Mixing Audio For Television [Mix Engineer and Producer Brent Barcus]

Do you want a well-rounded busy schedule for your audio business? How about mixing for television, music, sonic branding, advertising? Let’s throw in playing guitar at the Super Bowl Halftime show? Okay maybe that last one isn’t as attainable, but let’s talk to the guy who’s done all that and more Brent Barcus coming up next.

Welcome back everyone thanks for being here this is the Adam Clairmont show i’m your host Adam Clairmont here we talk about the world of audio with thepros who are behind the television andfilm you’re watching the music youlisten tothe video games you play and much muchmorelearn about how to build your clientlist and earn more money in less timebut before we go there i’d like to offeryou agift i put together a list of tips thathave helped me to be more productive andmore efficient withmy time and if you’re trading your timefor dollars or working on aproject-based feelike a lot of us then increasing yourproductivity should bevery important to you so please go to http://www.adamclairmont.com/workflow pick upyour free pdf guidebegin working faster and earning more inless timeand now let’s get to our guests i’mreally excited this guy is super coolwelcome brent barkusbrent is a musician and producer who’sworked with elton johnkenny loggins and shania twain who heplayed guitar forshania twain he played the super bowlhalftime show forthe largest watch television show eventof the yearso he probably knows a thing or twoabout pressureuh brent is also an amazing re-recordingmixer working for viacomcbs and some great content brent thanksso much for being herehey man good glad to be here thanks forhaving me on it’s awesomeyeah our remote remote it’s fun yeaheverything’s remote right right now yeahdude do people meet anymore i don’t knowyeah yeahpandemic times yes that’s right yeah souhi’m in new york you’re in nashville isthat right yeah that’s rightthat’s awesome it is awesome soi mentioned you know you’ve got anawesome career in music thatis that how you started out brent andmusic yeah i did i came to nashvilleuh right after high school uh to studyguitar performance ata little school called belmontuniversity it’s university now was alittle college at the time but uhhad a great music program and i thoughtheywhat’s better try to study music and bein a music town at the same time to kindof maybe start networking and meetpeople so i kind of got ahead start of some people that maybe hadgone to a non-music town and startedmeetingmeeting people that i ended up workingwith you know that makes a lot of senseso it really it really helped kind ofyou know even living in the dorms andpracticing andand kind of you know doing school i wasstill kind of meeting the nextgeneration of industry people so thatwas kind of cooloh yeah and i got to ask did yougraduatei did not ah uh you know i iyou always hear the story of the peoplewho graduated music school aren’tnecessarily the ones working in musici i fully had intentions to finish butyou know when you start i startedgetting auditions and hearing about gigsand i got pulled out to tour and ithought well i can always go back and itjust kind of snowballed so it hasn’thasn’t uh come back up since so yeah iguess it’s been been a good ride soso you got some paid schooling andthat’s good that’s right yeah i owe mydad i think i owe my dadoh yeah yeah that’s great yeah so didmusic run your familyyou know the the love of music a lot ofmusic in the housemy parents were in dance clubs andenjoyed it as a socialuh but they weren’t musicians um but ithink there’s in the you knowin other generations there were and thenmy brother’s six years older and he wasahe’s a great drummer and ended up innashville as well but ended up movingover to the business side he’s an anrwhich he works for sony soawesome so yeah he’s here too but uhyeah so i watched him and you knowhe had bands growing up so there wasalways music in the house and drums andthat’s kind of i gravitated towardsguitar at first so welli mean you must be doing something righton the instrument i mean i can’t imaginegoing to nashvillefirst of all and getting some of thegigs that you gotplaying guitar it’s in nashvilleyeah i mean talk about you must love thecompetitionwell there’s so many great players and iyou know it’s overwhelming sometimes ifyou if you stop and think oh manif i try to compare myself it’s stillover you know so you have to just kindofstay your course be try to be originalin some things and what you do and becontentand then just it’s a lot of it you knowit’s referral and networking andwho you know so you kind of have toblend the hopefully you have the skillsto do it but then alsokeep you know figuring out where wherethe networking side happens tooyou know right i mean so it’s kind of acombination of who you know andhopefully the talent you know well ithink it’s probably a testament toyour personnel and your attitude as wellbecause again i mean talking about thecompetition and the talent in that townthat you’re ini mean a lot of people can sing a guitarbut i’m sure that especially going ontour like you did and playing for someof the people you did they don’t theydon’t suffer fools put it that wayso i’m sure you you got to bring a goodhang right andyeah like you know you have a goodattitude a lot of it is that yeah andespecially when you’re living on theseyou know these buses and it’s tightquarters and you kind of learn how toit’s likei always say it was like the real worldbefore mtv created these realityyou know we were i felt like we wereliving in these uh you know not they’dthrow all these band members on thesebuses and try to hey get along thesepeople you’ve never metyou know and so it’s kind of it was aninteresting time to like kind of figureout how tobe personable and and not have a lot ofspace but still kind of get along withall these peopleyou’re just getting to know so that’sinteresting you know it’s a lot of yearson the roadso i’ve got to ask you so you workedwith mutt langi did seven years yeah so