Produce Music With The Right People [Interview w/ Theory]

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get to our guest Theory has written and

produced songs for artists in the

Philippines Italy Romania and Moldova

such as Filipino sensation rap Salazar

with a song now or never he won the BT

award for most inspirational music video

for an independent artist with his video

for his song change and I definitely

want to hear more about that he won the

best music video at the Las Vegas Garden

State and Nevada Film Festival’s for

we’ll all be alright which has just shy

of 350,000 views on YouTube he’s also

one of the most generous individuals out

there with his time and there’s so much

more to add but theory thanks for being

here man yeah man I’m glad to be here at

on this is this is great you know I mean

circumstances being it is a pleasure

that we at least have the power to still

connect because if we didn’t I don’t


I’d be doing right now going out her

mind I know I know I’ve been stuck in a

bedroom for the past two months working

out of a bath in my guest bedroom my

house because who needs those so I need

to get out and see people glad to see

you understand so let’s get into it you

know something I picked up really

quickly after meeting you and it’s

really exemplified by you know the

description I just gave and some of your

accolades okay you are somebody who

epitomizes the 10,000 foot view the big

picture you know like from your lyrics

to your concept to the music to the

videos publicity you’ve all got it

working for you and you’ve all got it

working together it seems like that’s

just part of what you do some people

really got to work in that and they

don’t even really understand it it all

needs to be integrated standard image it

can work together to really like elevate

a career right all things forward so you

want to talk about that and like how you

view projects in that way yeah you know

for for any artist that has a vision we

always like to map it out and when I

have an idea that I want to execute on I

literally just kind of see things first

on my scale of just my artistry you know

my my talents putting it all together

it’s kind of like just like making you

know a meal you know you hear the terms

you’re in the studio cooking up a track

you know so I get all the ingredients

you know what what’s what’s the part

that is at least going to visually

captivate what’s the part that is going

to be something that hooks people

continuously to it and so that that can

be you know the hard spice and then that

that cliffhanger part in it so I get all

that together all those elements and I

just cook them and then after I have a

great scope of what I’m doing I look at

it from

on other people’s perspective how are

they viewing that because you know when

you make something you taste it you know

how it tastes to you but what are people

gonna say about it when they taste it

yeah you know what will they feel that

is too you know too salty well they feel

it’s too too spicy is it to blend so III

have to always kind of like test things

out and I like to test things out with

people who I know don’t necessarily

communicate with me meaning that I don’t

really share much of my work with them

and I and I let them hear it because I

know I’m gonna get more of an honest

feedback instead of somebody who might

patronize me just like oh I love it it’s

great keep keep doing your thing and I’m

not really getting like good good honest

feedback because that to me I think just

kind of makes my course very stale yeah

friends and family you’re trying to they

mean well but it’s not exactly what

you’re looking for exactly so I throw it

I throw it right into the pit man I

throw it into the pit of people who says

like this is this is this is great or I

don’t like this part I don’t like this

part well tell me why you don’t like

that part what’s what’s what’s wrong

with that I would do this and if I feel

that it that it’s something that I could

take into you know reconstruct or even

you know just can it completely like

I’ll do it and and that’s just really my

method like so my method is I’ve learned

not to just always do it my way I’ve

learned to look at other people’s take

on things and by doing that I think that

I’ve learned a neat on making things

that’s a little bit more universal then

something that is just like only I can

understand because I feel for instance

like and I’m not I’m not degrading their

talents because I think people who are

very technical at things are very

brilliant like they’re used for a reason

but I always use this analogy when you

sit with someone from like maybe like a

college of music they look at the

technicalities like so intricately like

like like it is it is to the T and then

you take some

who just has a natural you know knack

for it on writing a song or putting a

project together and they’re just seeing

you know well this works or maybe this

doesn’t work but this works if you take

all the technicalities out of it you you

actually can see something that really

can be for the the natural consumer

because natural consumers have a

different psychology when they absorb

projects than somebody who’s looking at

it from the most you know technical

standpoint a microscopic level I’m glad

you said that because that’s that’s a

struggle I know I have that struggle I

know a lot of people in that struggle

aha you know it’s it’s that concept of

like will that’s not done right yeah you

know yeah I always thought this right

yeah and then like instead of like

thinking about the formula right it’s

like you what about the hairs on your

arm you know like are you are you

starting to well up a little bit you

know yeah it’s it’s it’s hard and hey

I’m an engineer you know I make music

I’m an engineer that’s work but people

