Find More Work And Clients For My Recording Studio

Are you working in audio and you want to land more jobs? Have a steady line of work? If you’re unsure of what steps to take next or are unhappy the results you have so far, stay right here. I’m going to dive in with you and give you three tips you can put into action today. Let’s go!

welcome back everyone thanks for being here this is the shamelessly named Adam Clairmont show and i am your host Adam Clairmont here we learned to start and grow a career in audio production with actionable tips based on personal experience from me and others and speaking of growing your business i put together a free guide for you that outlines easy steps that you can implement today to help grow your client list and your revenue so i suggest spending at least10 minutes a day focused solely ondeveloping your businessif you can do more that’s great but justgive it 10 minutesbut if you’re not even sure of how tospend that time or what to focus onwell this is the guide that’s exactlyfor you that you needright now it’s totally free just head over to you can have it sent directlyto your inboxalright so that’s out of the way on toour topictoday i’d like to talk about being moreemployablegetting more jobs more work more clientsmoreprojects hallelujah and the way i liketo do this is by diversifying my serviceofferings andskills i won’t do that hallelujah thingagain don’t worry it’s a pretty simpleconceptthe more jobs i can complete for someoneand the more experience i havethe more my phone rings and the morelikely i am to have afull schedule make sense this is exactlywhat’s been working for me for 15 plusyearsi am not someone who specializes in onethingi personally do not have experience inmaking that work and making me busybut clearly there are plenty of peoplewho have fantastic successful careerswho are let’s say just pop mixers ortheyjust do sound design or whatever it isthat’s just not something i haveexperience in so i can’t speak to thatbut if your goal for your career is tofocus on just one thingthen this video might not be for you ormaybeit’s the perfect video for you to watchand consider a new perspective andevaluate how you may navigate thingsmovingforward now listen i’m not sayingbeing niche is the path to failureand i’m not saying that diversifying isthe key to successreally the key to success is actionthe key to failure inactionthese are just the strategies and reallyit all comes down to what you do withthembut for this video i’m not talking aboutgoing niche i’m going to talk aboutgoing wide with your services because ilike to talk about my personalexperienceand i can say from my personalexperience that this is a fantastic wayto build afun interesting and successful careertruthfully i love that my schedule isnot only fullbut pretty unpredictable i could easilybe tracking drums one dayrecording in audiobook the next mixinglive broadcast from the field of yankeestadium one dayon location capturing audio for a liveaction commercial the nextor in a television studio mixing thenewshonestly there’s so much more but thisis just a small glimpse into how i makea living and i lovehow it’s all different it keeps me on mytoes keeps me meeting new peopleand evolving and challenging my skillsconstantlyso if you like doing something a littledifferent each daylearning something new each day and theidea of being able to confidently sayyes i can do that to just about anythingthat gets presented to you in the fieldof audiothen we are speaking the same languageand if it all sounds good but you aren’tsure where to beginthen stick around through the wholevideo i’ve got three tips for you thatwill help you narrow downyour next move so let’s begintip number one look outside your currentnetworkprobably one of the best ways to pick upwork is by referralsomeone you did a good job forrecommends you to someone else andvoila now you have a new client well ifthat’s the case then expanding yournetwork would be a wise move rightso what am i really getting at all rightas an examplelet’s say you primarily work in musicyour network is tied to music rightwell you may want to look into tappinginto the film and television worldthat would bring an enormous growth toyour network and increase yourvisibilitynow you’re working with and for a brandnew group of people who can potentiallyhire you or refer youanother example let’s stick with musicagain let’s saylet’s say you work in studios recordingand mixing records and that’s your thingwell if you started working in clubs asa front of house engineer or monitorengineeronce again you’re getting in front ofentirely new people and in this specificcase you absolutely have a greatopportunity to make animpression on the artists and bandsyou’re working withwhich should lead them to coming to yourstudio i mean that’s anobvious one but the point again is iwant you to think aboutwhere is there work that i can performthat is not only a jobbut increases my chance of obtainingfuture workso the value of the job goes beyond thepaycheck let me give you one moreexamplelet’s say you’re a sound designer andthat’s your thing uh sweetening for filmand tvwell i’d encourage