uh i mean oneof thegreatest producers of a generationgot to ask you just lay something on uswhat was one of the things you picked upfrom him i’m sure there’s plenty ofthingsyeah the ratan um i think just the uhthe drive to make a song or a productionis the best it can be all the way upuntil the final before he has to likehand something in you know there wasnever ayou know if he’s working on hooks or themelodies it was always rewrites andalwaysalways changing things even even up tothe mix time so i found that justfascinating just always crafting abetter hookier song that would hopefullyyou know hit the masses and sellmillions of records that was always hisyou know passion and goal soobviously he was working well for him soyeah okay so i think it was that andthen then with the band you knowon my when he hired he hired all of usumto do these uh tours uh you know wasjust looking for musicians that he couldjusthe wanted the preciseness of the recordsplaying the parts exact the soundseverything had to be just like he wantedto be just like the record so that waskind of a niche ofhaving to really and that was somethingin my background that you know as akid learning guitar always developingthat ear to be able to hear the exactparts and thengo and find the sounds that to kind ofrecreate what was on those records sothat was kind of mykind of became my forte and travelingand working with thesethese top artists you know because mostof themwere wanting to pull off the records youknow you get in more of like a kennyloggins who mightveer off from that and it’s more of ajam thing in certain parts of the showbut but most of the artists that i wasworking with were definitely like i wantto play ityou know just like the record so thatwas kind of something i really gotpassionate into was kind of like kind ofpull off thesethese parts you know well that’sinteresting that probablyserved you for the rest of your career imean continuing going forward becauseyou’re talking about likeseriously critical listening and realnuanced stuffif you’re talking about you know pickingapart what you hear and then deliveringon itand if you’re getting chosen yeah thenyou must be doing good at that yeahyeah and then you know mud obviouslyyeah just that that thosehearing all those yeah those fine littleparts and you know playing certainthings with upstrokesvery precise with the pick or hands orfingers orwhere it’s played on the neck just allthat little nuance was definitelyyou know training my ear even more to beso detailed so yeah and hopefully youknow transferring that over into thestudio world as well sowith production that’s interesting yeahyeah her careerum kind of started the takeoff actuallynear me in albany new yorka friend of mine uh david malikowski wasworking with her in mutt langearlier on yeah totally and uh also agary burke who’s a phenomenal drummerlives around here those guys are stillyeah absolutelydavid’s now he’s uh doing a lot ofbroadway stuff with rent andmamma mia and stuff like that but that’sawesome yeah they’re great they’re greatplayers and they were around that early95 96 before the touring started soexactlyyeah great players yeah so that’s coolso yeahso you know so how did youtransition if it even is a transitioni’m assuming you’re still playing alittle bit butyou do so much now with with thetelevision and film andand post side now a little less onguitar maybeso how did that sort of inform whatyou’re doing now and how did thattransition beginit was back uh uh after the firstchennai tour which ended around99 2000 or so i was living in nashvilleand married no kids and my wife and idecided we really wanted to pursuemore production songwriting and maybeeven an artist deal as a duoso yeah we moved to la in the early2000s and kind of started overyou know i’d like i said i just come offthis three-year tour of you knowshows all over the world i was prettyfried from that you know so you kind oflikeready to do something else you know yeahand mud it encouraged meuh you know to get this was like oh so9798 i bought my first mac and it’sweird not to think i bought my first macand uha guy named magic dave who worked formark of the unicorn which is digitalperformerit’s the software it’s a daw you know hecame out on the road and gave us allfree software it was the first time like98that i had even know anything aboutrecording saw with software you knowit was on dp yeah and so we uh you knowi had all this time on the road so ibought a macand and was learning how to do internetyou know aol andand just kind of got into multi-trackingwith dp andso i kind of fell in love withproduction and trying to figure out allthe tips and tricks what mutt was doingand stacking vocals and learning how toput parts down and synths and yeah so ikind of got interested in the wholeyou know most kind of just say manbroaden it you know you know you knowget loops and learn how to make tracksyou know so that’s kind of where istarted and so we moved to la i put alittle studio in on beverly boulevardjust a dumpy oldoffice building we converted and andstarted working with uh publishingcompanies trying to just kind ofbuild tracks for their songwritersthat’s kind of where i got into justthatfully on just like you know crushingtracks really quick as much as fast icould because these writers are tryingto pitch pitch songs to write otherother artists you know so that’s kind ofwhere i got into the groove of reallytrying to get my trackworld going better and using my guitarplaying too on sessions butusing guitar more as just a you know atool forfor these for these full productiontracks yeah yeah soso that’s where i got into the fullproduction side of things and thenuh you know just working with otherproducers and writers and kind ofsnowballed from there working with likeartuh companies like warner chapel and justjust trying to just get into the youknow the production game soyeah yep so that’s how kind of the trackstarted and then i ended up doinganother shania tour so i kind of packedeverythingup and went back out for another coupleyears so i