are paying me for but like that’s that

hits home like when you say that because

that’s really a struggle for me I know

and I I work on I do do the the hate the

hair in my arm thing I don’t ask another

take after that even if there was

something wrong like I’ve learned that

but like there’s there’s a lot it that’s

tough yeah and that you bring in that

point up is so so important on

understanding the balance and it I you

know I’m not gonna sit here lies that I

had this like you know headstrong the

very first time I started creating but

I’ve learned over time of how important

it is to have that balance so when I

used the the natural ability to absorb

styles sounds and in ways of formatting

songs I also used those who were very

very detailed and understood the

technicalities because that natural form

has a technical way of being executed so

then when you actually join forces

together you start to see things

just like wow this is really interesting

so kind of like a movie like you see

content and movies that you know people

just use a natural way of like

commentary or comedic value but there’s

technical ways of how they place them in

there so well you’re like a Somali or

whatever those wine people are called

then a frenetic analogy because the the

pairings that you’ve put together for

some of your projects I mean they’re

just working you know nailed it you know

I mean between like the creative the

technical I mean you’re getting all

these awards for your videos it’s one

person right no people for their

strengths that’s great

yes and you cuz I mean even looking

looking at it you know someone like

yourself because you remind me of my guy

that I work with in California who is

the technical guy he’s he’s he’s not an

engineer but he thinks like well you

know and and that word is actually what

it is like it’s self-explanatory an

engineer you know an engineer is not

just somebody who is just sitting behind

hitting buttons saying are you ready to

record are you ready for me to stop yeah

that sounded good okay let’s take that

back all right you want me to keep going

no an engineer is somebody who actually

does what what happens in this world

built building constructing developing

like like every skyscraper you see to

the to its natural mathematic form is

from an engineer like that is what

engineers are about and the engineers in

this industry are those who are

constructing all those ideas together so

when I come up with these ideas and I

say I want to do this I want to do that

he knows how to execute those ideas that

I have because his engineering qualities

for the visualization of it he knows

like those technical standpoints and he

knows it better than I do like I don’t

understand half of that stuff I look at

it it looks it literally looks like a

mathematic equations you know what it


yeah and I and I and that’s why I give

them so much credit you know but he also

understands that that’s what he’s so

good at because if he was put into the

pool to just let off kind of that

natural idea and just and just go with

the flow he’s going to overthink it and

if he overthinks it it to me

I feel it just gets lost in the sauce

and I look at it from a consumer

standpoint of how a child can

automatically connect to what I’m doing

without me thinking so hard on it so I

it’s a it’s a really really cool balance

once you start getting to the flow of it

well it’s cool if if you are comfortable

and if you’re not comfortable get

comfortable because it’s yeah super

important if you’re comfortable working

with other people and I thank you the

the Royal we we need to get comfortable

working with people because it’s also

like thinking about divvying up

responsibilities in your gut right brain

your left brain you know and the things

are talking about art that’s two

different sides of your brain yeah when

you now have to keep bouncing back and

forth even within yourself if you got

somebody else you can just be like

alright you stay you do your thing

and I know you do it awesome we’ve got

the faith I trust you completely like I

love what ya do I’m gonna do what I do

and that’s it that’s kind of the way I

feel like you work you’ve got you’ve

you’ve developed these teams just like a

literal worldwide network over over your

career of these people and it sounds

like you kind of go back to these people

time and time again because of that that

momentum you’ve created that bond you’ve

created the trust you know yes back to

really at the end of the day when you

get it all together and it works out

like yeah yeah yeah I mean even on you

know the local scale

you know when the in the Capital Region

you know was a great potential rising

artist as you know Vince but Spillman is

yeah yeah who has done you know just

wonderful work in your studio he he he

I saw that how he puts things together

he was having just you know these

overthinking ways of really really

trying to make things just you know so

perfect and I said it’s not that it you

know it cannot be perfect but me looking

at it from a different angle for him and

and been him learning how to have that

balance he started to realize how his

sound you know elevated and and and

developed into a new realm and and I

tell him me you know honestly and which

I say to a lot of artists it’s not that

I made you a better artist you know like

like people who think like oh you know

once he met you you changed him you made

him better like no he was always that

type of artist it’s just that I made him

better at understanding what he’s

capable of

that’s what I did are you are you

familiar with the 8020 rule I hear it a

lot so yeah so you know that rule

basically the idea the concept behind it

is 20% of your work accounts for 80% of

your success mm-hmm you know like