you to start lookingat advertising and marketing agenciesto help them with the radio tv and webspotsit’s the same work but for a differentgroup of people again a differentnetworkand for every film or tv show there’slike a thousand commercialsand that’s not the exact number but youget it the work it’s definitely theretip number two look at complimentaryservicesokay this is a little more out of thebox here’s the ideayou want to pinpoint an upsell to anexisting clientor a service that complements what youalready do but don’t yetoffer i have two stories here to sharefirst i have a client who i recordpodcasts forshe’s a writer and also offers onlineeducation through liveclasses and pre-recorded courses sheneeded help producingnew courses to be delivered from herwebsite which meant in this caseshe needed help not just with recordingaudio but also putting together a simplevideoincluding her presentation well i jumpedall over thatnot wanting her to start shoppingelsewhere sois video editing my thing well it wasn’tand it’s still not a skill that i’moutstanding at but i knew i could figureit out here and ialso saw the opportunity to do thisagain not just for herbut for others as well and you know whati was right i did a good job for her imade five videos learning as i wentthose skills actually helped me tofigure out this youtube channel andalso guess who got new referral work tohelp someone else with their onlinecoursethis guy so i could have easily beencut out of this project entirely but idecided i would learn a newcomplimentary skillto become more valuable for my clientsolving a problemthus becoming more employable somy second story comes from my friend andcolleague dave baker out in californiaso dave is an a2 primarily for livesports televisionwe met years ago working some supercross and bellator shows togetherdave came up as a runner and then autility learning the video sideand then into audio and he’s been therefor about 15 or 20 years so farso a few years back he picked up 10 centas a client10 cent among other things they streamnba games for chinaso dave began to notice that they wereneeding more and more productionso thinking quickly and seeing newopportunitieshe put together a package of gearincluding some headsets and ifbs for theannouncer as a mixeralso a video camera and some monitors sohe put his background back into actionand operates a camera collecting a greatday rate on top of his rental feesand retained a client that likely wouldhave gone elsewhere fora solution instead they keep dave verybusy during the nba seasonor at least they did before kovidfingers crossed for you dave but thingsresumenext season is normal and everybody elseand uh that same predicament on sportstelevisionbut again the job of an a2 in sports tvrarely includes bringing a rentalpackage and certainly does not includecarrying a video camerabut dave was smart he thought out of thebox and exceeded the expectations of hisclient by solving a problem for themand that included expanding his servicesso well done davenow to drive this point home i encourageyou to keep your eyes and mindopen for opportunities to solve aproblem by learningor providing a service that is maybeslightly left of your wheelhousekeep it realistic but be open to itokay the last tip i have tip numberthreepursue your dream i’m sure everyoneworking in audio is doing it becausethey love itbut a lot of us find our first payingjobs in audiodoing something that isn’t exactly whatgot us excited about audio in the firstplacefor example i always wanted to berecording bandsin a recording studio but my first jobin audio was working for a radio stationwith a live performance venuestill cool as hell to me at 22 andhonestlycool as hell to me right now but itwasn’t exactly the thing i alwaysdreamed about you know when i wasthinking aboutpursuing this as a career so if this isyou nowand you are taking to heart the ideathat expanding your services isimportant for your careerthen what better time than now to startreally putting in the efforttoward providing the service that gotyou excited about audioin the first place we always have ourreasons to not go after our dreams don’tweput it all aside maybe watch this videoto help motivate youstart to put some plans in action if weare expanding our servicesthey might as well be services we loverightand if you love it you are that muchmore likelyto follow through so that’s all i havetodayi hope these three tips help you to honein on the place that makes the mostsense for youto get moving toward expanding yourservice offeringslet me know in the comments which areayou plan on focusing on first is it onelooking outside a current network is ittwolooking at a complimentary service or isit threeyou’re going to get cracking on what gotyou interested in the first placei can’t wait to hear what you have tosay don’t forget to grab a screenshot ofthe videotag me in your post and i’ll give you ashout out lastly don’t forget your freegiftplease go to pick up the free pdf guide with easysteps on how to build your client list and add your income thanks for watching see you next time

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