was kind of you know had mylaptop mobile rig doing the thing in thehotel room but uhand staying sharp with that but uh yeahi went back out becauseyou know it’s hard to it’s such a funit’s you know thethe touring thing is is hard but at thatlevel it’s so fun because you knowyou’re treated so well and you’re allover the world you’re getting to see theso it was it was it was a good time youknow butit’ll fry you though well yeah i meanshe was one of the biggest artists onthe planetduring that time and mutt was soinspiring i was learning so much from ijust couldn’t pass up you knowdoing it again so that was uh that was0.3020304kind of so that’s great yeah and soafter that did you you went back to lathough or did you i didbut we did and then uh honestly uhyou know i said my wife and i reallykind of kicked around the artist thingwe tried you know we had we had somegoodshowcases and it just wasn’t you knoweverything’s timing it just wasn’t itdidn’t really seem to ever really kindoftake off so which was fine and and uh wedecided to uhyou know we’d miss nashville a littlebit our roots are midwest so i grew upin stlouis my wife’s from illinois and so wedecided touh kind of get off get out of the westcoast we didn’t really connect i mean weconnected a little bit withbusiness people but you know withfriends being being in and out of townwith being on the road it was kind oflike time to kind ofwe had roots in nashville so we cameback in 05and then i’ve been here ever since soand i kind of built the studio here andi’m just kind of trying to buildkind of my own thing since then sostaying on i kind of after that flashand i tour and i knew she was kind ofhanging it up for a while she was friedand at aroundin 204 so i kind of decided to you knowyou kind of have to commit tolike okay you might get some offers togo back out but i decided hey i’m goingto try tobuild something more i could we canmaybe have a family i can stay stay intown more so that’s kind of where istarted kind of liketrying to get my roots deeper in townyou know with more productionyeah well that’s good man yeah i’m gladyeah so the road certainlyoh man thanks it’s you know it’s likeanything else just keep keepgrinding and trying to like meet newpeople and expand the uhexpand the work and the client base soso the place that you’re in right nowwhat’s the name of the studio i-65 musicall right and that that’s your shopyeah it’s not personal it’s not huge butit’s it’s dialed in it’s a great mixroom andi can i can do my tracking here and i’lldo i’ll do vo’s here if i need toand but no multi-track you know no drumsand stuff like that so i just kind of doeverything withprogramming and and you know if i needto do a session or so i would you knowin nashville there’s some great bigrooms if i need to go blackbird orsomethingbut uh typically i can do a lot of it myon my own so yeahwhat i’m working on you know so yeah soso you’re doing a lot of post and uh anduhmix work right for bicom cbs yeah it’sbeen greatit’s a whole nother world for me uh thefilm tv thing and and uh so that came uplast fall it actually came out oflinkedinan audio supervisor out of cmt herewhich is owned by viacom cbs which iscountry music televisionthey were uh looking for some some moreaudio mixers for content up up in newyork andran out ran out of studio space in newyork wild and so theycalled cmt called cmt and said hey iknow you guys have all these awesomeedit suites and mix roomswe’re thinking about hiring some peopleremote so we can because they you knowas the merger was happening with cbsthey were like we’ve got all thiscontenthas to get mixed now they’re on novemberyeah i think for a whileum like comedy central some of thenetworks weren’tuh the final products weren’t goingthrough audio guys they were goingstraight to network from the creativesome of the producers are video guys andso they’rei think a lot of their levels and stuffwere all over the map there wasn’t a lotofwhich i could see i don’t want to hearthat but i know they were just throwingstuff on timelines and kind of blendingit a little bit and then it was gettingoutgetting out on network so i think theythe uh you know the head guys were likewe gotta have someyou know cohesiveness here so they endedup hiring more audio guys and andletting everything go throughstan you know so all the standards wereyeah forfor broadcast so yeah it’s been great soit’s been super busy andcovets you know i can see i can sensenow you know maybe with covid withoutproduction going on some of the contentslowing down a little bit just becausethey’re not shooting any new materialright now so i’m hoping that that allkind ofbut it’s been grav learned so much aboutjust tv and andand mixing levels for you know withdialogue and sound effects andyou know what certain creative directorswant and you know it’s it’s likeanything else that’s subjective sowhere things kind of sit in the mix soyeah kind of learning what they’relooking forbut it’s a lot of fun so so for forsomeone who’s not in that worldwhy don’t you give us like kind of awalk through so like you know if you hadto do it againlike how do you you know besideslinkedin which is awesome thatyou got that job offline yeah amazingthat’s actually how you and i connectedwith linkedin yeahyeah uh so yeah i mean don’t which is agreat reasona great resource for if you’re lookingfor any kind of corporate umyou know audio work or any creative worki think it’s a great spot to i thinkit’s kind of an untapped area forcreatives toabsolutely to network a lot of peopleare you know using twitter andinsta which is great too but i think thelinkedin eyes there’s a lot ofcorporate great corporate work going onyou know people looking fortalent so yeah it’s serious stuff peoplelooking for either help orare looking to learn something so ifyou’ve got either to offer then yeahit’s a fantastic place there’s a lot ofyou know less fluffright yeah but so so let’s say you knowi want to be i want to be brent i wantto get into the tv gamelike how how how would you go about ittodayand and what do you expect