Get More Jobs in Audio for TV and Film 2020 [Interview w Emma Butt]

 Do you niche down and focus on one thing, become the best at that? Or do you diversify your skills, learn as much as you can about as many things in hopes of becoming more employable? We’re going to talk about it stick around!

Welcome back everyone thanks for being here this is the Adam Clairmont show i’m your host Adam Clairmont here wehelp you start and grow a career inaudioand who better to learn from than thepeople behind the television and filmyou watchthe music you listen to the video gamesyou play much much morewe will learn how to build your clientlist get the most out of your gearand earn more money in less time andspeaking of working fasteri’d like to offer you a free gift i puttogether a list of tips and tricksto help me to be more productive andmore efficient with my timein a service based industry where wetrade time for dollarstime is very valuable and i don’t liketo waste it so please go to pick up your free pdf guide and beginworking faster and earning morein less time now let’s get to our guestemma butt is a dubbing and re-recordingmixer based out of the ukwho over the last decade plus has beenracking up an extensive list of creditsincluding a little-known show calledgame of thronesalso quiz sex education doctor whobrave new world plenty more she’s also aregular contributor at pro tools expertwhich has the mostamazing information so that should tellyou another thing about her chopsshe’s also super committed to helpingthe next generation of audioprofessionalsso emma thanks so much for finding thetime to talk todaythank you for having me i reallyappreciate it absolutelyi mean you are quite busy i’ve noticedyeah tell us what you’ve been working onrecently um iwell currently this week i’m actually avideo games company whichis completely new territory to meand it’s not something that i everthought i would be doing butgames is just such a huge industry rightnow there’s so much workand i’m recording it is basically thesame as doing adr which is what iusually specialize inum so i’ve been doing that i justfinished atv series for a bbc called talking headswhich is based on an original seriesthat alan bennett the rider didi think back in the 80s and so they’veredeveloped it theythe bbc wanted to find something thatthey could easily do during lockdownand they approached alan bennett andthis production teamand basically the whole project gotfrom development um you knowcommissionedto post production uh turned around inthree weeksfour weeks no kidding yeah so thatwasn’t even development beforeeverythinghappened with lockdown no it wasliterally a lockdown happened wowand one of the commissioners at bbcapproached alan bennett and thisproduction team andsaid do you want to do this we have allof our empty setsall of our post facility is emptythey’re yours for the taking go for itwell i haven’t heard of those stories imean that’s just to get up and gotalk about being agile and figuringthings out it wasso that’s that’s cool soum i’m curious usually i see projectslike that that happen so quickly andit’s maybe becausemaybe emma or other people on the jobwere working on another project withsome people who had the brainchild andgot it and let’s just keep our teamtogether was itkind of a similar situation for you doyou think are you sort of top of mindwell i think i was kind of lucky in thatum the production team that ended updoingthe post-production team who lookedafter the show are the samepost-production team that look aftereastenderswhich is one of my regular gigs as afreelancerso i had just helped them out infinishing off all the last episodes ofeastenders that had been shot beforelockdown happened here and yeah i guessi was just fresh in their mindsthey were like well do you want to dothis as well because i mean you’re justgoing to be sat in your bedroom forthe next god knows how long otherwise sothis will keep you busyso it was perfect what else are youdoing yeah exactly that’s good yeahum yeah and so that’s another show youjust finished up as well that i believeis airing now eastenders the new seasonoh my god well it’s kind of been arunning joke thatuh season one has just ended um sothere’s no seasons in eastenders it’skind of like it’s a soapbasically um okay yeah so it’s beenrunning for i think20 odd years and it’s usually onfour nights a week every week and thenwhen lockdown happens they cut it downto two episodes a weekso they could last a little bit longeron air andit officially for the first time in itshistory came off airon oh what are we thursday it came offair on tuesday nightthat was the last episode so yeahyeah it’s really really odd like nothaving eastenders on every week isjust a shock to people’s systems yeahyeah i was waiting for a story like thati mean not like i wanted that to happenclearly that’s that’s comes upbut when this whole thing happened youknow you knowi got so many phone calls from postsupervisorsyou know trying to get in studio andwrap up some some details andyou know just trying to think of whatproduction is out there that all of asudden is going to go to rerunsbecause they’re not wrappedand they can’t rap so i that this isactually the first instance i’veactually heard specifically of it sortof happening that way which isunfortunate but i’m surprised more ofthat didn’t happenyeah i think there’s been a few overhere i think we have another seriescalledholby