like if you’ve gotsome instrument sends and instrumenttracks ready to roll again all bust toheadphones so all i have to do isinactivate them or sorry activate themyou know hit bypass on a send orsomething and it’s it’s ready to goyou’re not creating all this stuffyou know you’re anticipating ahead oftime you’re building it in that stuffgoes a real long way let me tellyou um people are really happy when allthey have to do is get in front of amicrophoneand it sounds really familiar and reallycomfortable that immediately puts themat ease and ready to performall right so check out your templatesand think about that uh the next timeyou have a client in your studio allright okay and my last tip tip numberfourwhy can i never put up the right fingerwhen i’m counting my tipstip number four is uh anotherreally simple one you know you’ve gotsomebody coming inyou’re hosting them they’re a guest be agood hosthave filtered water available cold androom temperaturehave coffee and tea their favoritecoffee and tea availableknow how they like it have it ready youknow just when they come inhere’s here’s some coffee let’s let’sget to it let’s have some fun you knoworyou know i got a nice room temperaturewater and a nice glass you know that’sour thing have a nice mughave a nice glass don’t use likestyrofoam cups you know that’s kind oflame um i know they’re easy to clean upbut again just go a little bit extradistance everybody’s got dishwasherthese days rightget a nice mug get a nice glasssomething that makes them feellike a star you know important you knowat homecomfortable something familiar right hotcup of coffeenice glass nice mug whatever it is youknow it’s a little thingum but i’m telling you i think all thesethings added up not just one of thesetips but all four of these added upin one session mind you like all thesethings are gonna be one sessionespecially if that’s a new client youknow they’re gonna be the man ithere’s a nice warm cup of coffee justready for me to goum the session went really smoothlybecause they just seemed like everyou know adam was one step ahead of methe whole timeyou know everywhere i wanted to go hewas ready you know put my headphones oneverything sounded greati could just do what i wanted to do andit soundedsounded great because i was comfortableand he took care of me the whole wayyou know and by the way the placesmelled greatright so there’s your social proof rightthat’s somebody who’s like you knowlooking back on the dayrealizing how much i got accomplishedhow comfortable that person feltsocial proof word of mouth freeit’s far easier to retain a client thanto get a clienthow easy were these things i just talkedabout you know maybe you don’t have adiffuser so maybe you want to get one ofthose that’s a small investment i don’teven know maybe 10 15 bucksthey last forever um coffee you’retalking pennieswater i hope you got some water andtemplates and just beingbeing prepared you know these things arenot that costly it’s far less costlythan advertising which isn’t even aseffectiveyou know as word of mouth um and it’snot um as believable right because againit’s an advertisementthis is not someone with experiencetalking abouttalking on your behalf this is you orsomeone you know that isn’t asuh trustworthy i guess right they don’thave that rapport yet you know just theway ads go people you know we know thisyou know that so there’s four tips ireally hope you enjoyed them please hitthat subscribe button leave me a commentdon’t just leave the video leave me acomment reallygive me a thumbs up let me know it wouldmean the world to me i just want to seethis channel thriveand i want to make sure that the videosare talking about something thatactually means something to you so ifthat’s not happening let me know youknow just hit me in the comments and sayhey dudedo better next time you know give megive me a hint i promise i’ll do betternext timeall right everybody so don’t forget yourfree gift adamclermont.comclient list it’ll help you build up thatclient list just like these tips willi know it will so head over there andthanks so much for watchingi’ll see you next time[Music]you

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