like whatshould i expect likewhat are you given from the network andwhat are they expecting from you backfor for deliverablejust walking yes oh yeah so since it’sremote we share a serveryou know so you’re basically given anomf file it’s it’s all avid pro tools sowe’re using pro toolsright um so we’re given an omf or an aafwhich is just basically anexport of their full session and then itthatis basically comes to me uh throughserverand i open it up and then we i basicallyhave my own template in in pro toolsand it’s just basically uh and it’s it’skind of honestly thetemplate started it’s kind of aformatted template for how they liketheirtheir stemmed you know master filesright and i and i’ve kind of like youknow done my own plugins and stuff butso basically it’s basically uh what iget it can be anything fromuh sometimes if there’s not a lot ofsound design they’ll you know i’ll i’lltake a call with the creative directorand findout hey we need more sound design we’relacking sounds hereexplosions if it’s a you know that typeof piece orany kind of sound you know they mightjust look they’re looking if they’ve runout of time or they just didn’t want tomess with itso sound sometimes they’re sound designuh but then they’ll bevoice over tracks they’ll be dialoguethere’ll be sound effects if if it’sthere alreadymusic tracks umand then basically it it’s kind of kindof can come messy because they’re youknow they’re obviouslythey’re focused more a lot of the timeson the visuals so they’re they know thatat thethe back end that they’re going to besending me the audio so there could bevo on all kinds of different tracks itcould be all over the place sobasically when i get a session i iimport the omfand then i consolidate all of that rawdata of dialogue or tr audio stuff intomy templateand just line it up get it all clean soit’s all on the right track so it’llstem out at the endand then there’s restoration you know imight be doing someizotope stuff cleaning up any dialogueif there’s noisethat kind of stuff edit cleaning outbreaths or anything so i do all thatkind of firstthose passes and then kind of start withumyou know i always kind of like to uhstart with the dialogue get it alltotallyleveled you know i do a lot of clip gaini do a lot of mixing basically with clipgain because it’sit just seems i’ve kind of gotten agroove of doing that so i don’t do a lotof automation yeah i like that tooactually yeah yeah especially for yeahespecially foruh like voiceover i would say where youknow it’s not as dynamic you know justneeds to be in your faceso i mean for television if you’retalking television a lot of that yeahi kind of work the same way actually noi love it so i do a lot of that so i’mnotyou know it’s hitting and then i cankind of set my compressor and it’shitting everything’s kind of hittingright there at the samesame level so i do a lot of that do alot of my leveling with clip gain andtheni’ll bring in the music underneath kindof get a good you know thing going andthen umadd the add the voice over at the endkind of we have these tags so the tagsare likeyou know what tomorrow at seven uhthey’ll give me like maybea ton of tags so that you have to dothese versions with different differenttags for times yeah it’s tomorrow sevenit’s next week at seven it’s wednesdayyeah yeah tons of tags and uh yeah andthen uh send it back so you basicallythen start sending back getting feedbackif there’s any changes and then bouncethe stem so but it moves fast becausethey’re trying to get you know these area lot of what i’m doing short short formstuff so it could be promosyou know commercials so i could do fouror five a day if i’mif we’re moving moving well you know andthey want a quick turnaround on that oryeah pretty much so i try to get youknow two hours usually i’m trying to getget it back and then because they’rethey’re doing uh two hoursso off the server and back back to themin two hours yeah andthat’s that’s for the first time ifthere’s changes yeah it’s tight two anda half three hours if it’s like a heavysound design piecei was working on this show i suck uhit’s called 68 whiskeywhich is a ron howard thing for uhparamount and so there was ait was like a modern-day mash reallycool show so i was but it was a heavysound design so there’s a lot of likeyou know explosions and gunfire and yeahso that that takes some more time tokind of like get all that leveled outno kidding but anyway yeah so a lot ofa lot of quick turnaround and you knowwe’re working with several differentuh sometimes several different networksin a day so that they’ll block out yourtimeso you might have three hour sessionblocks you know andwell that’s good so you know what’scoming though and when yeah yeah soit’s really great so it’s been it’s beena lot of work but it’s really taught mehow to kind of be efficient with uh mytemplateand my plugins everything’s kind ofdialed in and so and you kind of startkind of getting to know where everythingsits so that your levels are right forbroadcastand you know you just kind of get in agroove so yeah that’s kind of my daywith themso that’s cool yeah well that’s that’stoo important you touch that too i meani i imagine that they a job like thatwas such a quick turnaround timethey might not give you very long leashso if you’re consistentlyrunning over your schedule like yeahyeah you got to get your stuff togetheryou got to be ready and you’ve got tohave that workflow down so that you’renot messing with uh what plug-in shouldi use or how do i route thislike your template all that stuff likeyou said with with all your stems yougot to beready to roll it is true in the exbecause the exporting canwhen i first started i was a littleoverwhelmed with the exporting because iyou know i mean i’ve donei’ve stemmed out you know music tracksand stuff but it it uhit takes time you know with all the tagsand then labeling it just theand then the you know just and labelingeverything which tags or what times andyou know and then send everything backorganized it took some time to kind ofget used to thatthat workflow you