city which is on bbc as well andto my knowledgethey’ve dropped off air for a little bittoo so it’s kind ofyeah all of the long-running soapsthey’ve all had a bit of ayou know a setback and they can’t shootand usually theyare they do film in advance enough thatthey have a bank of episodes buti mean no one expected lockdown to go onfor as long as thisand we still don’t know when we canshoot soyeah it’s kind of been inevitableso for uhall of our listeners who maybe don’tdon’t know you’re in the ukas i mentioned you didn’t start in theuk though is that rightno i mean i’m hoping the accent gives itaway that i’m irishbut i will sayi do get american quite a lot peoplethink i say an americanwhich have they been to americathat’s what i kind of want to know aswell i’m like no definitely not i’mirish you can tellum yeah i started out in ireland umand i kind of i was in a company therefor nine yearsi basically left university at 19did my course left at 19. a few monthsbefore i finished my course i was inthat panic ofoh crap i have to get a job what am igoing to doi now have to pay off my my studentloans andyou know fine employment and i wasreally lucky i got a job as a runner inapost-production facility but actuallythey didn’t hire me at firstum i went in for my interview met withthemwent really well they said they calledme back by the friday to let me know ifi got the job and i hadn’t heardanythingso i emailed them andbasically they had hired someone elsebecause they thought i was too timidto take on the role of a runner and thegirl that they hiredshe came in on her first day and went onher lunch break and never came backshe hated it so much awesomeand it was it was really lucky in thatgood for you yeah andby chance that was the day that idecided to email and just see what washappening with the joband so my timing was just spot on andthey offered methe job there and then they said can youstart on mondayso i had to finish my last few months ofuniversity part-timeand work full-time in the facility umfailed my examsbecause i was too too concentrating onlike you know starting because you’reworkingpretty much and i had to redo my examsbut umno it was incredible and i loved thatcompany so much i learnedi learned everything there and they werebasically family and i grew up therebecause i started so youngso what was the type of work that was uhcoming in there a lot for youwell it was everything so the greatthing about irelandum which you don’t get so much here inthe ukis because the industry is so small youcannot specialize in one thingyou have to be that’s good though yeahit’s ii find it incredible and yeah you haveto do everything somy my journey was kind of i started offas a runner then i worked as areceptionist and post-product postproducerdoing all the audio bookings for shortform because they wanted the clients toget to know meand then when i had done that for sixmonths then i moved into beingan audio assistant for commercials andadvertisingand corporate and learned how to dealwith clients do voice records thereand then from there i progressed intolong formand i actually started out my very firstshow that i worked on was a show for thedeafand it was doing yeah which everybodygives me that face when i say thatwhat around what year was that that wasitoh my god what are you curiouswell that would have been when i was 20so12 years ago okayso yeah i hope your mats is better thanmine well the reason i asked is becauseright now we’re seeing a lot more ofum you know videofor the deaf but and it’s not justsubtitles but it’s like it’s subtitleswith more like informative informationabout what’soccurring within the audio space or whatthey’re seeingso they’re getting more detail so i wascurious if maybe likei mean this is the states i’m talkingabout but maybe over there maybe thatwas moremaybe we’re ahead of the bar from fromwhere we were i think we are where weareyeah it was definitely a veryprogressive show for its time i mean itranit ran for oh god i think it was 14 or15 seasonsand before it got cancelled but it wasgoing from the late 80sand that’s when it started and it wasbrilliant because itit was made by deaf people the directorwas deafand the producer did have hearing um soshe was the one who came in and did thefinal mix reviews um but everybody elseall presentersmost of the the crew were all deaf and ilearned so much about the cultureum did you learn sign language no thatwasthe only thing i learned was this whichisoh you can’t even see my hands is thatlike a stop everythingstop everything i think that was oh fucki think it was um it was like if you’recheeringthat was what you had to do or likecelebrate we call that jazz handsyeah well it’s essentially jazz handsbut it was for if you wanted to likecelebrate something reallyapplausing that was it if you wanted togive applause you did your jazz handsit’s the only thing i remembered out ofi don’t know how many seasons i did ofthat showwhich is really bad but it was greatthat’sthat’s a really interesting story i meani love that idea and i loveto hear people get experience likedipping their toesin all different places within the fieldbecause there’s so many people thatdon’tand for a great example i mean we’re thesituation we’re sort of coming out ofright nowyou know as we’re taping this it’s theclose to the end of juneand we’ve been stuck indoors for themost part a lot of people since marchand i don’t know about you but i know