Tools For The Recording Studio – Work FASTER!!!

I hate hate hate doing redundant tasks again and again. I just want to set it up once and then have the rest taken care of for me. Maybe you’re like me so today we’re talking about productivity hacks for pro tools and your studio.

Welcome back everyone I’m Adam Clairmont this is the Adam Clairmont show and thisis where we’re going to talk about how to build and grow your business and your careerin audio and the first thing i want todo is give you a free gifthow to get a better bigger client listgo to super simple right to yourinbox takes 30 seconds i’ll deliver aguideand basically i’m just going to outlineeasy steps and how to get moving whereto beginto get better and more clients for yourbusiness so you can growmake more money that’s kind of the ideato stay doing what we loveworking in audio also don’t forget hitthe bell hit the subscribe button i loveto see the interactions too so don’tforget to comment and let me know whatyou thinkso with this video i want to talk allaboutproductivity hacks i can’t stand wastingtime when i’m trying to get work doneand even when i’m working i want to beworkingfaster to get it done not because idon’t love it i love what i doi just want to be as efficient aspossible so i can do asmuch as possible if i’m doing moreduring the day i’m making more moneyand i’m also not stressed out by doingthe same thing over and over and overagain sowhat i did was i put together basicallyfour tools that i useevery single day that make my job and mylifeso much easier and i highly encourageyou to grab them today so let’s just getright into itand it’s kind of early still soproductivity hack number oneget you some coffeeyeah i think i can i think i can getsome stuff done today all rightall right no real productivity hacknumber onesynchronize pro x uh if you’ve got astudio if you’re doing work in audioyou need to be backing up your audio andyour filesdaily how many of you out there have hadanightmare situation where a drive failsor something goes wrong you’re you’retransferring data from place to placeand you accidentally delete something uhi’ve been therebut i don’t want to go back so um i’mgoing to dive in the computer right herei’m going to show you what i’ve got allright so this is synchronized pro xuh here’s the website qdea.comum check out what they’ve got and i’llshow you the programsynchronize pro it runs in thebackground you set it up and basicallythe way that i’ve got it set up here atthe studio i’ll show you kind of somethe drives we gotso we’ve got um this is we got threedrivesaudio video and parthenon just don’tworry about what they’reactually named i don’t know why weneeded that but audio would it’sanything that doesn’t have a videocomponenti work a lot of audio projects i work alot of video projects as wellon the audio side so i’ve just divviedthem up between two differentdrives to make it simple so this is alot of the music stuff and the straightto radio stuffhere’s anything that has a videocomponent this parthenonis automatically backing up audio woodand video every single nightokay and by the way these are allinternal drivesall right in a mac tower throughsynchronized pro every night theyanalyze these two drives and whateverisn’t already on parthenongets moved over so every single nightthis is happening for mei set it up once never think about itagainall right that’s called productivityhack and let me show you one other thingthat’s really awesomeso how many of you will take a drivefrom place to place to placeright so like sometimes i’m starting aproject here and i might go home andwork from home for a dayand i’ll bring a drive but when i comeback i still want all that data backedup hereso you know in the past they used tojust like copy the whole folder over andlike delete the other one or somethinglike that but like that’s kind ofhey it scares me deleting anythinganymore like that and two it just takesforever because sometimes these projectsare hugeso for example i’ll show you this folderhere like let’s say this is on thestudiodrive right and then or what did i dohere is this the right onei just set this up um yeah socheck this out so let’s say this thisfolder is on thisit’s on the studio drive all right theni go home and i work and i’m making newpro tools sessions and i’ve got some newaudio so what you dois you grab these folders insynchronization mode check out howsimple it says you grab them bring themright herebring this right here hit syncit’s going to analyze both it’s going tosay okay what’s missing from one or theother soin this case it’s two pro tool sessionfiles and a new audio fileyou can see which direction it’s goingso this is backing back up to thecomputer hit startbam it’s done so now both of thesedrives are synced so i’ve got my youknow drive that i brought home want toback up to the studiodone just like that don’t have to dealwith it it’s sosimple you want to get you synchronizedpro xproductivity hack number two uh keyboardmaestroum this is an awesomeawesome program again it runs in thebackground basically what i’m doing withkeyboard maestro and pro tools is if idon’t already havea quick key designated to something thati want to happeni can create one with keyboard maestroori can actually create macros so if iwantwith one click of uh with one quick keyif i want this to happenand then this to happen and then this tohappen you can program it allso example like if i want to do like acopy or a paste to filland then add in batch fades i can do allthat instead of doing a quick keyand then selecting all the files andthen doing another quick key for mybatch fades and pressing enteri’ve got it all in one quick key it’ssimple it’s fastagain like i don’t want to keep on doingthe same thing over and over again ifi’m going to be doinga ton of those types of things where i’mfilling to a selectionand i’m making all these batch fadesevery time i want to fill to a selectionthat’s redundant task like i don’t haveto do that again and again i can makethathappen with one quickie so that’s whati’ve donewith keyboard maestro check it outthere’s a lot of other uses for it toowith other programs like finder andchrome etcall right check out keyboard nice joeokay and productivity hack number threeagain we’re going back on the computerwith pro tools and i don’t know if youcan see this butcheck this out yeahright here all right this is a logitechgaming mouse that i’ve been using forabouttwo years now i can’t work without iti actually bought plenty of them just incase this one breaks and they