know but but it’s alot of fun and so the stems you’reusuallyworking with is that that’s vo dialogueeffects these are a dmvmusic track and then a full yeah mixminus soyou know everything without the vo andthen uh yeah so pretty much thatyou’re nailing it yeah and then then wedo a full i do a full mix on air whichis uh minus 10 db and then there’s asocial digital mix which is minus 6 dbso yeah so just in the big folder witheverything in itand uh hopefully move on to the nextsessionwell that’s it and sometimes sometimesit’s cool you reach sometimes you’rere-tagging solike two days later they might say heythey move the show to tuesdays so youyou know you gotta then you gottapull the sessions back up get the new voretag send it back and then all thestems againyou know so it’s interesting yeah it’sfun though keeps you on your toeswell so so you’re making the televisionexperience that much more enjoyable foreverybody finally that sounds likethey’re backback in line with a calm act instead ofjustrunning everything at you know minus0.01 that’s righti know yeah that’s crazy yeah it’sinteresting yeah i’m used to you knowwith music yeah yeah smashing everythingthis so it was a little differentactually keeping up with all theirlevels and requirements it was a littledifferentyeah it’s like wow dynamics what’s thatyeahwell you know hopefully you know thatwork keeps on i’m i’m sure it’s going tocome but i’m hoping that you know thingsstart to ramp up again because againwith kovid you knowi’ve i’ve been a cvs uh employee for abitviacom working live shows for bellatoryeahyou know they they’re acquiring part ofthat umbrella and that stuff is gone imean they’rethey’re kind of doing these likerebooted plays and things like that butthere’s you know showtimesame thing they’re under that umbrella idon’t know how you know in tune everyoneis tohow many network there’s not actuallythat many umumbrellas so to speak you knowconglomerates that there’s just ahandful they’reowning everything and they’re gettingbigger and bigger you know this latestacquisition with cbs and viacom that washugehuge mtv’s in there like you mentionedyeahso yeah but a lot of that is livecontent and there is no live contentbeing produced right now so there’sa lot of people sitting around andwaiting yeah totally so the pairthe paramount stuff was good because itwas uh you know they’re taking oldmovies andso all the short form content was justpromoting the what what was going to beonthat week or that you know that weekendfor so they were kind of like bundlingmovies you know old old movies and stuffso yeah sothankfully that work has kind ofcontinued but yeah all the live stufflike with comedy central anduh you know some of the uh othernetworks it’s obviously slowed down sohopefully that all kicked back inyeah so those are quick turnaround timesat least you at least knowwhen to expect the sessions i mean i’mthinking of like advertising which iknow you’re involved withuh involved in as well i mean that stuffisquick turnaround times and just guesswhen they’re gonna be ready for you andstill keep your quick turnaround timeyeah you’re talking about two hours it’slike you know sometimes i’m just waitingyou know i expect it oneat one point and i don’t see it for twodays also and it’s hey we need this nowexactly yeah totally different yeah itcan be really toughtotally i just worked on a att fiberspot that’s for a new promotional thingthey’re doing and it wasfull sound design it was cool asanimation and that you know thankfullythat was like a two-week project so atleast you had some time to like actuallyyou know create and and you had a fullday of voand then full day of mix and so yeah alittle better timeline just to kind ofyou know work on something but but but iunders you know with the short termshort term uh short the promo stuff youknow it’s like you kind of know it’sturn and burn you got your template andyou know so it’s kind of uh kind ofexpected and you kind of get in thatgroove whereit actually the product stays reallyconsistent and as long as you got youryour template rocking you know so yeahand that’s super important with theconsistency obviously with the comactually we mentioned like you knowwith broadcast those specs are i meanyou know they’re real like you wanteverything hittingbut if it’s going on the web or if it’sgoing on tv or streaming they need tohit specso your template that’s important rightyeahyeah totally you know you’re almostlined up as soon as you import it youhave to have to work exactly yeah and ican almost likeafter i’d clip gained i could almostkeep my tempo almost my faders were allyou know for each stem track we’re allkind of set and it pretty muchwould play out the way each each promowould almost play out the same it’s amix it almost kind of where the levelswereyou know i could almost get to where itwas like i didn’t have to do much fadermovement you know because all the clipgame was dialed in it’s like man you’realmost there once you kind of set it allfromyou know the one you did spot before thespot before so you kind of get in thatgroove where you can just even look atthe meter and go i know i’m gonna hitspec you know sounds pretty cool there’sanother uha neighbor of yours uh mixer named billydeckeroh he’s great yeah what a characterright guy turns out song after songafter songand his big thing is clip game two heand he talks abouthe’ll look at the size of the waveformand he’ll just visually say oh i knowthat this needs to be that big soclip gains it and then i love that guyman i need to i need toi think we’ve chatted a little bit onsocial but i’d love to have i need totake him and go get some coffee orsomething he seems like character andbuy some of his uh he’s got the deckerboardlook fantastic one of those pieces ofart i know i need one of thosei love to cook so maybe i need to pickup a decker board yeahyeah but another super successful guythat works a lot with templates andclip cane yeah yeah great nick greatmixerchef guess i’m kidding anybody thathasn’t heard of them go check out us alot of number