alot of people who do similar things towhat i do that have not workedand it’s because they’re so niched andthey’re so one they do a thingand a lot of times that thing has to bein front of someone so like i find thoseexperiences especially right now i’vebeenyou know really just reflective aboutthat just realizinghow important it is to sort of diversifythe skillsbut not everybody has an easy outlet oran easyfacility to sort of get those skillsyeah soit’s one of the things that frustratesme about over here is that when youwhat i’ve seen from the post-productionfacilities is that if you go in as anassistant and you get trained upyou were told you either go into saneditorialor you go into mixing you don’t do bothi think that limits so manylike of the younger generation goingforward becauseyou should be able to do everything youshould be able to jump inand you know if you’re doing sounddesign you should be able to knowa bit about mixing and how a mixer isgoing to want it delivered andyou know how you should roughly balancethings andit yeah it’s bizarre to me but it seemsto be very much you get pigeonholedat very young age and that’s it that’syour career path already decided for youum i don’t get it is it the same over inthe statesdo they do that i i don’t see it thatway i think it’s morei i see more people just kind of wantingto go that pathi shouldn’t say that i don’t think thatthe majority of people want to go thatpath but i do see some people they justmaybe it’s out of um they just don’treally consider the idea oftouching a lot of places but as you justmentionedyou know you want to be able to deliveryour filesorganized and sounding in a way that thenext person is going to receive themwants them and what better way to learnthat thanto do what they’ve done exactly yeahrightit just makes you so much more um ithink employable first of allbecause you’re probably going to need toask fewer questions of that person thatyou’re going to be working withwhich you know i mean everyone’s goodwith answering questions but i mean youdon’t want to bug somebody for thingsthat especially something you couldlearn on your ownright that’s why i look at it i meaneach and it even goes beyondum you know post-production like let’ssay for example something on atelevision show i meanyou know it could go mean music or videogames that same thing the more languagesyou speak i thinkand the more workflows you learn moreprocesses you learn right the moredynamicwork workflows you learn i think thatjust informs the next place you goa lot more how could it not right andyou learn a little trick from over hereand you can bring it over there andi mean you just don’t get that if you’rejust in your lane the whole timeyeah completely there’s the argument forfocusedyou know the most focused you are is youknowmaybe the better route because youbecome an expertmaybe um i don’t that doesn’t reallywork for meum i could i sort of see the argumentthat i’m just not really a believer inityeah but i mean if you decide to ever gofreelance as welli mean you’re totally cutting off um youknowhuge amounts of work that you could beapplying for becauseyou are so niche and i’ve seen that somuch especially through lockdownthere are a lot of people who arefreelance here who are just mixersso all they do is re-recording ordubbing mixing they don’t do voice-oversthey don’t do adryou know they don’t do um anything elsesound editing nothing and it just limitsyou so much because there’s only acertain amount of shows that you can mixsowhy not have the skill set to go in andlike i’m doing at the moment is i’mrecordingvoices for video games um in two weekstime i’m gonna be recording an audiobookum you know yeah week after that i’mgoing to bedoing all the sound for a documentaryseries so it’s totally variedit keeps me interested but also keeps meemployedum i was having a conversation with a anowner of a post house the other dayand he was asking me if i was busy and itold him just exactly what i’ve said toyou and he was likeoh that’s really good for a freelancerthough like he’d never be booked upthree weeks in advance and i was likewell actuallybecause i can do a lot of differentthingsi’m usually booked up to three months inadvance never mind two three weeks yeahi forget that yeahi’m like this is a bad monthbut it’s that’s the way it is and it’sbecausepeople have gotten so pigeonholed andaren’t multi-multi-skilledand they haven’t explored differentavenues it’syeah you know what i’d love to know whatyou think about this soi um you know i work in a studio andunfortunately we get a lot of internsand it’s a program that i love i love tojust you know meet new people andyou know help out and show them what’sgoing on and the opportunities you knowbecause we’re where i work there’s a lotof those different opportunitiescertainly not niche umbut but in the interview process there’scertainly a lot of people that comethrough and you know many are maybe notquite the right fitum and some of them start talking to meand saying things like well you know idon’t know howto do what you do here because i’m nothere you knowit’s like it’s sort of like a chickenand egg thing they get in their head youknow i need the job to get theexperienceyou know i need the experience to getthe job and it’s just not that way andespecially even just what you’re talkingabout even if someone’s in the fieldwith youtube you can grab a video youcan strip it down you can