everybody’s always saying work work work

work work and you know it’s basically

basically what it’s saying is like

boiled down to the nuts and bolts become

efficient because there’s very little of

what you’re actually putting effort into

that is really going to account for a

lot of your success and so much of that

other stuff it keeps you busy but it’s

not necessarily productive or moving you

forward and that’s that’s that’s kind of

what it sounds like like what you’re

talking about and you just mentioned

about like being like perfect in

thinking and this isn’t talking about

Vince specifically this is a million

people this is any money everybody you

know we’re always looking for the next

detail that makes us a little better yes

and it’s so hard to find that line and I

don’t really know where it is because in

a lot of respects the little details are

you know they add up no you know it’s

changing a lyric here it’s changing a

note there yeah for the engineers it’s

just like a DB here a DB there

yeah times a thousand but like I wonder

if we think about this much because I do

like I mean if you think about that 8020


mm-hmm it’s like yet like you said like

with Vince like it was always there and

now it’s just sort of like it’s just

working a little bit better because the

focus I think you’re talking about focus

is is more focused but it’s getting away

from some of those things that maybe we

don’t need to spend as much time on but

yeah so I struggle with that I think a

lot of people struggle with it because

yeah the details you know they add up

they’d they they become valuable but how

much more effort does it take for all

those little details and how much more

value are they really bringing you’re

talking about like most people to me it

tastes better well I’m only one consumer

right so like all those details does it

really translate you know and like

you’re when to say when that’s like oh

the thing with the you know writing a

song you know it’s like you know I’m

sure you’ve gone through this it’s like

man okay you get a mix revision or you

go through a lyric or you hear a vocal

take it’s like well let me just do 50

more yeah I mean is really better than

number three yeah like maybe it is but

how much time did it take you to get

there and how much more could you’ve

done in that time yeah maybe that uh

another song or two yeah you know so I

don’t I don’t have an answer this is one

of those things I think about and I

don’t know if you’ve thought about that

much or like how you’ve sorted with that

but like I know you’ve must have dealt

with it because everybody does but it’s

hard man because you can spend forever

in studio on a song to get it

quote-unquote perfect it’s not gonna be

perfect just and I haven’t know that

maybe you got it for you then because my

rule and I don’t know how others do it

or feel about it but I am very very very

serious about not re-recording things

I’m very serious about that like like if

I do a song and someone says oh you

should redo this it might it may just

get canned

do you mean like you’ve got you’ve

finished the recording and they’re

saying redo the whole recording or do

you mean like dunno take um I I would

say do a whole new recording so like if

I already went through the song and and

we’re sitting on it and sitting on it

and they say I’ll just just rerecord

this song unless it’s taking a

completely different direction

I won’t redo it to have a newer feeling

because now I feel like the hunger and

the and the desire has has just been

dwindled that’s a good point yeah I

can’t I can’t I can’t go back to it

fully really do that I didn’t and then

you over now I’m overthinking it

of how I want to make it perfect cuz

once once you put yourself into trying

to make a song perfect you are missing

the point of how to execute a perfect

song um I think a perfect song comes

from being the perfect you so when you

understand who you are as the artist who

is doing the song the song is going to

naturally come out perfect but when you

think of trying to make a song perfect

you are missing who you are and you’re

paying more attention to how people are

going to hear the song and that’s why

artists who resonate better than other

artists it’s when people but the sound

because they hear the natural execution

in the track I never look at songs

anymore trying to make perfect songs cuz

they don’t work and if if it works with

somebody else

kudos I’m glad I don’t know how you do

it keep doing it if that’s what you do

but until you become the perfect you I

don’t see a perfect song cuz I hear

songs that are better well execute it

but I’m not convinced cuz I can tell

that artists tried to make you like this

song hmm

and that to me is this somebody

strolling into a place and they want

your attention instead of being who they

are and and they catch your attention

yeah you see so if you’re if you’re

literally overdoing sounds and trying to

really really get my attention on it I


that you’re just trying way too hard and

you’ve already lost me on like maybe

like the fifth bar you’ve lost me

yes oh it’s like it’s that’s funny I

mean and it’s so hard for people to sort

of walk away from something that just

isn’t working because like that’s my

baby you know if it’s a whole song even

if it’s a lyric or a verse you know yeah

it’s funny yeah or oral you know tell me

if we run into this one like you know

you you get a you’re starting to track

and and your your vocalist does a

scratch vocal for you just to get some

things down and you’re working on the

song working on a song and then that

artist goes back in the booth and starts

you know belting out every vocal every

lyric and then you know there’s a line

in there that just isn’t as good as that

scratch but they wanted to another take

and they will do another take and get a