onesyeah really great so tell meuh what’s i mean i kind of know theanswer here what’s excitingyou right now like for the future ofaudioyou know i think uh well i i think youknow obviously the podcast thing is acraze you know not a craze but uh youknow it’s a really powerfulaudio thing going on right now i think ilove voice technology i think thatwith with audio branding and just uhi think it’s a coolcool siloed not siloed but i think it’sa great spot foraudio creators and mixers i think it’sgoing to be anotherjust another way to uhfind work i think it’s going to be ait’s i think it’s cool that it’s i thinkthere’s going to be with with thebranding side of voice i think thatmore and more companies and brands aregoing to want kind of a branded soundwhether it’s you know custom vos or orcustom music andand sonic you know what do you say sonicfootprint uh to go to go on voice ithink it’s going to be a coolsome kind of kind of initiation voicewhether it’s the alexa devices or googlei think there’s a new thing kind ofhappening with voice with audio soi’m kind of exploring that learningconversational design a little bit sothat i can kind of understand what’sneeded fora client on the voice side so yeah it’skind of kind of my thoughts right now onthat justi think it’s a cool way to um for brandsto start to explore and see kind of howvoice is going to play in the wholeyou know arena of you know ordering howare people going toyou know use use and how are peoplegoing to know which brands are areyou know to order from because if we’reusing voice withoutthe screen the screen list stuff isreally interesting to me too like withamazon just you know how are peoplegoing to order andwhich brands are they going to chooseand is the audio you know are they goingto remember brands by theirsonic you know logo you know so reallyinteresting to meyeah i wonder if you’ve had the sameexperience i mean i’ve been talkingabout sonic branding for so long andusually the conversation had always beenyou know talking with a prospectiveclient saying you know have you thoughtabout your sonic branding or somethinglike that and they wouldusually go well what is that yeahtotally and 30 seconds later they go ohi know what you’re talking about i justdidn’t know that’s what it’s called andno i haven’t thought about that at allyou know yeah um and then we start tohave this conversation it’s usuallyit’s usually a pretty easy sell as faras talking to people aboutits effectiveness and why you know imean one of the things i’ve alwaysmentioned is like you know you couldprobably hum me about30 beatles melodies right now exactlyexactly could you recite 30 beatleslyrics to meright something about words versus musicthere’s something about our brain thatit retains it so muchlonger and clearer and stronger umit’s just different visually you know orwith words soright if you don’t have something infront of you that’s just screamingthis is my brand and this is what weoffer in print or with a videoof some sort you know you’re talkingabout like an alexa or something likethatyeah then you need your audio to speakvolumes for you sothat sounds pretty good actually i neversaid that before that’s good man yeahi’m gonna trademark that one yeah i’dspeak volumes for you yeahbut so but so now so that’s always howthe conversation had been for me and nowwith all these newernewer gadgets like people are actuallycoming to us now and saying hey you knowwe need help here because we’ve ignoredthis you know they’re seeing people likemastercard just flaunting and justnail it you know you’re doing it so wellyeahum and and getting the benefit of it youknow soum yeah it’s really cool to see thatflipin the mindset you know where it used tobe like let’s educate you and now it’slike okay you’ve got youyou understand what we’re coming fromnow let’s just talk about strategyand get to work yeah yeah you know yeahand it takesyou know it takes um i think for thesecompanies it’s so hardyou know depending on the size of thecompany i think you knowit’s obviously knowledge and then wheredo they start you know and then you knowslowly how do they adapthow do they adopt it you know and andmaybe it’s not full audiobrand assets you know but maybe it’sjust you know like you’re sayingin a sonic logo or a custom piece ofmusic or so it’s justkind of figuring out where eachcompany’s you know how they how do theystart to get started you know that’s thething that’s interesting to me and justyeah educationeducating them but as you’re like you’resaying i think they’re starting to seethat obviously this isespecially with less screens maybe morevoice going onlike how are we going to be rememberedyou know and from from an audiostandpoint not just a visual standpointso right it’s prettypretty interesting stuff yeah so i’m i’mstill educating myself you know i’mfascinated with it i think it’s aa cool a cool another uh avenue foraudio content creators to uh you knowfind findwork and and learn the game that youknow with the branding side soyeah and that’s so important yeah that’sthe you know there’s so much opportunityright nowi feel like if you’re in the audio spaceyou know and if you just take a stepback and justlook around you know um you knowthis is an opportunity an alexa deviceyou know where anything that’s makingnoise and there’s a lot of it right nowyeah it’s it’s coming from somewhere youknow whether it’s a video game ahandheld device a alexa skill umeven the way like you mentioned you knowthe way that um these devices areinteracting with their voiceyou know yeah somebody needs to inputthat datafirst create that that that content thataudioto be then given to a dev that just saysall right this audio means this to thatcomputer with all the machine learningand everythingit’s fascinating there’s a ton of workout there yeah uhone one thing i was thinking of is uhbeing in nashville and and doing a lotof work withlabels and artists you know i thoughtman you know i see amazon is you knowwith their streaming and everythinggoing on with amazon musicand all these artists i thought uh youknow