stopmaking themi’ve got them on the shelf that’s howmuch i need this thingso each one of these buttons i haveassigned to a quick key or a macroand you can do it you can see right herewithin this profile what i’ve got goingon so deleteif i if i need to take my hand off ofthe mouse to goand hit the keyboard with my right handi put it on a buttonso my left hand can stand my keyboardwhen i’m editing and my right hand canstain my mousefor the vast majority of time instead ofconstantly taking my hand off the mouseand hitting a quick keyi know it sounds like quick keys arereally quickin the name right and they are and youshould totally use thembut i go nuts with this stuff and i’mtelling you thishas improved my productivity tenfoldi’ve saved so much timethink about something like an audiobook20 hour audiobook i’m going to spendabout 60 plus hours on that audiobookconstantly constantly removing breathsreplacing i’m going to be going in andout of izotope with rxcleaning up uh you know pops and clicksor whatever noisesi’ve got all that stuff on buttons nowyou know like for example likei can send all my audio into rxwith one button you know i don’t have togo to audio suite and hit connectand then select and then hit send it’sone buttonboom i programmed it i’m talking aboutredundant things you’re doing over andover againthat’s something that’s redundant that iwould i would be doing and used to doover and over and over againi said no i’m not doing that anymore igot a button it’s working withthis and it’s also working with keyboardmaestro because some of these thingsi’m actually creating the macro inkeyboard maestroand then triggering keyboard maestrowith this mouse soi’m going to get into that a lot moredetail in the future for youbut man this has changed my lifeyou know think about again audiobooksthink about a dialogue edit for afeature film that’s going to take youseveral days doing again a lot ofredundant tasks think aboutdrum editing where the things thatyou’re doing forthese projects it’s the same commandsand groups of commands and chain ofcommandsthey require multiple steps and you’redoing them over and over and over againyou can create these macros and thesequick key combinations and put on abuttonand you’re never moving your handsyou’re going to save yourself literallyhours on these projects over the courseof timeliterally hours okay get you somekeyboard maestroget you a logitech gaming mouse we’lltalk more about that in the future ipromiseand my last productivity hack is supersimple every single day i start my daywith a to-do list um i got mine righthere i don’t think you can actually seeit cause i can’t get in focus butright up here i start off with just acouple things starswhich is the stuff i really need to getdone today and underneath is likethings that are coming up that aren’turgent items they aren’thigh priority items and if you notice idon’t have a lot on thereit’s not because i don’t have a lot todo it’s because i want that list to besimple and i don’t want to clutteranything in my life i’m just gonnabasically just what’s what’s happeningsoon i don’t need to put my whole worldof to-do’s on a sheet every single dayand i also get the smaller notebooksbecause again for the same reasonif i get a big notebook i’m gonna fillit all right so i want to keep it smallyou know i don’t want to be working allday but i want to be productive and idon’t want to bethinking about what i have to dothroughout the day so the first thing ido isi open up my book i look at the previousday what didn’t get done that getstransferred overi just take a moment just to think aboutwhat’s happening i don’t even open myemail yet i just think about what’scoming upand i’ll fill out that to-do list and iimmediately get to work i’m not goinginto my email i’m immediately going intowork i’m not thinking about anythingelse without letting anything distractmei just get to it and as the day goes oni’m adding to ityou know things possibly for tomorrowbut i’m adding to it just so i have tothink about things becausewe’re making so many decisionsthroughout the day that if i caneliminatesome thought then i feel like i’m morefocused and i’m fresher and i’ve gotmore stamina to do good work and to beworking at a high level for a longerperiod of time and as simple as a to-dolist soundsand just writing out those things if ican sort of brain dump and just rely onthat and i’d have to think throughoutthe day okay i gotta get this i gottaget this i gotta get thisi’d never think like that anymore i justi do the thing i look over my bookcross it off what’s the next thing ijust go to i don’t even think aboutanything else it’s just it’s right therefor me so it’s super simpleum but it’s something that’s been umit’sit’s just really kind of cleared my mindever since i put it into practiceand when i don’t there are times in factpast couple weeks i haven’t had my to-dolist i just got a brand new oneright here that one i showed you as anold one i just got a brand new one andi’m feeling so much more focused thisweekalready just from something as simple aswriting things downso i just wanted to share those quickfour things for you because i think theycan really helpand if you want to dive any deeper intosome productivity hacks thati use you can go to adamclairemont.comworkflow and i’ve got yet another freepdf guide for you that will go right toyour inboxand i’ve got a list of things that againi use and i swear byand i know it can really help you if youwant to check them out so that’s it for this videoeverybody thanks so much once again forwatching don’t forget to comment let meknow which one of theseideas you would think about putting intopracticeand also just let me know what i missedwhat are you doing that makes your lifea lot easier ii would love to hear it i love making mylife easierand just being more productive and moreorganized so that’s all i’ve got for youmake sure you hit the subscribe buttonhit the bell it means the world to meand it helps the algorithm for youtubeto get these videos in front of morepeople moretimes you hit that subscribe button moretimes you hit that thumbs upthe more times you comment it just helpsthese videos growand it’s helping me grow too so i reallyappreciate every single time you do thatfor meif there’s anything you want to see orhear or learn please hit me up with thecomments let me know you can give me aninstagram or linkedin and i can reachout to you there tooalright so until next time everybodythank youhave a great week bye[Music][Music]

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