better and better piece that was that

scratch I wasn’t I wasn’t even trying

that was my scratch let’s just let’s

keep going yeah yeah yeah like this

isn’t like somebody are competing with

that was you that sang it yeah just use

that like if it was that good

who cares that makes it you should still

be happy that’s you like but like it’s

like they’re just so close you know it’s

like or in the flipside it’s like you

start to like again you start to boil

that thing down to like just the essence

of the song and sometimes like a lines

got to go in your lyric or a verse

sometimes all verse sometimes has to go

yes I mean that liner that verse was bad

or wrong but the song is better as a

whole without it and it’s like it’s like

yeah digging their heart sometimes yeah

remember I in the prize it’s the

longview right it’s like it’s not

something wrong good but it’s hard man

it is it is man it’s a it’s a science

that we that we are in love with

complaining about you know but but we

are but we are the problems we have with

the process we’re so in love with the

process to complain about it as much as

we do but the process still is something

we love because we continuously do it

you know I mean you know

it’s it’s it’s it is I think every

artist who is passionate and when I say

artists I I mean from all from all

scales of music whether you are a

creator on lyrics and melodies whether

you are an engineer or producer or even

someone who is a visual director you

know if it was if it was taken in the

form of like a relationship people would

actually feel like you understand what

it means because anyone can say if

you’re in love with me as much as you’re

in love with your music everything would

be perfect because you never give up on

that that continuously pounds you every

day and you still work hard at it but

you don’t sacrifice for me which I mean

is that is really like we love to

complain about it but we are in love

with it man we are well so I kind of

want to go back to the collaboration

idea I mean you kind of touched on this

but Dee and I know you’ve got like a

tight core people that you like to work

with yes but yes if someone else is

coming in like what are you like for

someone who’s listening okay what are

some of the traits that you’re looking

for in a collaborator someone who can

really add to the project the party

because it’s got to be a good time you

know the mood you know just you don’t

want somebody who’s like up and down up

and down we need somebody I’m like you

know just count on to be sort of you

deal with with their emotions yeah yeah

what what do you think are good things

that you specifically are looking for in

people um

first off you know to survive with

someone who I’m collaborating with like

they they they have to have like

interests and just the process someone

who understands the process of creating

something and really having that excited

you know feeling on making something

from the ground up you know I really

look for someone who is willing to dig

into themselves as the artist and not

necessarily just try to impress but just

really just be comfortable with

themselves like when when I when I can

sense the comfortability in the artist

and they’re bringing you know their side

to it and I’m bringing my side to it to

me that that’s just the synergy know of

just like you know different styles

different tastes you know and once again

throwing in those analogies you know

chicken is chicken but the way you

season it is how it’s gonna taste you

know and you could you could literally

season it with so many different things

that gives it a different taste in so

many other cultures mm-hmm you know and

and and and that’s and that’s the thing

so I always look at it like how are we

going to flavor this and you know what

ingredients are you throwing on it what

ingredients in my throne on it that’s

gonna give it that you know that

different taste and because if someone

really isn’t you know in it like I’m in

it um it’s just gonna feel like I’m just

kind of like trying to carry the load of

the song and the person is just they’re

just going with the flow

and I don’t feel like we’re we’re really

like going at it together cuz I just

love that joint venture where we’re both

super excited about the track because

that’s gonna make me bring out more than

what then what I have and

that’s just gonna have the other artists

bit more than what energy yeah and and

and just and just really understand that

I mean even if you know and if it’s

healthy competition I’m all for that I

love I love a healthy competition where

it’s like you know I’m gonna make sure

that I’m the best on this track and you

know what go for it because I know

you’re paying attention to yourself and

if I look at it from my end I’m gonna

make sure that I’m the best on the track

then then so be it so then we both quit

on it and then the people gonna be like

I don’t know who to say is it best cuz

they both were amazing on this song like

yeah and that’s the thing it’s like and

and and I love listening to

collaborations on on other artists

because I like when they stay in their

Lane of who they are because it really

does coincide the different elements you

know sometimes like you can just tell

when things were forced okay it happens

it happens a lot and there’s so many oh

there’s so many like duo’s or duo’s

duets right now on the radio they’re

just very popular that concept and some

of them are just like you could if you

could swap out both sides of the artists

with anybody and it would just be like

the same thing sometimes yeah yeah and

bidding me know but but but and and

that’s the thing like like I cuz I pay

attention to that and and I take that

into consideration of how I see

collaborations go so when you take Paul