how cool would it be if artistsif they could you know use this voiceplatform you know just another way toget in front of theirfans you know i thought these customskills you know i started rightyou know creating some of these um watchwatching this conversational designstuff i thought how could it be for likea taylor swiftsome of these artists to create theirown skill umand then basically be able to speakdirectly into these consumers fans homesand their bedrooms you know i thoughtwhen i was a kid you know like i had thebatman to rob an alarm clock when i wasa kidit was like i don’t know it was like butit was cool it would be like batman androbin it was branded it was their voicesand they’d wake you up you know it’slike this old schoolclock you know but i thought i mean mykids you know i got a 13 year old and a12 year old andi mean they both have devices in theirrooms and they they listen to musicstreaming music all daybut i think man that’s like the modernday alarm like if taylor wouldwould would do these like flashbriefings and custom skill where they’dactually likehear content speaking directly in hervoice i mean what a great idea and a wayfor her toyou know kind of still grow her fan baseand talk to them directlyso anyway i’ve kind of talked to some ofthe a r guys and labels aboutcreating maybe creating a skill but it’sfunny you knowand i’ve kind of pitched it to amazonabout there’s still some uhbarriers where the artists can’t youcan’t accessstreaming music through the skills yetso i don’t know if that’s something thatthey’re going to open up whereyou could be in that say you’re intaylor swift’s you know custom skillwhere you could actually likepurchase or listen to her music throughthe skill so i don’t know yetthey’ve kind of got those silos so i’mwondering if you’re going to open thatup there must be a reason they don’twant to do that yet butanyway well i’ve talked to some artistswho they’recreating um i don’t know if they’ve doneit with a skill but they’re definitelycreating their own appsas a way of kind of reclaiming their owndistribution channelnice yeah you know and controlling youknow controlling the monetization of ityou know keeping the whole pie butum you know it was also you know tryingto alleviate some piracy i suppose idon’t know if that’s a thing anymore butright um but that that makes a lot ofsense too going the skills route that’sjust like kind of like that on steroidssounds likeso yeah maybe there’s a way for forartists to to use that and sort ofum especially if you’re talking abouttaylor swift did she back spotifyi don’t know i don’t know you could docustom things like where only you canaccess certain mixes or certainyou know dance remix it’s only in theskill you know what i mean so you canbecause you know with amazon pay youcould custom content yeahyeah yeah you could have it so you’redriving people to the skill and and thenyou know maybe it’suh you know have a chance to see mebackstage but you got to go through theskill just you know getopportunity to see somebody you knowobviously right now there’s no shows buteventually if there’s a tour you coulddoyou could do tour promos and thingsthrough through the skill as well anddrive people there soyeah i don’t know it’s just a justsomething i’m just curious where if theskill thing likeif that’ll take off kind of like youknow if apps on our phone or if it’lljust be something thatis kind of an introductory way to getpeople used to voice and it’ll move onto some otheryou know cool new technology i’m notsure but but i’m fascinated with it ithink it’s it’s definitely a placebrands areexploring and want want to have somesome presence in that spaceto see where it’s going to go they’vegot you got to get in and get at leasttry ityeah no i mean i think that we’re justseeing the tip i mean me personally imean i i think it’s going to explodeespecially when you integrate it withartificial intelligence and the devicesthat are coming out thereyou know all this stuff you know betweenthe glasses andsome of the stuff i’ve been reading imean i can’t imagine you just walkingdown the street and having somebody inyour ear or talking to somebody else andit’s just all gonnayeah the other thing i’m super into isthe the uhimmersive you know the 360 audio likei’ve been kind of really totallyplaying with the atmos thing dolby andand done a few mixes and that forinternal stuff provide combat we’veactually done a few just kind of tryingit out and it’s really fascinatingi love the format it’s just how do youget how do you get it to people is stillso newi know i think i know i love it so muchtoo but i i keep on sayingbeing at that horse here but i don’tthink that the general public has evenadopted surround sound yetno that’s the thing and it’s like 35some odd yearsyeah yeah i still think it’s you knowthe binaural thingbecause obviously you know my kids allthe air pods and stuff i mean it’s agreat wayto listen to music through the if wecould do it i still think it’s more of ahearable type thing than who’s how manypeople are going to set up an atmossystem in their house you know that’snot going to happenwell that’s the cool thing and theadvantage heads over the five one isthere you know we’ve come so farjust with headphones you can get thatvirtual you knowthat atmos kind of experience with justyou know two pieces ofof right and and their pods i meanthere’s tiny little things when you getthat whole360. yeah that’s cool if anyone hasn’tchecked it out i mean it’s seriouslyseriously good yeah it’s not as good ifyou’re in a studio with all the speakersbutman is it still really good oh yeah i’mreally impressedand i think even like with with contentlike quibby i thinkyou know why why wouldn’t some of thatbe mixed and immersive so you couldactuallyyou know because most of the quibbystuff since it’s short form you knowthisuh app content could be a cool way toactually have atmosstreaming through the hearables throughthe airpods well yeah i mean especiallyfor anything marketableyou know obviously everyone’severyone’s objective is to cut throughthe