literally doeverything you just talked about on yourtime and if you’re not willing to dothat to learn the skillthen you’re probably not willing to staylate and work the hours that you need toand put in the extra time and do all thedetails and needs to get it done well ona payrollit’s i completely agree yeah yeah so imean if iand i’ve never received it and believeme i mean when i was22 whatever first going on the workforcei didn’t do this either buti mean if i ever received an email fromsomeone looking for a job with thislist of like videos or or a reel to gotoof all the vo that they’ve done all thesound design they’ve done all the adrthey’ve doneall the re-recording they’ve done allthe mixingall that everything you can imagine andthen i found out they didn’t get paid adime for itnot only would i not care they didn’tget paid a dime for it i would just beso blown awayhey that they can literally do anythingi tossed to them because here it isand two just the work ethic and now whatyou talked abouteven if i never hired them or if no oneelse hired them they’re totally gonnaget hired somewhere like you can’t doall that work and not be employableyou know what i mean so i ii don’t know i’m going with this but butthen the point isyeah you don’t need a studio to say dothis or don’t do thislike anybody with a computer which ihope you’ve got one at this pointcan do all of that and it costs you zerobut your timei’m just so amazed at that i think it’sso cool i can’t understand howlike when i go into facilities i alwaystryand speak to the runners and find outyou know what they want to do with theircareers wherelike what areas they want to get intoand if they want to get into sound imeani love it i love getting into aconversation with them about itbut i am so uh shockedby the amount of students or runnersthat i methat think as soon as they go into apost facility and they get a job as arunner that they’ll only be a runner forthree months and then they’ll beworking on the next game of thrones andi’m like noit doesn’t work like that and we hopethat for youbut yes but you got it here’s the thingyeah i think it’s one of those thingsyou’ve got to pay your dues and you’vegot toyou’ve got to prove yourself and likeyou rightly saidyou got to put the hours in and i hatethat our industryis so focused on long hours and we doi’m sure you’rethe same work stupid silly errors a lotof the timebut sometimes you have to and you haveto be willing to do that and you have toit shows your dedication and yourpassion because i don’t think anybodydoes this job for the moneyif we’re all honest we don’t do it forthe money we do it for the lovebecause we are not getting paid enoughthat’s for sure if you don’t have to dothisyeah you can’t do this it just doesn’tmake senseright it’s like it’s a passion job youwant to dobecause you love it and you love beingaround it andi think you can definitely see the youngpeople who are going to progress becausethey get thatand they go in and you see them in thestudio like first thing in the morninglast thing at night they’re constantlyasking questionsyou know they’re going home they’vedownloaded pro tools first so they canlearn all of their shortcuts and learnhow to use it andit’s it’s rare to see that at the momenti have to sayyeah which is unfortunate becausethere’s such a great generation thereand you justi don’t know i think they need torealize you’ve got to put the work in atthe startit’s it’s tough but you got to do itwell it’s refreshing i’m so glad to hearyou talk about helping people get alongandyou know um yeah for everyone else uhif you can follow emma on social mediashe’s very vocalabout helping the next generation um andalso you’re very vocal and a bigproponent of getting women in theworkforce right of getting other peopleinvolved in audio and and on film setsrightum and in post-production do you want totalk about that because i just thinkit’s soneeded yeah i mean it’swhen i was back in ireland i was one ofthree womenwho did my job in the country um in theukyeah in the whole of ireland we have apopulation of five million people andthere isuh me and two other women who arere-recording mixers and that’s what youlefti know right you just took a third oftheyes it was only two now oh no i think ithink the numbers have gotten betterback homei hope so um but the uk isn’t muchbetteri mean if you if you look at any of there-recording mixers forhigh-end drama or feature films in theukthere are currently two women who getemployed and possibly threeand that’s it if you go intofactual and entertainment the numbergets a little bit betterum out of those womenthere’s only uh one woman of colori hope that is the right term because iknow it changes a lotum and that’s it and if you look at allof the othermale mixers they’re all white men andto me i have i have a real issue withthat umsomeone called me white passing theother day which i don’t know if i’moffended by or not but i’m actuallyhalf pakistani half irish so i i ammixed raceum and i never saw anybody whowell i suppose i i’m pale as feck rightnow i can tell you that much becauseliving in ireland and living in englandyou don’t get much of a tanum but you know as a kid i never sawanybody on tvwho looked like me i was so raciallybullied as a kidbecause i was different because i wasfrom pakistan and i think it’s importantthatwe are in an industry we are in the tvand film industrywe should be you know replicatingwhat the