McCartney and Michael Jackson yeah and

and you you have say say you know like

they they are in their lane Paul

McCartney is who he is Michael Jackson

is who he is and in you know Paul

McCartney throws in that very smoothness

and he’s he’s like really really like

you know capturing his audience in his

vibe and then boom a lightning strike

Michael jumps in and and he changes the

tempo you know of the track like that

that right there is is amazing so I like

that like I like those different

dynamics when I

work with artists um and they they throw

their flavor on it I throw my flavor on

it and then we just combine that

together so if I find that

oh man I’m collaborating all day and

I’ll I’ll call that artist again you

know and hopefully do more and more

projects hmm so tell me how it came to

be creating the video change and you

want so you won this beauty award most

inspirational music video for an

independent artist yes I mean I know I

know you’re a great dude as a person you

know you’re a positive guy you know you

helped out a lot really generous so like

I have a feeling that that award maybe

meant a little bit more to you that just

sounds awesome can you talk about what

the whole thing was yeah so it was you

know um


producer his name was drawers drawers

illa and slim two producers that let me

hear the track and it just really really

really hit me on just you know

self-explanatory the title change it’s

got to come and which was a rendition

off of one of my favorite artists Sam

Cooke and as I was listening to it I I

just I I jumped right in it I jumped

right in it and just started writing but

like so what I was writing about was

like talking about the struggles of an

artist like like what we go through you

know and and and just the way it starts

off like like the first line it says in

the world of hunger I see my problems

starving you know and and then it talks

about like how – like how your balance

and your relationship is talking about

how people aren’t taking you seriously

and you’re putting your blood sweat and

tears into projects and and people are

literally just taking it for granted you

putting out projects and people want

more of you to keep on putting out but

they don’t want to put in you know and

and so I’m saying there’s got to be a

change but then there’s a flip side to

it because

not only doesn’t have to be a change for

a better life I have to make change

which is making money I got to put

change in my pocket you know because

like money is something to keep me

self-sufficient for what I’m doing like

you cannot expect me to continuously

make projects and create magic if you

can’t help me fund what I fund myself

like like there’s there’s got to be a

give-and-take here and so that connected

to a lot of people who just want to

change in their life and it connected to

a lot of artists who understood those

struggles hmm and and so when the video

was shot by my very good friend Jarek

your exams in ski

he just had all these really cool ideas

and we were at a friend’s house his name

is Ellie on and we shot it in his

kitchen and we had you know like a girl

and a kid and I was more of the narrator

in the in the story because I it was

capturing a woman and her child and

she’s trying to pay bills and then it

captured another guy who got into the

wrong crowd and he realized that his

life was taken the wrong turn so he had

to make a change in his life and so they

were like there were like two different

stories I’m happening in it and it just

really really like struck home for a lot

of people and then we got the

notification that it was being nominated

you know within the beatty you know for

most inspirational video by independent

artists I I was floored

I was super floored and I was so excited

and I was glad that people really took

you know to the song and it’s it’s it’s

a genuine it’s a genuine piece for me um

I mean no matter how old it gets I think

it’s a timeless classic and that’s all I

really really wanted to make I mean

trust me I’ve made a lot of tracks I’m

like but it is important to me to make

songs at a timeless um because like

those songs just last forever and you

could you can go back to tracks like

that and listen to it

in 2020 and say like man this song can

work today like and that to me is when

you realize that you’re tapping into

your your artistry and you are pouring

your heart out for things that matter

because love doesn’t die there are so

many things like elements that we

continuously live with technology is

gonna change everyday but there are the

core elements that just doesn’t change I

don’t care if this is twenty eighty five

there’s still core elements that are

going to be with us until life itself is

no more and if you connect to those core

elements you will be timeless in

anything you create yeah that’s great

I’m glad you won that award man that’s a

great experience man I appreciate you

should definitely be proud of that one

you certainly earned it yeah thank you

yeah thank you so you know from going to

a video that inspires to quite literally

inspiring and sharing with younger

people yes I know you spent some time

with some kids some teenagers and just

giving and giving and giving there’s a

fantastic organization called community

miracles in action yes and do you want

to speak about that and talked about you

know how you got involved then why

that’s important yeah um so I you know

decided to do some volunteering and I of

course was really really interested in

creating something that would you know

attract young teens and teaching them

how to you know create music understand

music and utilize music um for the

better and when I when I was introduced

to being in Cohoes New York you know the

the program that was designed was called

outer dreams and that was kind of a

