Should I Work For Free? [Unpaid Internships in the Recording Studio]

Should you ever work for free? Or take an unpaid internship? Or are you only being taken advantage of? Seems to be a polarizing topic with some strong opinions. I am trying to be unbiased with this video and simply pose several questions you can ask yourself when you are presented with this situation. My hope is if you know your limits ahead of time and what your expectations are then you can make a thoughtful and strategic and RIGHT decision for YOU. Looking forward to your comments!

Cable Management For The Recording Studio – Color Coding

I like simple. I don’t need to guess which cable in the pile is the right length for what I need. When I need to find the other end of a cable through spaghetti, I don’t want to trace one end to the other to figure it out. I like easy systems, and this one for my XLR’s is a winner!