world looks like what ouraudience looks likewhy would you want to make a tv showwhat you know justone one type of person why would you notwant to haveyou know different opinions differentviewpoints anddifferent backgrounds inputting intowhat you’remaking so that it’s going to be moreaccessible to people and it’s going tobeenjoyed by more people and that’s thethat’s the mentality that i’ve neverunderstoodand it’s great to see that theconversation is now developingbut i think there’s still there’s stilla lack of understanding that thediversity is not hitting craft andtechnical rolesso it annoys me every year this happensand you know the oscars nominations willcome outand everybody will be you know up inarms about the fact that there’s nowomen directorsand i’m quietly well not quietly becausei’m very vocal about it on twitteryou know i’m posting well what about thesound world orthe sound categories have you looked atthem because last year there was26 or 28 nominees between the twocategoriesone woman year before i think it wasone woman again and now thankfully awoman has won itthe past two years but before that yeahactually two british women yeah yeahnina hearthstone and rachel yeah the twoof them have won the past two years buti mean the the baftas over here are thesame uh the baftas this year they’vejust released thenominations for the tv award and it wasall white men and there was one womanagain and the woman waswhite so there is literally no diversityin the soundsound craft roles at all and that’sreflective of crosslike visual effects that’s reflectivemostly acrossediting editing is a little bit betterbut none of it gets spoken about and ijust find that bizarreso that’s why i’m kind of starting to dolikei think we spoke about this before westarted but i run a webinar now forwomen in film and tvcalled technical tips from the expertsand it’s actually beenyou know it’s been really successful itstarted off just as a six-weekweek stint and we were going to see howit goes and you know it pestered themformonths to let me do this and theyfinally agreedand because it’s gone down so well we’vebeen getting great numbersand you know we’re discussing if we’regoing to progress with this and actuallykeep it going becausethey recognize that they don’t doanything for technical and craft rolesand they don’t do anything to promotediversity and what i’ve done with thatseriesis i’ve tried to find women that aren’tknownand i’ve tried to give them a platformand promote themand make sure their voices are heardbecause the majority of thepeople who are members of women in filmand tv are writers producers anddirectorsso the exact people who should beemploying them and the exact people whosaythey don’t know where to find women oryou know any diversity of any kindso i’m like well here you go i’moffering it up to you on a platenext time you have a feature or a dramaorany form of tv show that you’re doinghere’s yeah here’s your teamyou know i was going to ask and i knowit’s not so simple but you just made itsound so simple i mean it’s not a simplequestion to say well what do we do butwhat an awesome example of here’s athing you can doyeah that’s the thing i think you justunfortunately if people go onto googleand they can find somethingstraight away you know they’re justgonna go for the easy option and i thinkespecially withyou know the pandemic and the situationwe’re finding ourselves inpeople are gonna go for the safety netwhich is their little black bookof all of the people that they’ve usedbefore and i thinkyou know we’re at a risk of diversitysuffering because of thatbut if you can go to people and say welllook at these incredible women orlook at these incredible you know peopleof diversityand look what they’ve done they’ve doneincredible stuffhere you go hire them they’re gonna doan incredible job and people will youjust need toyou know put it right in front of themand make it really obviousso i don’t know i’m trying butit needs more attention it definitelyneeds more attention we need to stopjust talking about directorsand you know talk about the rest of uswell i mean just that idea that seriesis just so phenomenallywell thought out and well donei love that concept of you know you’vegot an organization with writers anddirectorsand bringing together some people thatthey didn’t realize are so good whatthey doand basically just schooling everyonewho’s watchingabsolutely yeah i think that’s fantasticthank youi would encourage others to take internsand do the same thing with women ii’ve i’ve heard other studios blatantlysay we just don’t we’re not going totake any girlsoh yeah there’s a studio over here thati’m very vocal about that will not hirewomenand will not hire um anybody ofdiversityand they work on one of thebiggest female-led shows that is on airin the states and in the uk at themoment reallyyeah and thankfully so i’ve been talkingabout this in series oneand so the show is killing eve so ifanybody wants to search they’ll be ableto find out who i’m talking about i meanthat just sounds like a prnightmare that they’re willing to justdeal with they don’t want to make anyadjustments at allno well thankfully on twitter this weekum one of the writers from killing eveposted a photo of the writer’s roomand it was all white there was nodiversityand finally the media has got up in armsand saidthis is disgraceful you know for a showthat ismeant to be supporting women and meantto be diverseyou