signature that I thought was like really

important to just put because we all

have dreams we all aspire to be

something and even if we don’t

necessarily feel

we have dreams like it’s in there and

sometimes it just takes for someone to

just hit the switch fit for it to come

out and the reason I call that louder

dreams is because you know your dreams

need to be heard

don’t keep them to yourself you know

they say never stop dreaming but

sometimes you shouldn’t stop sharing

your dreams you shouldn’t stop voicing

your dreams and and and the thing is is

that you know we have too many children

too many teens that have aspirations but

they’re not sharing them and and they’re

and they’re too caught up in in in this

cyber world that literally is all about

sharing but they’re not talking about

what they want to be they they just talk

about so many other things well studies

have shown unequivocally that if you

tell somebody about something you’re

going to do you’re much more likely to

follow through and actually take action

yeah so if you’re talking about your

dreams right tell people write them down

I mean yeah so that that as a concept is

just brilliant especially for younger

people who you know aren’t thinking

about that and maybe has you know

exactly frame yeah and and the slogan is

if they can’t hear you dream louder good

you know so you know because you’re

you’re gonna get you’re gonna get the

setbacks you’re gonna get pushback on

things that you want and there are

people who won’t be listening but it

doesn’t mean you cannot be heard because

you can be as loud as you can be on what

you want to do and that just gives them

the the energy and the the the I would

say the desire to just not give up and

it was it just became you know so

immense you know that they were creating

they were making songs that I still to

this day I mean I’m I’m floored

you know like I mean yes I helped them

create it but still to you know to the

multitude that these kids were not even

speaking to each other or barely

speaking in class

and now they’re they’re making songs

where people are hearing their talents

and and it just gave them just such a

you know a boost of confidence in

themselves and and now to see where we

are and in you know in a completely

changing world that I’m watching them

you know on online and they’re still at


they’re still writing to me the ideas

that they have they’re they’re asking me

for my feedback they’re they’re

recording little clips and and and

they’re writing on their own now they’re


I’m not even helping with the writing

I’m I’m basically just helping you know

with my feedback yeah you know on their

own writing like like they are

constructing their own melodies like I

just I think it’s great and I’m really

excited I think more programs like that

need to you know flourish I would you

know I’ve been saying to myself that I I

would love to create more of that you

know just across the nation really

giving kids is the opportunity to just

you know keep creating and there are

musical programs but like they just we

need more we need a lot more because I’m

salutely um in these undeveloped

communities like it you know they should

not be I would say compartmentalize and

just being victims of wrongdoings and

crime like Vinnie’s to be more programs

that is putting them to another level of

just creating like type music yeah yeah

well not just programs but people like

yourself to you know give them the

opportunity and give them the confidence

and give them the time of day

no and so yeah I mean I love to hear

about this program and just that to meet

you and to see you just giving freely of

your time to them and to see the

response and like you said I mean I’ve

heard the stories on some of them you

know doing really poorly in school not

speaking violent

and not so any longer you know yeah yeah

they’ve got some people that are in

their corner and have their back dad

allowing them an outlet that is positive

you know yes you talked about change in

your video if you’re gonna be that

change I mean you’re showing them you’re

not just like telling them you know

you’re walking the walk and that’s so

important for younger people to see that

like actually in front of their face

from someone who’s actually gonna give

back and talk to them and not at them

you know all those things so it just

puts a smile on my face and and just

makes me feel great just to hear those

stories so I’m glad to do that thank you

for doing that you know I hope that

other people hear this and you know

maybe include them to do the same in

their neighborhoods and definitely with

anyone you know it doesn’t take much it

doesn’t take a program to to take

someone who’s interested and just kill a

bit out of them or someone who is yeah

seemingly you know frightened or you

know not talking about their dreams not

you know it’s tough being a kid you know

yes and I have anybody else in your side

too that makes it even tougher so highly

encourage everybody is watching and

listening you know take a look around

you if there’s someone who is interested

in what you do you know but it seems

afraid to approach you man you could

make a friend for life but man theory

thanks so much for coming on you know I

always enjoy talking with you always so

generous from time same here and same

here that’s it you know you guys if you

liked what you heard leave a comment

below I’d love to hear from you please

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goes that way yes do that people do also

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lastly you can check out theory on

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hey Mary thanks everybody

we’ll see you next time all right thanks

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