noise and find what theirspecial uh way into your ears orbrains is a lot of people have the samemessage but like how do you cut througheveryone else’s message to like actuallyget the attention if you’ve gotsomething storyif you’re able to tell a story differentthan anybody else’sand all people need are a pair ofearbuds i mean if you start creatingimmersive content to sell your thing towith your storiesi mean that’s to me that’s a lot moreengaging and a lot moreinteractive and a lot more consumableand approachable than just another youknow anotherpiece of audio or another story justlike the other one um i think it’s a wayto get people’s attention really quicklyand especially if all they got to dois pop into your earbuds and all of asudden they’re like they’re in it youknow i mean yeah it’s coolit’s exciting so i think you’ll see alot more of that on the advertising sidetooyeah but when we’ll see i know that’sright yepstay tuned yeah see you soon nah i feellike the future looks brightlooks pretty excited audio is a it’si think it’s it is it’s it’s strongright now and it’s it’s an exciting uhfuture we’ll see where everything goesbutjust trying to stay on top of it all youknow keep reading and educating myselfandyou know i didn’t i never thought i’dactually be in full mixing andsound design so i mean you know you justkeep exploring and finding new ways tosharpen your skills and yeahyeah well i mean i say it all the time imean if you’re on audio if you playguitar or you’re in post or whatever itisyou know like you know there there’svoice over there’s sound design there’spodcasts there’s audio booksthere’s on and on and on immersive allthese thingsand you know voiceover voiceover mightnot have been the thing when you wereyou know 10 years oldthinking uh i want to grow up and besomeone recording voiceover rightbut i tell you what if you can do ityou’re going to pay your bills andyou’re going to do all the other stufftooand it’s a lot better than waitingtables that’s right manyep so very fortunate so yeah justdiversify diversifyespecially right now um yeah you know imeanif you were if you were someone who werejustyou know niched down and you know youwere the drum recording guy or you wereyou know the the girl who back tovoiceover were just in studios all daywith with talentyou know that’s you’re in a tough spotright nowyeah yeah so yeah i’ve got i’ve gotbuddies that are you know great sessionmusicians and some of them weren’t evenequipped toum you know record at home so it’s toughespecially within a lot of the the uh full multi youknow studio recording stuffin town for records that you know it’sthey’re not doing it or they’rethey’re so limited in their socialdistancing in the studio with masks butman if you’re not if you’re notrecording at home it’s like whewi know it’s tough right now it’s superslow yeah i mean no no oneever thought of that to prepare for apandemic but noyeah but it just makes you moreemployable i mean who wouldn’t want tobe more employable becauseyeah i don’t like you but i never knowwho’s calling me today yeah like wedon’t have control over what otherpeople need they justthey just know what you do hopefully ifyou’re doing your job rightand if you can do a lot then they’regoing to call you for a lot of differentthings and that’skind of yeah that’s kind of how i’ve youknow managed that earlier it soundslike you’re kind of doing the same thingyou know you’re just yeah just trying tochipping away and finding another way toget another phone call that daythat’s right you got it manyeah yeah well diversify i like yourword that’s ityeah well i i guess we’ll wrap it up onthat note butuh i i appreciate your time brent it wassuper generous to take the time and talkand and to tell your storyman it’s an honor man it’s fun and uhit’s always fun to meet another uhaudio guy so yeah fun ummaybe we can connect in person at somepoint oh man that’d be great i wouldn’tmind i wouldn’t mind heading over tonashville sometime that’s for sure it’dbe great we’d love ityeah love to hang out one of these dayscool man yepenjoyed it yeah all right so foreverybody uh listeningum you know i i hope you took somethingaway from there umobviously we talked a lot aboutdiversification you know if you’re gonnastart out or if you’re already in yourcareeri highly encourage you to maybe listenback and take just a couple that we wentall over the place brentyeah good we touched on a lot of that sowe covered it a lot of different nichesbut um yeah i highly encourage you todiversify your skillsum if you’re not sure where to beginthen start to look for those people whoare doing those things and just reachout you know i mean again linkedin is anawesome resource to start to reach outto some peoplethis is how brett and i connected umsuper cool dude super openum you know there’s a lot of people likehim out there they’re willing to take amessage soreally encourage you to just reach outand find another way to make some moreincomebecause that’s again it’s a lot betterthan waiting tables no offense toanybodytables but nope you know but we love ourstudios we love our audio soum but yeah so so that’s all we got foryou today um to check out brenti65music.com to learn more and get intouch with himall right guys so you know what to do umthat’s all we got today um if you founditfound any value here please just take ascreenshot of the videouh share it tag us um i’ll give you ashout outbut help out other people in yournetwork that might need to hear thismessagealso don’t forget your free gift headover to adamclairemont.comworkflowthere’s a pdf guide waiting there foryou for free i know it’s going to helpyouwork a lot faster get your production umreally in a good spot you know we talkeda lot today abouttemplates you know just things that youknow can eliminate distractions andreally get your focus in a good spotso you can turn out a lot of work and alittle bit of time and that’s alsomaking it more importantso thanks a lot everybody i’ll catch thenext one bye[Music]yo

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