can’t do this so we’ll see we’ll seeif they’ll changebut i mean it’s not just the writer’sroomyeah well you know i mean people saysometimes it takes tragedy to to getthrough and findyou know some change in things and younever want to go through that tragedybutyou know i i do see a lot of goodhappening right now i think people arestarting to use their heads a little bitdifferently than they have even just acouple of weeks agoyou know i mean there’s a lot ofprotests going on right about this issueand you know getting getting people ofcolor equal rights it’s all aboutequalityand you know we’ve suffered a lot for along time butum i think it’s great seeing people likeyou justsay enough is not enough like i’m notgonna justsit here and just deal with it you knowi’m gonna take some actionand you’re doing it really intelligentlyand i think you’re doing it aslike a boss honestly you just you reallyareum you’re you’re consistent from what ican seeum you’re clearly incredibly intelligentand and resourceful and i think it’sexcellent then you’re able touh find some people to rally together umand really just go after this and itseems so far like you’re on the rightpath i’m wishing you all the best withthati’m rooting for you i’m trying to dowhat i can too if there’s anything elsethat i can help thereyou let me know no but this isincredible what you’re doing herebecausegiving people a platform platform likethisi mean that means so much becausethey’re it’s allowing them reach a wholenew audience thatwould not have been you know aware ofthem before soi mean what you’re doing is even betterbecause you’re giving people a voice andthat’s what they needthey need a voice so i think yeahcontinue to do what you’re doing as wellbecause it isreally valuable soso emma um i mean clearly you know if wewant to give some uhsome homework to to some of ourlisteners here who are trying to grow intheir career start a career or if theywant to championequality you know we’ve just given themsome or not we i don’t take credit forthat youi’m just giving a lot of great advice isthere anything you want to sum upyou know something a good step in actionstep that someone can take to either getgoing or move forwardi would say um researchlook at what studios are using whatsoftware are they usingum you know get it get a free version ofit download itand i think we spoke about this as wellgo on to youtuberip videos off youtube uh one of thefirst things that i had to doin university was take an old tom andjerry cartoonand uh redis redo the whole sound designand it was great because it taught me somuch because you’re literallystarting with a blank canvas you’venothing there and you have to build upall the sounds andevery student that comes to me i tellthem to go and do the same thingbecause you learn so much you learn whatworks you learn how to lay out yoursound effects correctlyand you learn how to use your shortcutsand i always say give yourself adeadline as wellbecause if you are in the real world youare going to have a deadline when thatjob needs to be doneand you need to get used to working withdeadlines sodownload it practice it and get protools first and learn how it works andlearn shortcuts always learn shortcutsum they are a lifesaverso yeah i think i think that’ll be you ihope that’s great advicei like the deadline thing you knowthat’s that’s excellentyeah well as we both know we always getreally tight deadlines soyou kind of have to all right well emmai can’t thank you enoughum you’re a rock star i just so enjoytalking with you today and enjoy readingyour posts andand seeing you pop up and all theseplaces actually quick fun tipas i was getting ready for thisinterview i was checking out some ofthe things that you’ve done and i cameacross a youtube video of yours that iknow that i’ve watched years agofor sound radix uh ottawa linei was like oh she did a review forthat’s so funny i remember seeing thiswhen it first came out that’s there’semma so you’re greati cannot remember if i said the rightthing in that video it was the firsttime i’ve ever done one of thoseuh because russ from pro tools expertwas like oh will youwill you do a review on this pluginbecause i test i beta tested it and iloved it because it’s so bloody handyand he was like yeah can you can you doa video for us like reviewing it and iwas likeoh shit i really hate being on camerathis is not gonna go well i’m sorry forcursingat home and uh yeah so i have nomemory of what i said and to this day icannot watch that video back for fear ofembarrassmentso uh thanks for bringing that up yeaheverybody go watch it no it’s a greatvideo and actually that plug-in isinsane especially if you need anythingto be in phaseum but again thank you emma so much umlooking forward to talk to you againfor anyone else who wants moreinformation on emma you can go’ll put that link in the descriptionbelow as wellum but that’s it um i hope you’veenjoyed everything um i hope you’reyou know you’ve got a little bit ofhomework i think emma gave you someawesome action steps that you canreally put into play and benefit fromplease don’t forget your free gift adamclaremont.comworkflow i think there’s alot of value in thatdownload it really helps me you knowcarve out the time that i need to to getmy workdone faster than i ever have before soadam workflow go grab thatother than that thanks for watching seeyou next tim

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